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Monday, 27 April 2015

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
Last week, I spent an hour each day trying to develop my watercolour painting skills. Looking back, I did make good progress - although there's much more required but I do feel I've got a plan and Im more confident about my approach.

Today, I'm adding a little more to the Vita character. Here she is at the moment :

  I will also make a start on painting Rachael. I'm going to add paint to the paper rather than paint the face as such. I'm still searching for a ''loose' technique which I can call my own style.
Here is a quick look at Rachael at the moment - 


Rachael is suffering from a  rather surprised expression ! Her eyes need to be treated !!!!! I will share progress next time.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Vita 1st Fix

Hi Everyone
It's the end of the week already ! My art experiment has been interesting and quite a challenge. Read back each day this week to see the project in action. I had lots of other stuff going on yesterday so had limited time to give to the watercolour marathon, so today, I need to up my game !!
 Looking back on the week, I'v definitely moved on and improved my skills but I'm not there in terms of my development. I feel, I have so much more potential. My plan, yesterday, was to paint lots of eyes - however, I ended up working on Vita. I worked on left right side and I did improve her a little, not difficult ! and I'm a little more confident of what I want to do. I'd like to arrive at a point, where I can make slight adjustments in a loose application of the paint. I want the 'less is more' process to work for me.
Here she is in a before and after photo :



All the colours have been toned down and her right hand face shape has improved. I'm not done yet !! Vita will get a 2nd fix today and if possible Im working on a few more eyes.

Thanks for reading - have a good weekend.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Geoff and Vita

Hi Everyone
I'm rather disappointed with my efforts from yesterday ! I had a very poor day re my watercolour skills development. I've gone back a step and was at a loss as to why ? However, another day dawns and Im feeling more optomistic about today's painting session 'to come'. I had made Rachael (look at yesterday's post for Rachael) all ready to paint but didn't in the end ! It's a long story but in brief, I started trying out 'eyes' and thought, if I could make progress with eyes, all would be well. No, this didn't work and I ended up doing a few additional sketches and drawings while Rachael waited patiently to be painted. 
I've called the new eyes 'Geoff' - not sure why ? It just seemed right. Here he is :


An odd looking chap !! He looks quite different from a distance and would/could, I think turn into something (when my skills are good enough). I will keep him waiting to be developed - when I can !

My second disaster was Vita. She came out of desperation and has an odd look too ! I don't want to produce a 'real person' look (as you will have gathered) - I'm quite sure that photos are for that reason. But ....... there are lots of opportunities to create 'people-like' paintings - maybe one day !!!!! In the meantime, here is Vita :


Vita is a bit scary and resembles a few of the cartoon characters I've come across over the years. Remember, it's just an experiment. Bits of her face in isolation look  'interesting' but put together she is quite disturbing. Never mind.
My only regret from yesterday's experiments are that I now feel even more confused than before. I'm not taking this very seriously but it's very frustrating ie not knowing how to move on. I will have a coffee and make a plan. Rachael is still waiting  - maybe ?

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Is Freya a success ?

Hi Everyone
Another reasonable hour in my 'painting week' to report. This week, I'm aiming to improve my watercolour skills by practicing and developing a watercolour painting technique for myself. I'm not hugely concerned about the traditional approaches but obviously tried and tested techniques are useful to know and I've been doing a little bit of research too. My particular process is just to get on and experiment, thinking occassionally, about what I've learned. 
Freya moved on a little and has prompted much discussion in our house. I was thrilled by this. The comments are not universally complimentary !! However, any comment good or bad is acceptable to me.

I've learned lots from yesterday's experiments and although I think I could have stopped earlier in some areas,  Im happy to move on and do better next time.  I want my paintings to have a 'loose' approach. I find this quite difficult. The use of water to allow colours to flow and create light and dark interests me but ........ I'm finding it difficult to concentrate at times. I find myself drifting and am aware of  a feeling of frustration - before I can control myself I've made an irreversible move which sadly, can't be undone ? I think, I have a tendency to try and control the process. This control can easily go wrong and at the moment, I don't have the skills to know what to do if/when it goes wrong. The painting, then feels overworked ?

 However, I'm enjoying doing this week long project and today, I'm moving on again. As a result of my printing issues (read yesterday's blog for detail) ,I've produced another little sketch for today's painting. Meet Rachael :


I'm going to use a different range of colours today and the sketch is smaller. I'm hoping to be 'loose' and 'brave' in my approach. I will need even more luck today !!

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Meet Freya

Hi Everyone
As discussed yesterday, I'm committed to a whole week of painting. 
Yesterday, my plan was to experiment with Bella and watercolour. I started to prepare my sketch on watercolour paper and the printer would just not play, I planned to copy my original sketch of Bella onto watercolour paper !!! (see yesterday's post for the sketch). I wasted most of the allocated time messing around with unblocking the printer. The printer seems not designed to cope with anything other than simple printer paper ? - which is unbelievable. It's a relatively good printer but when it comes to anything beyond a very thin paper it will not load. In the end, I decided the only solution for now was to make a new sketch. I still want to use the original for Bella so I have created a new friend - Freya. Here she is :

This is a very quick sketch but it will be fine for my experiment. It looks like I will need to make a new sketch for each experiment, unless I acquire another printer.
 I'm almost there re buying a new printer. It's now about finding exactly the right one - in my price bracket. My last printer was brilliant for card and thick paper and although thicker papers needed to be loaded individually, that was fine. I've had this printing issue for some time and I usually dismiss it, find another way and move on ...... but I'm restricting lots of little projects as a result. Maybe it's time ?

Anyway back to the painting ...... I'm hoping to get some actual painting going on today. 

Thanks for reading.