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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Just do it !

Getting there - more ideas and thoughts about my direction - I'll try and update every few days for a while and then review. Much of the time its about making a decision and going with it !!! My head keeps saying -' just get on and do something !' - so eventually, I'm going with that ...........

My first collection is under way - I'm calling it a SET - Miss Mitchell is the title. There will be a story behind Miss Mitchell, eventually this will be a chapter of a book (no title yet). I have 5 items/products in the SET. Each product is inspired by a painting, this one is Miss Mitchell. All products are linked in some way - probably colours or more likely images within the painting, for this one it will be butterflies and jewel type colours. I will post the list of items in my next message and will hope to have pictures. All products will be available for sale and I'm producing some kits and some download instructions - also available for sale.

More to come ..... x