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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A Dress for Freya

Hi Everyone
Not a huge amount of progress yesterday with Freya's kit. I managed to make most of her dress and she looks quite pretty. I changed my mind about the sleeves, I hadn't considered how she would get the dress on ! I added a little scalloped edge to the bottom of the dress and this gave me the idea to embellish the side of the dress with more scallops to give the appearance of a cap sleeve. The dress will fasten with a little button on the shoulder. Here she is - having a first fitting !


 Freya's head is quite large because of her amazing hair and I will need to take this into account when designing her outfits.
 I did start the dress design with an idea of using different stitches to give a fabric texture and am pleased with the result. I'm thinking, I will embellish the dress with some flower designs, inspired by something I saw on Pinterest.


I'm hoping to create something inspired by these beautiful littles dresses. I can also see some hair embellishments and perhaps a bag with a similar flower idea. I'm thinking about some ballet pump shoes and possibly little socks too.

Thanks for calling in.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Freya and her kit

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a little news re Freya and her kit. I've has a bit of a disaster re her undies ! I must have made 6-8 pairs - all did not fit ! I've (for the moment) abandoned the undies until some specific yarn arrives. I've started on a dress. The dress looks like a mini sleeveless top at the moment and has given me an idea to make such a top after the dress is made. The dress will have sleeves and a frill at the bottom - so a bit more work needed. Here she is with extra hair extensions  and her dress 'to be' :


I've made Freya much bigger than the book doll by changing the crochet stitch and (other than that) have tried to follow the patterns (exactly) in the My Crochet Doll book. Freya herself worked in this way (I terms of proportions)but it's now obvious that the clothing needs to be redesigned. I've no problem with that and will probably go for socks, shoes, undies and some accessories (bags, hair bows etc) with a little jacket. Hopefully, I can make goof progress today.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Hello Freya

Hi Everyone
 Welcome to Freya. Her body is complete other than the ankles ! - I'm going to make some shoes before deciding on how I should finish the foot. She has generally, turned out very well and is very cute. I love her hair, I knew this would make a big difference to how she would look. However, I've run out of yarn and need to shop for more - she will get a few more extensions later. She does have a good head of hair but I do want more !! More hair will allow for lots of styling options !


I gave her major surgery yesterday, her head has been reduced by 1/3. It's more in proportion and I could possibly go with a slightly shorter and wider head for Miss Mitchell ?. I think, the only construction issue I have is the arms. I like the shape and proportion of the arms but the attachment point (at the shoulder) is a bit untidy.the arms are stitched onto the body just under the head position. I'm considering making the arms (ie the actual crochet) as part of the body. I think, I can develop a technique for making the whole doll as one, other than the head. If the arms were connected via the pattern of the body, the finish would look more professional. I think, a particular approach to stuffing could ensure the arms work as they do now. 
Freya, at the moment,is very much a 'rag doll' style. She could be given an internal pipe cleaner/wired framework but I think as a toy the rag doll works. Miss Mitchell (the next doll) will get this internal framework to allow for lots of photo opportunities in different little photos stories. I'm looking forward to making a few different size dolls too. I do love the size of Freya - she measures approximately 50 cms and is quite a substantial doll but I'd like to make a smaller size.
PS - I didn't manage to make Freya any clothing - just ran out of time. Hopefully, I can make her some kit today.

Have a great weekend.
Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Welcome Freya (almost)

Hi Everyone
Freya is almost with us ! She has all her body parts. However, as predicted,yesterday, the head is not in proportion. I'm still slightly puzzled about the size - I've checked the number of rows and it should be Ok ? However, it's much too long - I think I need to loose about 3 or 4 rows from the forehead. I need to take off the top cap and redo.


My plan (today) is to resize the head, attach the arms, make some small item of clothing and develop the hair. I'm quite optimistic she will be complete by tomorrow. 
Moving on ......... I've decided, the bigger crochet project is to be given a dedicated day for development - I think, Wednesday is to be the day.  I want to explore clothing and accessories with Miss Mitchell and develop Miss Mitchell herself (read back for detail on this idea). I think, I've made silly mistakes with stitches because I've been trying to squeeze the project into a short time. I've come to the conclusion, I need to have short planned sessions where I develop specific items or parts of an item.
For now, I'm still quite excited about how Freya will turn out. The hair will be the defining job - she is to get lots of hair and I'm sure she will look great by the end of the day.
Call in tomorrow, fingers crossed she will be complete.

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My Crochet Doll

Hi Everyone
I'm still 'battling' on with my crochet doll - to be known as Freya (it's official). Much frustration yesterday !!!
I decided,early on, to follow the pattern exactly. I wanted the discipline of keeping the detail and proportion of the doll - to adapt later. I must have made and remade the legs about 6 times. Each leg seemed to be slightly bigger than the other and the development of the body and legs together proved very challenging. I think it's to do with being very strict on counting crochet stitches, continually ! I felt like I was following every instruction (precisely) but I must have been increasing stitches. Eventually, I adjusted the body at the begining (where the legs connect) and decreased the extra stitches at that point - only an extra 6 stitches (3 from each leg). Hopefully, I'm now on track and can finish the body today. It's also time to stuff the legs - exciting !!
Here she is, so far :


Freya's head looks large (to me) - I will probably end up doing this again. I did count the stitches but something tells me it's not quite right ! The head is made in 2 parts - the brown part is the top where the hair is attached.
Call in tomorrow for an update. I know Freya will be great but it's a challenge at the moment.

Thanks for reading.