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Friday, 24 July 2015

Completely Different Art

Hi Everyone
I've been particularly naughty and have allowed myself to be distracted again ......... My intention for this week was to work on my Eyes Project (read back for details) but .............. !
However, I've especially enjoyed myself and that's what it's all about ! I've been making little beaded bracelets. I had this idea for a Making Framework Workshop a few months ago and thought I would prepare some samples and get supplies etc. Somehow, I needed to get going yesterday.

There are a few ways to make the Daisy flower shape but the simplest way (for me) has worked a treat. I've made a few single strands in various colours - just using beads I had in my very large stash. Many of these beads have been in the drawer for years and I'm never quite sure what I've got. So - most pattern combinations made themselves as I found beads. 

Having made a few single strands I think I will combine a few strands and made a multi strand bracelet with a single fastening.
The fastenings are the tricky bit for me. I like a simple clasp and am never sure about how to attach clasps in a clean and secure way. However, I think I've found my way with this. Several bracelets use a single bead as a form of jump ring and others have a silver spacer bead. I've used sterling silver findings (made by me) and I think the silver really gives the simple beaded bracelet a lovely finish. The clasp is a simple shaped hook - this hooks over a split jump ring. Hope you are inspired to make one. There are loads of YouTube videos showing the technique - check them out. I will do a more detailed technique blog in a few weeks for the Making Framework and look at making the findings.

Thanks for reading.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

A Different Art Project

Hi Everyone
I've hit a bit of a distraction ! How did that happen ?

Instead of keeping up with my self imposed schedule, I'm developing ideas for a new project (for Sep in theory) to make some ART Dolls. I've had some ideas for a while but this is the way I'm going at the moment. The sketch is an idea for a style and will be made from a range of mixed media. The doll, named Vita, will be paper mâché and I'm going to prong some fabric for various other bits. I hope to add beads, paint, metal etc as I go. I'm quite excited about this project, I've  not made any dolls for a while and this is a completely new take.

Without further a do - here she is :


I want Vita to stand up, so will develop some kind of stand as part of the design.

Hopefully, I can now get back on track with the Eyes project today. My only issue seems to be packing for the Grand Tour - the holidays are very quickly passing by ! - we are usually last minute in the packing stage and it stresses me out completely. This time, I'm hoping to be more relaxed about it ! 

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Make Art - Eyes Project (2)

Hi Everyone
I'm reporting on the Eyes Project again - it's the second episode. To distinguish each post in the Project, I'm going to use the number sequence. The Project will last all Summer so there will be lots.
I've almost decided on the eyes for each doll. I'm still not done on the detail of the eyes and am trying them out (drawing) in different sizes. I eventually decided creating further eyes would be just adding to further decisions (this had been my intention yesterday). So, I'm going for what we have. Each eye will get more detail and all will be larger size in the next round. In my sketches, I'm going to decide which bits of the eye are specific to each character and why ? Not sure why this is important but I do feel eyes really define the face and allow a particular characteristic to be seen. I'm not even sure how this will work ? Will update you tomorrow.

Here are the dolls with their proposed new eyes :



Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Make Art - Eyes Project

Hi Everyone
I'm on track with the project - Eyes 4 is here today.


Next time, I'm going to review each doll and decide on a temporary eye. So far, I have 4 eyes and want some more to choose from. 
I will develop another today.

Thanks for reading.
Bye for today.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Make Art Monday - Holiday Edition

Hi Everyone
It's the very beginning of The Big Summer Holiday today. The first day of the school holidays marks a change in routine and a general 'lazy' approach to life ! Not sure we can get much more lazy, I've been practicing for a few weeks now, already !
However, having said that ..... this Summer will be one project long ie Where are we now ? I've been featuring this project on the Make Art Monday Series so it's not new but I'm going to spend my precious ME time on this project. I will dip in and out of other projects but 'the eyes' thing will be the thing. Here is a little update on where I am with the project. 
Here is a look at the original four dolls at the centre of the piece as they are now :


The dolls all have a name and they are begining to have some new eyes. Here are the eyes I have :


and here is another eye - yet to be named 


I'm almost convinced this eye will be for Alison.

I will keep going for a few weeks on developing eyes and will plan for an eye - a day. However, over the holidays we tend to be busy and who knows what will happen ? My posts will hope to be more photo stories although they sometimes get difficult if/when we go away to remote places. I will try my best.

Thanks for reading.