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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Am I a reluctant or ignorant blogger ?

Hi Everyone
have been working hard - new pictures etc are going well - publishing them on here not so well ! This is turning into a 'problems for the reluctant blogger' study. As usual its just the time - plus it must be my poor techie application skills - I put it down to my age and the fact that technology was not invented in my formative learning phase especially integrated technology. I need help - if only someone would invent the seamless transfer technique (from my thought to this page). However, back to my projects - From Scratch is going ok as mentioned already and the 'made @thepapersac lists are there - not done any yet but maybe today. Be back soon. x

Thursday, 22 September 2011

I am where I am

Hi anyone
here I am again - ages since my last rambling - I have been busy working everyday and following my schedule - also adding each day to journalling but sadly have'nt made the leap to the blog !!! - Not giving up yet .... so here we are again.
Have been working on Sep picture from the From Scratch project - going OK - I hope to get photos of all the items in the collection to date as a review activity and allow revisions.Will get them up here in batches. Have also developed a notebook to jot down ideas for making things - mainly pretty items. Will hope to use free gifts etc from the likes of MollieMakes magazine (which I love) - also other web links I come across and mention anywhere worth looking. My aim is tomake the items and draw some skills/techniques from them and apply to my own work as well as just do them for fun.
Bye for now.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

New begining !

Hi anyone - yet another new begining - I live in hope of being disciplined enough to write up each day.....
Have a good structure for working now - little files and job lists etc and am into week 2 of the plan. I've done a review - this is clearly my method of getting to my goal and its something which I believe is part of my artistic journey - so no apologies for all the reviews.
New pictures are in progress and I'm almost on track with the From Scratch project - I have so many plans I need to contain them so they can happen. I do feel a greater sense of control over how I spend my time which is allowing a more artistic experience every day.
I'm going to display all the work in the From Scratch project together - will get some pictures later today.
Bye for now.