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Friday, 27 March 2015

Mini Project Poppy

Hi Everyone
It's my Mini Project day today and I'm still developing my clay flower series.
Last week, I started making a Poppy and it took quite a few times to get a seed head that I was happy with. Eventually, I found a pair of tweezers gave me a good impression for the rounded top section of the seed pod. I used tweezers to squeeze the little segments together - this gave me a pleasing finish.

The next phase was to surround the seed head with a black fringe section- made by snipping a narrow length of black clay with scissors to form the fringe. This fringe represents the stamens. I'm not that happy with the stamens - I will try and make a more realistic collection of stamens in my next flower. I think they would look better if they were made separately. I know this will be a challenge !
I made four petals from a mixed blue/green/white marbled clay mixture by just squeezing and shaping small flat bits of clay. I added each petal as per a real flower petal arrangement and am about to cure the flower. Fingers crossed all will come out as I want it. 

I'm not sure if the process would work better if I cured in stages ? I will review the final item and decide. It's worth experimenting.
I like the Blue Poppy look and will go with it. I can improve my method of work and although it worked well I know I can also improve the shape and the construction. The Poppy will tie and eventually form a tag for one of my kits - hence the string (just in case you were wondering).


Have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Imitation Game - moving on ..

Hi Everyone
I'm returning to the Imitation Game as it's Thursday and (possibly) I think it's time to move on ! I've been working on the current STRIPE project for quite a few weeks and I think my results have been mixed. Here is the range of beads that have come from the work. I've made a single necklace from the project so far .......... and I'm wearing it as I write. I love it (see blue item in centre).
The beads on the right are very thin pieces and need to be backed with another layer of clay. I think, I will mix a few different colours when backing the beads and possibly develop another stripe pattern ? 
Generally, within the project, I deliberately chose to make beads which just 'happened' - I didn't have a pre determined plan for any shapes. I have a great variety and want to develop jewellery pieces which suggest themselves. The colours are rather limited to my usual range - not sure why this happened ?


Originally, I used inspirational work by an artist called Jayne Flannigan and particularly this piece :

The new pieces from my experimental beads will emerge and I will give myself about an hour each week to finish the whole project. I want to use some different threading materials including ribbons and leather and maybe some traditional jewellery threading techniques - not sure ? I will share the final pieces as they develop.

I'm now planning my next Imitation Game - this will be called STARBURST and is inspired by this piece :

I'm determined to get into some new colours and as Spring is coming - Im going for Spring - like colours (I think ?)

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Making Mini Stencils

Hi Everyone
Today, it's Technique and Tools Day. I'm making small stencils from cutting dies. You may remember last week, I created some paper moth tags and some clay months from the same cutting die. I'm using the moth die as well as an interesting butterfly shaped die for today's project. I want to use the stencils for developing a range of tags. The stencils will also make background papers for the tags (which will be packaging for earrings) and embellishment for range of small paper carrier bags. 
I've produced the stencil shapes and will die cut the tags. One of the stencil cutouts for my job has been used to decorate a little notebook that I use for planning my daily work tasks. Here is a quick look at the pretty shape.


Here are the two main shapes for the stencil work.

I'm going to test out some different paints and colour medium to decide on the best way to get my stencil shapes. Different surface will need a different medium but I'm keen to experiment. This is the first test, I've used a simple stamp pad for this first sample.

My batch of experiments will be shared in detail next time.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Bella is Making again

Hi Everyone
Last Tuesday Bella launched her new Doughnut Necklace to the world and today she is starting a new project - another Doughnut Necklace but this time using a wax cotton thread.
Bella had intended going to a local Make and Take event at her school in a weeks time to make her second necklace, however, school work has taken over and she now needs to prepare for an exam the next day. No problem - she has arranged to collect her kit and make it at home. Bella needs to make a few decisions about the options available with the kit. Which clasp to use ? and which colour wax thread to go with ? These decisions need to be made alongside the colour and design of her beads. Bella can't decide between the green or blue wax cotton threading. She has decided on the bronze clasp - this was the one she saw in the sample poster and convinced her she needed to make a second necklace. Her first necklace beads use a bright range of coloured clay and she is looking for inspiration to make something different. 

Here are her options re the threading and the clasps for the new necklace :

The kit comes with a wooden jewellery box - adapted to hold the necklace with a fabric insert.
The bronze hook is quite an elegant shape and Bella  particularly likes this look. She will decide on the clay colours over the next week and make her beads. We will feature some photos of her results next time and share how she attaches the S clasp along with her version of the final jewellery box. There are lots of options to personalise the boxes. The sample on the photo has been stained blue but the boxes are untreated so there are lots of possibilities.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Make Art Monday

I'm optimistic  that I'm back on track with the blog posting. I've ditched the previous mobile app and I'm into new territory - scary stuff ! Fingers crossed, I will be OK. I'm taking forever to learn how to drive the app. I must be patient !!!

So ..... It's Make Art Monday and Bella.

Bella has moved on ..... She has some paint on her head and face. She needs more colour in her hair and I think her eyes could be improved.
This is Bella with a bit of paint- these photos are just sketches and practice pieces to allow for experiments and I will spend time on a few more experiments before I go to the final wooden painting.
Bella's face is a bit crumpled - it's still wetish and its poor quality paper !!!


My next idea is to make a wet felted dress for Bella. I know the simple style and colour scheme I've got in mind. I may need to cut the shape ? I'm not sure at this stage. I will make the felt and see what happens. I will get on with the dress before making another painting.

Thanks for reading.