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Friday, 29 April 2016

Simply Metal : Organic Circles

Hi Everyone
I will make my deadline by the end of the day (the final pieces are still in the tumbler). The planned 'makes' of the Organic Circles Collection is complete. My final piece, the Silver bangle (with the Copper clasp) happened yesterday !


I've been wearing the Copper version and I've become quite attached to it. It's easy to wear and compliments quite a few of my outfits. I may need to make another.
The Silver bangle construction (yesterday) went well and has ended up being slightly flat at the sides (for no reason) but I needed to make another new Copper component because the original wasn't big enough to form the clasp. I'm now left with an extra component ! I'm already wondering what I can do with it ? I'm thinking - necklace ? I can play with a few ideas while the tumbler does its job.
Hopefully, I can get some professional photos done this weekend. I also need to try out my ideas for packaging. I've got a new label - 


This is the artwork used for the cover of my Making project book. I'm going to use simple Kraft boxes, lined with dry felt in lots of different colours. The labels will be either square or round sticky labels for the top of each box. I'm also going to get some little cards which will be a sort of business cards/ Thank You notes. I've left little spaces on the labels to give me the option of adding extra embellishments or personal messages. My aim is to allow each jewellery package to have a handcrafted, unique feel.

Thanks for calling in.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Simply Metal - latest news.

Hi Everyone
I'm almost finished the Silver/Copper mini Collection. I have the last item, a Silver bangle to make and I'm there. However, I do have lots of polishing to do and some packaging to develop, so I'm looking at a few more days of work. Yesterday, I messed around with the Silver rings and the organic Copper rings were soldered onto the shanks.


Both rings need cleaning/polishing but I like the designs. The ring called '2' is raised above the finger by narrowing the shank at the contact points, the Copper ring is almost 'hovering' above and soldered on the edge. This design is especially 'pleasing' to me. Number 1 ring is a simple band with the Copper placed on top. My similar prototype ring (in Copper) had a double band and I decided it looked slightly messy around the contact points. To retain the double band idea! I had thought, I would add two single bands together and mount the Copper on top, giving a similar look - maybe I will make another ?
I'm planning on having the pieces photographed next week, so deadlines are looming ! I could go on forever dreaming up variations ! However, with a pinch of objectivity, I think I'm ready to move on.

Thanks for calling in.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Something New

Hi Everyone
The workshop (yesterday) worked well. All our Makers have started their baskets and all are doing well with the crochet skills. I remember when I was first introduced to crochet techniques and thinking I would never get it ! Often the first attempts will look a bit messy and the best thing to do is - start again. We are all ready to move on and relax into the skill. I failed to get any photos but will get everyone to send me a quick snap. Call in next time for an update on our progress.
In the meantime, I've started a new little project in the Simply Metal series. The first set I'm calling Simply Metal : Organic Circles and the new series I'm calling Simply Metal : Silver Strands. Here is a prototype idea :


I'm planning to attach a silver chain to the components and use a lariat style fastening.

At the moment, I'm thinking I will use Sterling Silver throughout on this project and again will focus on a core group of pieces. My core group will consist of earring(post),earring(hook),ring,bangle,necklace. 

Thanks for calling in.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Making Framework

Hi Everyone
Today we have a physical workshop with the Making Framework. The Tuesday Group are starting a new project with CROCHET. This will be a new skill to the group and we are starting with a very simple but pretty MAKE. I've developed some simple kits which will give all the tools and materials to make a couple of small baskets. There is an option to give the baskets a handle or keep the sides straight.


This session will concentrate on starting off the little baskets and using simple crochet techniques. The next time, we will probably be ready to make and embellish the baskets with some small crochet hearts, bows and flowers. That's the plan !
I've loved developing this workshop and will be making some more for myself. They look great in a bedroom or bathroom to hold little things. I'm also developing a fabric lined version in bright colours  to hold some of my small MAKING supplies too.

I will take some photos of our session and share the results tomorrow.

Thanks for calling in.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Simply Metal Week 2

Hi Everyone
I'm calling this week 2 of my Simply Metal project.- I'm a few days over but ......... no problem to me. I've made a few more items so thought I would create a summary photo of the pieces so far - this is my Monday motivation !


I started this particular project to experiment with copper and silver and it's worked well. However, I'm going to move on after these pieces. My plan this week is to complete all the pieces.
Ive an idea to develop another faux gem collection (with polymer clay) and make some large cabachon beads to set into silver.

Thanks for reading.