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Friday, 21 August 2015

Holiday Post

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a new handmade journal ready for next week (The Grand Tour resumes). I was inspired to make a Holiday Journal by one of my lovely arty friends and am now consumed with ideas of what to include and how to go about it. I want the journal to evolve over the week and be part of what I'm doing so will work on that principle. The process needs to be easy and enjoyable.
I have a little checklist of things to help me journal - at the moment my plan is a page each day, this may change !
I also want to make sure I include 5 things worth mentioning each day. Not sure why 5 ? - but I've got little things in mind, things which I've particularly enjoyed each day or things which have made an impact on me - in some way. I will aim to include photos as well as memorabilia and possibly little sketches.
The actual journal has been produced from some handmade papers that I've had in my stash for years - just waiting for this moment. I've simply folded and cut to size. The pages are different sizes and colours in no particular order. I've sewn the pages together with my sewing machine to form a simple spine. I will prep. myself a small case of pens and a few paints/glues but I'm hoping it will be simple in development and mostly words,photos (will leave a space and print at home) sketches and bits of paper.
Here is a quick look at the blank journal.


Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Holiday Experiment

Hi Everyone
I'm busy avoiding work (all kinds) and have been filling my days experimenting with beading. I dip 'in and out' of beading so am not that good but I do enjoy trying out new techniques (new to me). Lots of beading is way too complicated and I loose concentration with patterns. However, I'm keen to try out ideas which I can apply to other makes. I often try and learn a skill working in one material and try and apply to another.
This time, I wanted to create a beaded strap or cuff (in my favourite blues) and have been messing around with some seed beads. I had thought the seed beads in my stash would not work well as they are very small and uneven ! You get what you pay for !  I'm pleased with the results so far. The cuff is developing and I need to find a good way to attach a fastening. I have a few ideas but more experiments are required.


Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Holiday Inspiration

Hi Everyone
I thought I needed to share this lovely piece I found via Pinterest. I've had the same little bracelet pin for a while but I was browsing earlier and read the story behind the pin photo. It's a lovely idea for a leather/bead bracelet and I need to give it a go. Somehow the story has prompted me to have a go. I've got some leather but not quite the dimensions of the bracelet in the story. I don't have the beads in the tutorial but I think I may be able to adapt the design ? - I have a plan.
Here is the link to the story and tutorial  HERE.


Thank you to Annette for the inspiration. I notice she has quite a few other other bracelet ideas - Im off to read more.

Thank you for reading.
Bye for now.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Holiday Post

Hi Everyone
I've been very busy doing nothing very much this week ! However, my latest Daisy Bracelet obsession continues with another slightly different take on the basic Daisy bead design. I love the look and it's a bit like lace (from a distance). I think it's more to do with the white colour of the petals but it's pretty and it goes well with most of my kit.


Thanks for reading

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Holiday Post

Hi Everyone
Just a quick photo story of some carved beads - if you are a regular, you will know how much grief making carved beads has given me !!! However, much to my surprise thes have turned out OK.


I need to string them (creatively) ?

Thanks for looking in today.