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Monday, 30 April 2012

Mermaids from Edinburgh

Hi Everyone
A very quick try again from my I Pad - I did think I could have mastered the app by now ! It's a little tricky and more than a simple transfer to another piece of equipment ie the I pad. I'm so pleased with being back with the apple brand (I started with apple decades ago) but its a mental change too - we are on another planet.
The photos are so much improved and hopefully I am going to

be more inspired and 'at one' with my little world ! I have'nt got to grips with my daily trawling or my real world of painting. I did a little mobile painting over our weekend stay. Will try and move it here. It's a mermaid painting in a small moleskin - I made a sketch while sitting on the beach in North Berwick (not too far from Edinburgh) last year.More painting to go but may use it in a larger painting at some point.

Still not as easy as it will be in time.

Weather report is poor - sort of raining but not quite. Almost forgot the weather !!!!!

Bye for now

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Another update

Hi Everyone
A very quick try again from my I Pad - just trying out things.Weather looks good and we are off to Edinburgh for weekend.
Now back and had a great time - loads of photos but don't know how to set them here via new system. Will be back later
This is another version of thepapersac village 'rehash' just trying buttons.Too much for one day !!
Bye for now

Quick Update

Hi Everyone
A very quick try again from my I Pad - just trying out things.Weather looks good and we are off to Edinburgh for weekend. Didn't get this published before we left - so here it is now. I,ve used a new app which should make it possible to get the new blog method going.Will get back to normal tomorrow.
Bye for now

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Celebrations - all round !

Hi Everyone
weather today looks 'scary' - the reports suggests huge downpour later - dry at the moment but dark and looks like rain !! Bit cold too.
Today, its my 'baby's' birthday - he is actually ten (he is prepared to indulge me in calling him a 'baby' - at the moment) Its a school day too, so difficult to get going this morning. Lots of presents - gadgets,books and sweets mainly. His main gift was an IPOD Touch - amazing - I want one.
We also have a party in a few weeks so the birthday will go on and on ............
Will show a picture of his cake tomorrow. This evening we will go for a MacDonalds - not my favourite but its not my birthday so .........

In the meantime, I still need to get some order in our house - still not easy to live in - because of mess (cumulative over several busy weeks).

I'm also trying to concentrate on some more painting at the moment. Mary will get some attention and the little 'handbag' paintings - they are very popular and I need to get some more in the shops.
Not sure exactly what to put on them but vintage style things/people/animals are in my thoughts at the moment. I did a rabbit a while ago. Here, he is - its not finished in the photo but its gone to a new home so I can't show the finished version (PS I did finish it first). I like this image, so will definitely do another.

I've done my usual trawl of the blogs this morning and not much new going on. Everywhere I look, I see Jubilee merchanidise - not sure what I like about it ? - mostly, I don't but now and again there are a few vintage looking flags,colours that appeal. I may do a version of something. I have seen some fabrics which has stuck in my mind.  All these shown here are from a  shop : Rainbow Silks . I often shop here they have loads of interesting products which can be experimental projects. I've never been to the shop, I use the online
facility but I would like to visit to check out their whole range. I would need plenty of cash. They also have this information on their site. Perhaps it could inspire a project :

Download a free booklet from Makower's website, with projects for making Jubilee and Olympic celebration items. See : 

I've not downloaded but I will. Will discuss at a later date.

Must get going

(I am aware of this blank box at the bottom of the posting - can't get rid of it so please ignore)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fish Eye lens and more fabric development

Hi Everyone
today is a much brighter and dry day - mnot sure about the temperature but it feels warmer from here (inside my studio !!)
Huge excitement this morning when my new mini fish eye lens arrived for my camera phone. I've taken a few photos to see how good it is and I'm quite surprised at the quality of the final picture. Its a certain kind of image but in some circumstances - it will work for me.
the lens

mary - 'in one'

last 'fiddle' with the village
This is the lens - it just sticks onto the front of the phone. Very easy to use.
I took this picture of Mary just to see if I could get the whole painting in at once - I took it very close and although you can see the 'curve' its great. The painting is quite a tall piece and caused me lots of problems to get it in - prior to using the new gadget. Taking a snap a little further away will reduce the curved feel. Lastly, here is a picture of the village - with brown words rather than blue. This is truly my last time spent on this little painting !!

My regular trawl around the blogs has inspired yet another experiment. This time its with dye sticks. I called in on Elsie (Larson) ,one of my favourite haunts. She has two little projects going - a fabric flowerproject (looks good) and the dye stick idea project. Take a look. I've already sourced some dye sticks from Amazon. Very reasonable (under £5). Will order them. I have an idea for developing a little fabric thing for the village collection - is this a good idea ? Will let you know.

Bye for today.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Regroup and move on .........

Hi Everyone
weather report = cold and (potential) rain any minute - the temperature is from one extreme to another !
Its back from our weekend away (trip to York with friends). We did lots of museum stuff and had a lovely time chatting and now, I'm overwhelmed with house chaos. We are in such a mess. I did intend to clear up and clean things but ................... I've done some painting instead. I did need to get some food - no way of avoiding that one. Done that. I feel quite relaxed at the moment but when everyone comes home I will start to feel bad about enjoying most of my day too much. The boys are all out school/working - such as life. I'm the one usually denying myself fun and today was my turn. Sounds good anyway ! I'm convinced.
I've done some more of the village stuff - still not that happy with it and am finally going to leave it for a while. I think on reflection my problem is the houses are a bit too simple and have very 'unstraight' lines (could be wobbly) - I like to distress stuff  too and this didnt quite work - its not been a huge success. I have learned things so thats OK.I will take the positives. My next project will focus on Mary Haversham - you will remember that I started this some time ago and it came to a halt. Now its time to pick it up again. Here is a scan view of the rather poor papersac village. One day I will return to it but for now - I've lost the plot !
thepapersac village - not a good image of my idea !

You can see I've added a few dolls and flowers and have painted more. But its destined for the scrap heap. Should have changed the houses weeks ago.

Best get going. Bye for now.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Online gallery for thepapersac- is it a great idea ?

Hi Everyone
weather report today is changing every minute ! looked good earlier but I think its raining now - lets call it 'changable' ! Huge downpour as I write.
I've been taken up again this morning with thevillage - its taken over my world - lots better each mini session - I'm restricting myself to short sessions because theres so much more to do. My house is seriously dirty and I need to prepare for a weekend away with friends - I have'nt finished unpacking/washing fom our last break (last week) so I do need to get organised. I find this aspect of life so depressing. I need a housekeeper - only problem is - its my job as well as my true work ie artist ! Such as life.

Anyway, talking about artists, I also have seen something inspiring in Red magazine - an article about an online gallery thepeppergallery .This has long been a dream of mine to have either a temporary gallery or even better an online facility that allows specific,well presented exhibitions of work for new or developing artists. My idea is that anyone could exhibit their work and have it presented in a professional way. The practical implications for exhibiting work for 'developmental' or new artists is so scary/un-do-able (to them) or expensive or both that it simply does not happen. I would love to see 'potential' stuff out there and artists growing. My art is very whimsical and fun stuff - not expensive to make but almost a 'therapy' in itself and from feedback (I'm told) that the viewer picks this 'therapy' thing up from 'reading ' my work - which in turn promotes discussion etc. I love this idea.Its not heavy stuff ie the art or the discussion but its accessible and reflects a certain kind of lifestyle (which I like) and can inspire more art (in the widest sense). I think I should hang on to this idea along with the gallery thing and do something about it. The article which started me thinking today tells me - if youre determined, put the hard work in and are not afraid of failure, it could be achieved. I do believe this too. The artist/owner of The Pepper Gallery is Beatrice Ridley. Thanks for the inspiration.

Must go and do what I need to do.

Bye for now

Thursday, 19 April 2012

'the village' lives on ! - could it be a story ?

Hi Everyone
weather report is poor today - either rainy or about to rain. Very wet later on .......................

Against my best intentions, I did'nt give up on the village trio - not sure if its getting better or not ? I've changed the landscape and added some pretty girls flying flags - am aiming to get some bunting going too.

I've not taken any photos but have the girl drawing here to share. I have drawn and coloured her face and have scanned/duplicated various sizes. I want to have the same girl but with different hair colours/dresses etc. We will see how it goes.

village girl - initial drawing
Not achieved much else today - the village stuff has consumed my thoughts and every spare moment of my day !

Something worth sharing is an online Etsy presentation -  I watched yesterday. It was all about 'story telling' both from a business brand perspective and a product story. The guy presenting was great - very inspiring and amusing to listen to/watch. I have some great ideas for developing this aspect of thepapersac. I was relieved/pleased to realise, I do already use some of the key pointers he talked about - but it really inspired me to work more on it. link to story telling guy . Go take a look - its a great watch. He's called Michael Margolis.

On another matter - I bought a lovely little treat for myself a few days ago - am so looking forward to the post bringing this gift.Its earrings. They are from an Etsy seller called 'spacefruit' seller . She has lots of great stuff. I have loads of earrings but tend to wear very simple designs most of the time. So, hope to wear these often.

Well, thats about it for today. May do a little more with my village. I know its going to take me years to get it right. Probably will end up doing several new starts. However, I've decided not to give up on it. I did not feel it was right to give up and now I know not to even bother thinking about this with future projects. I will follow my instinct, always.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

'Handbag' Mini Paintings !

Hi Everyone
weather is OK today - could go either way ? sunny now but clouds are forming !
Not sure whats in store today ? - I spent sometime last night trying to fix my town/village paintings - poor results and I think its time to change things in a more dramatic way - the first idea is too much of the same ie houses and colours - they are not working for me and I've wasted lots of time trying to change things in a small way. I'm specifically talking about the town images and not the village stuff. This picture is an early version but the end results were just as disappointing. Its just awful !
time to go - completely - unfixable in this form
turned out OK - a mini town gift for a friend

Today, I'm going back to the drawing board and literally drawing new houses and a new background. Sad idea for me but ...... such is life. I hate being defeated by a painting. Will report later.These village images are a bit more successful - but still need work
mini house

thepapersac village 1

 Other news :
houses ready for using

Been reading my new Suzi Blu book - its such a treat. Still looking in the post for my new camera ! - it must be here soon - so excited.

Also been thinking about my Etsy shop - I have neglected it too much. I looked in on a live Etsy lab link this morning and am much enthused - have booked into another, later today. They are great to watch blog link - take a look. As a result I will get some stuff in there asap.

 I have a few little pictures of a mini painting - I did this to celebrate our recent wedding anniversary - it was a part finished painting from a while ago but I personalised and added to it - its going to feature in a complete makeover of our studio - watch this space !
also made a card using the artwork

I've written a personal message to back of painting

extended the paintwork to sides

The painting looks a bit like a handbag with this hanging style. Love the colours and its a special link to a time when I made the original drawing. This is what art is about for me. Linking the image with the experience !

Well, must get on - am feeling less down (because of the failed town paintings) and am ready to move on.This blog has been a cathartic experience today.

Bye for now

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Suzi Blu - amazing !

Hi Everyone
been a while since my last blog - we have been on holiday (almost seems likes months ?) - its only been just over a week. The weather was great - we walked in the Lake District hills mostly- high level stuff - fantastic. . A little shopping in Keswick too and lots of family time. When we go to Keswick - theres always a trip to the Derwent Pencil Factory shop. They have a coffee shop with lots of pencils and lovely little cards to use - heaven. Take a look.
Today, the kids went back to school and  I've struggled to get going for several days !!!! However, I've done some stuff today - its one of my boys birthdays and we needed invites - have done them and now am hoping to do a bit of the village stuff.
My favourite artist - SUZI BLU - has a new book out and its been on pre order for months. Finally its here. Its wonderful - I knew it would be. Full of inspiration.

Generally, Im feeling full of ideas after our holiday - its a tricky time for me. Lots of opportunities to get 'off track' !!
Must go and do something creative. Hope to get back on track tomorrow.
Bye for now.

PS weather been lovely today - sun and warmish.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Is this yours or mine ?

Hi Everyone
weather 'perked up' considerably - windy but sunshine is back. Not sure about the temperature ?
Done a few more necklaces - need to finish off but I now have three - enough I think ! Will concentrate on bracelets now. Pictures not yet taken.
I did spend some time on the village and have reworked a small picture - the trio not yet there - can't seem to hit the right look - I think I will try some more houses on a different scale.
I also finished a little picture for Richard - it was our wedding anniversary yesterday and I thought a picture would be a good little gift - he's away so will present my gift on Thursday - will get some pictures here - later.
On another matter - I've been a fan of Kelly Rae Roberts for some time and follow her work almost daily - she is an inspiration and has influenced my work.I have also bought her book and tried out some of the techniques she uses. Here is a snippet of her style (in the picture) - I love her work.

However, something has been bothering me for some time and I feel I need to air this problem (ie my problem).  I read a note in her blog (a while ago) which bothered me at the time and has continued to make me think about my work - often. On one hand, I do agree with much of it but there is a strange (negative) touch too  - the point is all about 'copying' and making art which is too much like Kelly's. This is the blog piece read the detail here and here is the snippet that sticks in my mind.

Kelly Rae Roberts print - no copying !
'its OK to copy my work as you try and find your style, totally okay and expected. but it's not okay to sell your version (copy) of my work if they look exactly or very similar to my paintings (colors, hair, positioning, background). if you aren't sure if yours is different enough from my style,  (what exactly does this mean ?) then it probably isn't. listen to you whispers on this one before you sell'

The blog article is a very long piece and needs reading in full. However, a short time after reading the blog, I was looking on her site and I saw a butterfly painting - almost exactly the same as the one on my wall (been there for about a year) and I can't help thinking I would have a similar case if I applied the same argument in the statement above. I had also created another large piece for my own wall (would never sell it) which does suggest a KRR style - its significantly different in detail (to me) but does make me 'think' when I listen to my 'whisper'.
When I come across her work, its always tinged with this little 'negative'. After all, even though the work is lovely, its not exactly revolutionary - many other artists out there are using this 'scrapbook' background style and making 'folkart' style dolls without arms and with messages. I'm not convinced there is enough of an argument for anything other than absolute copying. This idea that I'm to listen to my 'whisper' - this is (I feel) playing on my own vulnerability (as a developing artist) also trying to 'pay' my way.
I'm so glad to get this off my chest - somehow its cathartic. Would like to know what other people think about this issue.

On that note must go and create my own style !
Bye for now

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fish Eye Lens and Jewels News

Hi Everyone
weather today is dreadful - raining and so cold - where has the sunshine gone ? Spoke to a guy in Glasgow this morning and he said 'its snowing now' with a complete covering of the white stuff !!!! Now (lunchtime)  its snowing here !!!

However, am in doors and cosy right now. On more exciting news, I've seen a great little devise (Jelly Lens) discussed on Elsie's site here and have immediately ordered one. As everyones knows, I'm on a mission to turn myself into a competent photographer. Big job but I'm working on it. I've bought this lens for my phone but have also ordered a little Canon (eventually made a decision) but am waiting for it to arrive. The cheapy (Jelly) lens will be a bit of fun and as I am now much more confident about what I'm doing, can play with it. Will share some photos when the lens arrives - its coming from China, so will take a while.

On the necklace news (from yesterday), it's coming on- the unopened packets look great - (just like sweets to me) - I love the colours together. I'm hoping to make a large collection of jewellery for myself. This little stash was a birthday gift and will remind me of the day. My first necklace is almost there - just a little crocheting around the connections and it will be complete. I want to do some simple earings and a few bracelets to compliment. In the past, I've often made the mistake of making jewellery much too complicated and 'busy' - I tend to go for very simple colour combinations and construction.

beading 'sweets'

almost there with the first necklace
I do like the colours. I will use the jewellery to pick out colours from my clothes. I like the idea of going to my necklace 'hooks' and picking out the one for the day.
Must get on with things.

I would like to do a bit more with Mary today - look back for updates on her painting. I think, she will also get some jewellery from this collection (instead of the flower broach) - not sure how I will do this ? but it seems the right thing to do.

Bye for now.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Crochet Pictures

Hi Everyone
weather is not good today - raining and coldish ! It was only a few days ago that we were running for shade. Such as life !.

Been very busy with TLC for our house - its very dirty and very untidy - my boys were in charge of their own rooms for a spring clean - that was my first big mistake. Then, I needed to try and rescue the situation and where has my day gone ?

In the meantime, I've had a short browse to recover and have stumbled  across this :
Is'nt is great. I think, it would be perfect for a few of my paintings to have a real crochet border. Am going to try. I am not a crochet person - would like to be. However, I do struggle with this skill - but the idea of producing one of these frames is too much to deter me. I found the idea   here and here - what a talented and imaginative person. Am really up for this one.

Yesterday, I talked about making a necklace or two - I've started - its slow work - will get some photos later. As I've already mentioned - the cleaning up has wasted my day. Must remember not to do it again !.

Thats it for now.


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Holidays and jewellery plans.

'weaving' style bracelet
Hi Everyone
weather been good today - sunny and bright but a coldish wind. We have been away again for the weekend. This time Carlisle and Dumfries. Had a great break- lots of inspiring buildings and hills. We have walked all day today and most of yesterday. Now shattered but feeling relaxed.

I took my sketching stuff (as always) but did'nt have a chance to use it. Am hoping to plan (tomorrow) my 'arty' things for the next two weeks - lots of time away and holidaying in the Lake District. Not sure what I am going to do but we always visit loads of craft/art shops and places of interest. We always visit the Derwent Pencil Museum and shop. Love it. Lots of fabulous art stuff - need to set a budget before I go ! Am really looking forward to the holiday.
But, before we go - much clearing out and cleaning to do !!! Not looking forward to that but it will be good when finished. My studio is in a real mess and needs completely reorganising.

Also bought lots of small beads for a necklace project - four big bags, some threading cord as well as a few strands of semi precious beads at the moment.
multi strand necklace
I'm hoping to turn them into something 'like' this (from FatFace). I like the weaving style of the bracelet and the multi strand style of the necklace. We wil see how it goes !!!

I think I need to get into Folksy to checkout any options there too.

Bye for now.