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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Recipe Wednesday

Hi Everyone
Today's recipe is called Gingered Butternut Squash with Cheese Toasts, I added a jacket potato with smoked salmon.


The whole meal tasted good and the additional potato made the meal more substantial. The original recipe did seem a bit 'light' ie without the potato. I think the dish is more like a side dish rather than a main meal. I did think the squash felt like a side vegetable. I added mushroom and sweet red pepper to the dish and without this, although tasty, would be a disappointment. The sauce/stock was a bit thin, again very tasty but not really my kind of sauce.

I'm not ruling out ever trying the dish again but I think I would serve as a light lunch with the cheese toasts. If you want to try is out, simply cube a Butternut  Squash, fry in olive oil with chopped garlic, root ginger, red onion (I added more vegetables too - mushrooms and red pepper). Add 300ml vegetable stock and simmer for 15mins. Prepare some cheese toasts and serve. Add chopped parsley to serve.
The meal was given a collective 8/20 and therefore will not qualify to go in the book. This is the first time we have rejected a meal ! It was worth a try but not as a main meal.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Making Framework

Hi Everyone
It's Tuesday again and today we have another Making Workshop. Today's workshop is the second in the Polymer Clay Bangle series.

 Last week we finished a couple of bangles but need to take more time finishing the pieces and spend time decorating the surface (or not ) of the bangles. Each bangle will have its own box too, so there's a bit of extra work to deal with. I will hope to get some more photos of the bangles with their boxes throughout the workshop.
Each box will also feature some little 'mats' inside the base and the lid to give the bangles protection. These mats are made from felted wool and look great in the boxes.

If anyone manages to finish their bangle and box, we can have a go at a ring technique or another simple bangle. The second bangle uses another 'rolled' construction technique which is an interesting contrast the the first. The images in the poster (above) show examples of how the decoration can work within the construction of the rolled bangles and rings. I love these colours together and the Gold clay really sets off the vibrant greens and blues.

Will share images of the items we come up with next time.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a print today (from last week). This is one of the initial Lino prints of Anna on fabric using the new large Gelli plate.


I like the outline shape of Anna's head and feel Inwould like to develop the print with some freestyle sewing (using a sewing machine). I'd like to identify some hand embroidery stitches too. I've an idea about embellishing with gold thread and gems ? I'm not entirely sure about what to do ? but I like the idea. The colours and the surface textures of the print (using separate printed layers) work well for me and I think, the piece,will provide a good basis for these elaborate embellishments I have in mind. 
I'm also considering an elaborate gold frame - much of the time, my work is displayed without a frame but I think, in this case, a frame would work. However, much more to do before any thoughts of displaying !
Back to today, I'm going to use some other Gelli print work to embellish a small card box. I've created some patterned papers to use as for this purpose and have used similar colours to a piece of polymer clay jewellery, destined for the box. If I have time, I will try out some more more fabric prints using the Gelli plates.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, 5 February 2016

From Scratch

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm experimenting with FROM SCRATCH beads which will turn into samples for the stretchy jewellery I talked about last Friday. These beads are leftovers from previous projects but I'm interested in shapes to develop rather than using these particular beads. If something interesting turns out, all the better ! I already know that I will develop more of the beads featured in the Green Project (love those shapes and textures) - read back for images of the Green Beads. I probably need another five or so shapes and colours. Here are my experimental beads :


I'm looking to develop very simple bracelet and necklaces which can be worn everyday rather than major statement pieces. I'm not ruling out changing surface pattern or colour but I want the pieces to be versatile and robust; at this stage it's the shape I'm focussing on.
Alongside the necklaces and bracelets, I'm thinking about packaging and storage so will try and develop something specific to each piece. Hopefully, I can get production going pretty quickly when the initial designs are settled. I'm planning on making up kits as well as offering a ready made collection. What this space.

Thanks for reading
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Clay Day

Hi Everyone
I'm hoping to plan my knitting/crochet accessories today. I've done a little research on shapes and will get myself a Pinterest board to collate my ideas for inspiration. Read back last week for details of this project. I'm going for little houses as my first idea. I hope to develop a prototype for a crochet bag today. The accessory I'm starting with is a button which I will add to the finished bag. My bag has leather straps and will be made from T Shirt yarn in  red. Here is a quick look at the project :


Other news - I've been working on a new ring collection and have come up with a prototype green version. It doesn't sit with the now famous Green Bead Project (read back for more on this) so I'm going to make one that does. Here is the ring which I'm calling 'Vita'


I'm pleased with the shape of this new ring and it offers a few different options because it's quite large (even for me). I want to mix some green colours and apply the similar surface pattern as the Green Project beads. 


Thanks for reading.