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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Day 4 and a little railway on The Grand Tour

Hi Everyone
Today (day 4) and I'm still struggling without internet access. We have tried several locations to access via phones and (in theory) internet free cafe ! No success. I'm writing this while trying to upload several days.
News on The Tour - we have been to Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway today. Lovely views of the coast - some sunshine and an interesting drive from one end to the other of the little narrow gauge railway. Fantastic scenery and very 'holiday like' with lots of folk riding on the railway.

Thanks for reading.

The grand Tour Day 3 horror, it's raining and ?

Hi Everyone
It's Tuesday and bad news ! ........ raining. Persistent rain. Not sure what The Grand Tour has on offer. We didn't quite plan for rain - mainly because the weather has been so good for quite a few weeks.
By lunchtime - the weather has dramatically improved and we scramble a walk to Congra Moss - very pretty and just what we needed.

This is the photo for today

Thanks for reading.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Day 2 - which Coast ?

Hi Everyone
It's Day 2. And the sun is shining again ! Great ! This is the photo for today.
We are in Whitehaven - looks amazing.

This is from the car but it's very 'Mediterranean' and it's very warm. I'm getting this out now - only a short time with internet.

Thanks for reading.
Bye for today.

The Grand Tour Day 1

Hi Everyone
Here we are with our first photo of The Grand Tour 2014

Sadly, it's raining (only a bit) and a bit dull. This the view from the window. This is somewhere called Lamplugh on the western edge of The Lake District.

It's lovely but a bit cold ! Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Bye for today.

PS - no internet connection so I will post when I can (traditional Grand Tour communication)

Saturday, 26 July 2014

BAR 44

Hi Everyone
Yet another lovely day - here's my final photo post of The Garden Tour.

Today, it's the 'water feature' - a tiny little pond, overgrown with all kinds of things. It's, almost deliberately green and dirty to attract toads and other little things. There is a pump in the base which gives a soothing water trickle sound and keeps the water moving - lovely noise while sitting or working in the garden.
It's also doubles up as a great bathroom and a pub for the birds.

My next post will be from somewhere new. We will be officially 'on tour' !

Thanks for reading.