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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Wow the weather is great !

Hi everyone - the weather here in Morpeth is great again - for the last few days its been warn enough to say its not winter anymore (for this week anyway)- What a difference my mood takes when its warm and sunny - almost everything is better.

My ART is slowly taking shape - loads of projects as usual all competing for a space in my rather short day. I usually apologise at this stage for not blogging but this is pointless so will not bother making excuses.

Mostly concentrating on the FROM SCRATCH project but lots of new interesting things going on - did some great 'free stitching' for a card and a little thing for a journal - will get some picture up tomoroow when I add some bits to it.

The March doll is coming on and I'm into April backgrounds/research. I've also asked some little friends to add to a basic picture and I will use their work to develop a chapter in the FROM SCRATCH project. Again will get some pictures up later today.
Am also looking to incorporate some designs on fabric - would like to make some things like a dress or bag or ? with the designs - have found a great company ( facilitate such things.

Thats it for now.