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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas Prep. Round Up 1

Hi Everyone
I wanted to round up the Christmas Prep ideas before the official end of working time and start of the holidays. I have decided to round up my little projects in two parts, mainly as there are lots of photos to share.

It's been a very 'real' Christmas Prep. exercise for me and focussed my mind on the job. I usually have a prepared range of Christmas project samples which I then develop (for myself) but this year I was actually prepping as I was blogging each day. Every day the item I created my item and used it.
I chose to create each item based on my needs at that stage in my own preparations. Some ideas didn't happen as I planned and I compromised, usually due to voluntary work. Life and everything else was a bit frantic at times. I do know that where I made an item, each item was a possible 'quick make'- as I did it that way.

Here are the first six projects in pictures with a comment on how the project turned out.

The list board stayed as it was and I've used the lists every day.

The card tree is filling up. Will get another photo in a few days.

I've made 12 cards using the new designs and sent them ( without a photo being taken) - I need more so will keep going and get photos (before sending).

Tags have changed a little - I changed the white back for gold corrugated card. Will share the photos in a few days when the tags are used to wrap.

Baubles are ready to go on the tree with hanging thread. No baubles on the tree yet - only lights. I like the minimum simplicity but it won't last !

All labels are attached and ready for use. One of my jars was too small, so I needed to adapt. Again will get photos of adapted version.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Day 12 of Christmas Prep.@thepapersac

Hi Everyone
It's the last day of my Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac . We have had 12 days - not sure I remember all 12 ? where did that time go ?

Today, I've designed and made a cake topper for this years Christmas cake. I made my cake a few weeks ago and every year (when taking the cake out of the oven) I declare my intention to make a new topper. This year, I've finally done it. My new topper is a snowman. I've made the little guy as you would make a real snowman, very simple but with rolled white snowballs made from polymer clay. I've given him a hat, scarf, nose and some eyes as well as arms and a few buttons. I used another cake topper for scale so the snowman should be good for size. I've yet to cook him but here he is just before going into the oven.

When cooked and solid, I will add him to the round up - on Friday. The snowman has turned out OK - fingers crossed he will bake without any incidents. I think this must be the easiest Christmas character to make into a topper with polymer. It took me about 20 mins (including tidy up time) and I loved messing around with ideas for the hat and scarf. I hope he will help make the decorated cake look good in a few days.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Day 11 of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
Christmas preparations are near completion or are they ? - in my dreams !!!!
I've definitely been on the edge this year ! I think, I may have almost shopped - maybe one or two items could find their way into my stash but I could probably finish where I am. There are many bags of presents to wrap and cards to send and things to decorate but I'm determined to embrace the job this year. I need a couple of days to enjoy the process rather be stressed out by it !!! I've got until Friday before the kids are off school for the Christmas break. I need most things complete by Friday. Fingers crossed.

Moving on ....... my prep for today is a Christmas Voucher. I do tend to use this idea for a few celebration events both for work and family. As such, I have a basic template on my PC for adapting to whichever event I need. The template started life as a very basic Microsoft Publisher template, however, it's been changed and added to many times, unrecognisable as a template. I would say a template is not necessary. Just a series of boxes. I change the colours and images each time but essentially it's a very quick and easy way of giving a personal gift at Christmas.
Here is a look at the voucher. I try and make the voucher look a bit like a cheque. The image is changed to suit events and I do add a date.

I need 4 vouchers and have printed my vouchers on two pieces of A4. I will trim each voucher and make an envelope using gift wrap paper and make a label for each. I may add a few embellishments to the envelopes - not sure at this stage. I will share the end product in my final round up (in a few days). I like to add the envelopes to the tree so may add a little hanging hook.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Day 10 of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
We are on the final countdown (Day 10) re Christmas prep. - it's the last week of school before Christmas holidays and ........ at last we have a tree ! It's not looking as good as it will but it's there along with lots of boxes of decorations. I've got a few days to 'pretty' the house ! - I hope.

Today, I'm making some Star Bunting. These 'shortish' lengths of bunting are designed to adorn wall art (pictures) - just to give a little 'bling' to the walls. I'm not a great fan of too much in the way of streamers but I like some more subtle 'lift' for the walls. I did this last year with a silver paper version, this year Im going for gold. I've got some corrugated gold card and some gift wrap paper which Im hoping will do the job. I will use a white paper cord to link the stars. I like my mini sample and am confident the bunting will look good.

I'm hoping to give this project an hour or so later today. I will cut out all the stuff this morning but am involved in some volunteer work mid afternoon, so the construction will happen later. I plan to make the bunting fit the actual pictures so will vary the lengths. The final version will appear in the round up after day 12. I think I need 4 lengths in total ? I usually get carried away with these projects when I get going - so who knows how many lengths will emerge, will report later.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Day 9 of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
I'm still trying to catch up with Christmas - almost there ! Today, I need some Gift Pockets. I tend to fall back on this little gift wrap design all year round but at Christmas I tend to dress up the pockets a little more. Here is a basic photo look at the techniques (showing how easy it is to make these pockets). The top half of the photo shows a flat seal technique and the bottom half shows how you can fold the ends in opposite directions to form a little triangle shaped pocket. For both pocket examples I've used A5 size paper. It's possible to make larger and smaller to fit your gift. If the gift requires a flat pocket I will go with it but mostly I like the triangle shape. The paper needs to be quite thick if you make a larger pocket. Often, my best pockets are made from everyday printer paper (with a design print). I also like to wrap my gift in tissue paper before placing in the pocket - this adds a little bit of luxury.

For my Christmas prep. today, I'm using some bought gold gift wrap paper. It's pretty thick, sturdy wrap but it makes great pockets. I will share the actual pockets in my round up (in a few days). I need to make about 12 pockets. Best get going.

Bye for today.
Thanks for reading.