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Monday, 31 October 2011

Home again ! its Halloween too.

Hi anyone
having a few problems with our home computer so am restricted with my pictures too - am using the laptop instead. We are back at home and kids are back to school. Richard came home and back again and we stayed another day - almost as if the lost day had just not happened ! Have actually managed to move on the From Scratch project over the holiday and am hoping to update some pictures today.
 Its also Halloween, so need to dress the house etc before the kids come home. Will get some pictures too. Also have a meeting this afternoon so time is running out already. Will try and work out the computer problems and get some new pictures up before end of day.
Have a few ideas about christmas cards etc - I know its earlier ish but I would like to be a bit better organised this year. I did look at some of my cards/tags from last year and they look OK - may pinch a few ideas and adapt some - here they are :

Bye for now.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Pencils and lost keys

Hi anyone
still here in Whitby - weather a bit dull today and wer have a huge problem with lost keys - Richard has made the journey home by train to get the spare set - hopefully we can extend our stay and re live today again tomorrow !
Been doing a little art and have produced another face inspired by Cori Dantini - its another of her pictures (not the one above) but the idea comes through in my work (I think) - not got the software for uploading here with me so will do it when I get home.
Have also spent time sharpening my coloured pencils - I use PrismaColour pencils - they are fantastic for colour shading - I do all my picture faces with these pencils and buy them from - its possibel to buy specific pencils 1 at a time. I will post pictures of my portable colour kit when I get back. Here it isbelow - I have also had more than my monies worth of the current white pencil !

Will aim to get my version of the new picture completed for the picture today - loads of time waiting for Richard to get back with my car - thankfully only one journey by train. Its not straightforward as we are in the middle of nowhere and we also live in the sticks. Will let you know how things turn out.
Bye for now.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Mr Jeeves and Friends

Hi anyone
been busy with planning a family holiday today - we always go to Whitby during half term October week - been going about 8 years I think ? we always do similar things : walks in the woods and hot chocolate in a wonderful outdoor cafe, shopping in the Old Town, visit the Abbey and maybe a walk on the beach.The holiday lasts about 3 days - so very short. However, its also 'Goth Week' and there are some amazing costumes to spot - will try and get some pictures to show when we return.
Also done a few nursery collection pieces (must think of another name - it seems too limiting to call the pictures nursery stuff !) I have started rather than finished - some are further on than others - here they are :
Little Bird


Molly and Little Bird together
As well as Molly and her friend Little Bird theres the star of the collection :
Mr Jeeves

Well thats it for now - will be away until Friday 28th - see you then.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Miss Burton and Friends

Hi anyone
been busy with kids sport today - both my boys play rugby and its a 'most of the day' job - so not much time for me. However, here is a picture of the final Miss Burton (as promised yesterday) :

She is a much brighter character than she set out to be.

I've also been busy creating a nursery collection - my little boy inspired the egg man from one of his drawings and the other idea cam from a pencil case I have - these wooden plaque-like pictures are small and will end up with pretty big ribbons to hang up somewhere - will bring them to you when they are finished together.

Barney and Bert

The Egg man
I think there will be about eight different pictures all different but with colours which compliment each other in nursery like shades.

Bye for now

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Such as life ! for the 'folky doll'.

Hi anyone
have been browsing for inspiration as usual and Elsie Larson has come up with another application for a  canvas print using the same technique re fabric (I explained this yesterday in my blog) - this time with black and white photographs - the result is stunning and its given me lots of new ideas for my stuff - watch this space. Here's a link if you want to see Elsie's project .
Miss Burton
Having spent lots of time on the December From Scratch doll and using the fabric printing technique, I was reminded of another doll Miss Burton that I did a while ago - could be her sister ? what do you think ?
December doll
Miss Burton ended up in another larger wooden picture will get her up later (in finished mode) - looking at the initial sketch/ 1st.colour she seemed to change colours and her dress by the time she ended up in the final picture ! Such as life ! for the 'folky doll'.

Bye for now

Friday, 21 October 2011

Simple Printing Technique

Hi anyone
I have a bit of an update on the December picture in the From Scratch collection - as mentioned already a few days ago, I've been experimenting with a simple printing technique (inspired by Elsie Larson on her blog DIY projects ) take a look at her results .
I've collated a few pictures to show some of the development of this process in my work.
The snaps above show stages in revealing the print image and then how I turned the finished fabric print into a dress for my doll. The image (for the dress) I chose to use comes from an old cooking magazine and is of sweets tied in red striped fabric, made into a wreath with a wire round shape frame - perfect for my December theme in the From Scratch collection - look back at the From Scratch project within this blog if you are interested to see how this projects fits together. The collection as well as this picture is way from completition but it will give an idea of how the elements are developed.
December doll - under construction
Bye for now.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Where can I find a thrift shop ?

Hi anyone

what a lovely day here - its frosty but wonderful sunlight and its only 9.20am ! Also just had a great 5 mins or so watching a Suzi Blu video on her blog - love Suzi - she is the person that changed everything for me - she said I was an artist - so I am !! Take a look at her new thing its a wonderful idea and needs to be added to the made@ thepapersac book list. The only thing is where can I find a thrift shop ? - I know we call them charity shops here in the UK and there will be large ones similar to the thrift shops in USA but not in my little corner of England. I will, however, try the charity shops tomorrow and see what turns up ? I maybe surprised !
Also done another little picture - not finished but its another Suzi inspired thing - shes called Phoebe Flower Girl - she will have lots of flowers and a big pink bow to hang up the picture.
Phoebe Flower Girl

Bye for now

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Large but very unfinished !

Hi anyone
been having a lovely time this morning with two friends. Lovely time out, drinking coffee and some talking 'Art' (with Andrea) who is kind enough to listen while I formulate and articulate my ideas on the hoof - thank you Andrea x.
Andrea has given me another inspiration for a little gift item which will fit into one of my projects -its going to be a little picture with places to hang ART made by a little guys (new to school )  mum's will hang stuff brought home on it. Will share it when its done.

Spent some time yesterday arranging the From Scratch collection into one larger very unfinished piece - looks better already. Here it is :

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pure Inspiration

Hi anyone
have spent the last 30mins being amazed by lots of mini projects and some inspiring art - I tend to browse around favourite sites at this time most days looking for new and wonderful inspiration - I'm never disappointed and there are so many projects out there to try - I want to have a go at everything ! Here are a few of the ones I am writing in my made@thepapersac book for trying :  this is a wonderful mini apple book.

Miss Mitchell - of course !
My next project on the list will be Apple Doll Tutorial from

I'm hoping to try this one and then apply to my Miss Mitchell doll (above) - could take a while to get this finished. The last one added today will be another apple themed item which caught my eye - again I will adapt for use with some theme of my own - here is the link 
this project is a journal.

I could go on but three is a good number to add today - time etc will not allow anymore ideas to happen.
However, I must draw attention to the work of Cori Dantini - I love her drawings and have been reminded of why I try and aspire to work hard and be somewhere as good - one day ! My favourite today is
take a look and be inspired.

Bye for now

Monday, 17 October 2011

War Paint and fabric prints

Hi anyone
here is a quick  of the last two little projects :
print on canvas

the print in my 'made @ thepapersac' book has been great - I did wonder if it was going to turn out OK but its a good outcome - I've learned lots about the process and that was the point but I'm hoping I can use the print in my December From Scratch picture.
The technique was followed as described by Elsie in her blog
and it was pretty much how she described it - my only question would have been how thick should the paper be (the paper with the image on it) ? and how much rubbing is too much - rubbing away image as well !!!

close up of center
July doll

My other project of the moment From Scratch has now got the improved July doll - she is more sophisticated with her 'war paint'. Can you make out the bird flying overhead ?

Bye for now.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Pink is the colour

Hi anyone
June doll - first stage colour
Been colouring the doll for June - From Scratch project - just first stage but it gives an idea for development that I like to record.She is more blonde than I had expected but that may change over the day. Lots of the picture background is pink and her dress has pink in it.

Breaking news - also bought a new pink pen yesterday - disposable fountain - pink ink is seems so relaxing to journal in pink, so have written lots today. Pink is my colour for the day.
Am aiming to work on the long lost butterfly. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but its been on my list most days for about two months. I originally did a similar butterfly for a Holocaust museum project earlier last year - it was in memory of all the children that died and a very moving idea to represent all our lost children with a butterfly - there is a site if you would like to take a look at all the butterflies and where they come from. There are some fantastic butterflies and each time I look it does make me think of the children. Scroll down the link to find my actual butterfly.
Anyway, I thought I would like to take inspiration from the idea for my From Scratch project and have been struggling to get it right. Today, I have the wings and body of my butterflys - so will try and get one sorted to share later.
Am also working on the print I started a few days ago - if it works I will incorporate into the Dec picture. Please read earlier posts for information re these projects. Bye for now.
PS still waiting for a comment - any comment will do x

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Art For Rooms Launch

Art For Rooms - acrylic on canvas
I'm officially launching (mainly to myself) the next big idea. I'm calling it   - Art For Rooms. I have mentioned it before for all those people who think its not new !  Anyway the project involves  producing a piece of art - could be a painting or ? to compliment a room in a home - a real home rather than a magazine shoot. My sort of thing is mixed media so my examples will focus on that. But I'm aiming to get other people involved to create their own art for their own rooms - its the creating experience as well as the finished product that I think will be important. Each piece will have good reasons for existing ie story behind the images, colours, textures or why done in the first place etc. Part of the idea stems from the many 'Art Saves' stories on Crescendo Am going to get a range of examples and see how it goes - anyone wanting to join in would be very welcome. I'd love to hear any ideas or examples. Bye for now.


Hi anyone
am sharing a little project completed a few days ago - its turned out so much better than I expected :
 These little letters are so good to use - love the stick shape for printing.
 One letter on each stick, one end - upper case, other end lower.

 My  husband made the box (from a piece of waste wood in his stash) and the little wooden sticks but I stuck on the letters/numbers and a few punctuation marks - I bought this tiny pack of rubber stamps (several years ago) which fitted into the silver box (just in view in the pictures) they were all fused together and unusable - but I love the font and found myself  thinking about doing just what I'v done. Its given me so much pleasure just using the stuff and the box looks great too - I need to order more !

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

made @thepapersac

Hi anyone
today I'm officially starting the 'made @ thepapersac' book - its a little project that will keep me going with making a wide variety of things such as free gifts from mags or ideas I've seen while browsing etc.
I've customised a pretty little pink book and will fill it up when I have the space in my days with the little projects I come across. I've just seen a great technique on 'A Beautiful Mess' (one of my daily blog reads) - how to transfer a photo to fabric. My hope is that I can practice/adapt such things and apply to my own work. I hope to review these projects and will share as I do. Now need to get on with it.
Bye for now.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Amazing !

Hi anyone ....
this must be a first - have managed to take the pictures of the FROM SCRATCH project and am ready to get on the blog - all in one day and two visits to update the blog.
When I see the raw state of the pictures I realise how far I need to go - but I'm getting there and have had a very productive day - loads of ideas coming out of the review and am now in need of a permanent studio big enough to house the project ! - We all need to move out immediately ! Anyway - dream on ........ take a peak at the pictures - some dont have the dolls stuck down but all have a doll in progress.
Now each picture needs many more layers to complete and looking again the colours are not as bright as in real life- so more updates in the future. Bye for now

Art for or from the room ?

Hi anyone  ...........
                             news for my 'FROM SCRATCH daily handwritten journal' is still finding it difficult to get here, however, there is much progress and I'm almost there with all the pictures - will aim to get pictures done today (my current major problem is the photographs of pictures or lack of them). I think I will try and get bits of my journal here too - it gives a much better view of my thoughts about the project on a daily basis and that is the point of the whole project ie my development from scratch each day.
I have another idea too to report - making pictures or pieces of art FOR rooms - have done this in my own home (previous blogs show some of them) and I have a friend who has asked me to do something for her in a new self build house which is almost complete. When I thought about this idea as a new project, I was reminded of a Woody Allen film where his character dams anyone for choosing art to fit into a room ie complimenting colours etc.(Hannah and Her Sisters comes to mind as the title of the film ? although not entirely sure ?) anyway the Woody character is very much against the frivalous nature of choosing art to 'fit' into the room  as an accessory - my idea is about creating the art from the inspiration of the room rather than the other way around - so its OK !
On another matter, today I have a Tweet for Molly Makes (love this magazine) asking for craft-like blogs/shops etc to contact the creative editor - so am going to send this - might inspire me to update more oftern if I think anyone is reading. My lovely husband was reading it yesterday but I'm not sure anyone else does. I would love to get a comment if there is anyone out there. x