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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Making Gifts

Hi to all
I've been quite productive again ...........
Just finished the jewels - see the picture - six pieces (some with several items per piece) need to think of names for each set - just to identify.I've also included a little ring idea - made from beads - not a great picture will try and do another.

I've also found a present for my friend Deb and have been practicing making a little box to put it in (a necklace). I quite like the box shape and will be working on the idea. Its not new but I think it can be adapted with lots of different looks.A very simple construction and very quick.

In addition, to all my other artistic tasks, I'm thinking of doing a quilt for an exhibition in April ? - not sure I can fit it in - but I have a great idea for a quilt - something I started a few months ago. I was experimenting with some paper-fabric and did some sewing with it - it just looks like a quilt piece. Can i do it with everything else ?

Need to get on. Bye for now x

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Big Idea

Hi anyone
more progress with the jewels this morning - they belong to Miss Mitchell, so here she is. The colours and mixture of the beads are inspired by the picture.Also hoping to get some packaging sorted today. Better get on with it ! Will get ome pictures up later if I get there !

Meanwhile,back to my 'Big Idea' - some progress with my January picture - its going to be lots of blue/whites with mountains and dreamy mountain images behind my doll and maybe a castle in the distance ? - will get the doll template up here in the next few days to show how I will keep changing the features/hair and costume.

Bye for now.

Monday, 17 January 2011

The New Phone

Hi everyone
as you know, I have a new phone - its great but so different from the last one. I'm experimenting with bluetooth photo's and with some limited success, I'm showing some evidence of working !!
I had a very creative day today - ideas and colours etc seemed to flow - I needed my working day to be a few hours more. School run intervened and that was that. However, I've still got a bit of energy so I'm almost there for today. My jewellery inspiration came from the Miss Mitchell picture and I'm going to work on pretty packaging ideas tomorrow. If I get the phone going I will be able to show the process. Fingers crossed.
Bye for now.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Another Week almost gone !

Hi to anyone ....
almost another week gone by and as usual I've missed my own plan to blog each day - its not going to happen so lets try Mon & Fri ? Its my way of being in a routine which can work.I will keep going until I find the formula.

My Big Idea (much spoken about last time)is to create a picture (large - not sure how big) with 12 monthly smaller multi media picture paintings - I will base each on a given month. The first will be January, so it will reflect the month somehow ? - have some ideas but not entirely ... things may change.
I also want to incorporate the 'Uniform Project' idea - I found this last year and was really interested in the idea. Its basically about taking an individual simple black dress/tunic and accessorising/wearing in a different way each day. Its a fabulous message about style and using recycling ideas. Will go and find a link to share the details.

Another big thing thats happened is : I've changed my phone !! - very unsettling at the moment but I love it and eventually (probably next week) I will be able to use it how I want. Twttering etc. My plan is to incorporate with this blog.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New Year (for second time)

New Year is here and its taken me until now to get going ! Work is now officially started in 2011.
Been working on my BIG IDEA and getting some things down for planning.

Also its my husbands birthday soon so am trying to be organised with cards and gifts etc. Always a difficult ona as its so soon after christmas.
I have a pre birthday gift present today - and have been spending time developing tags for my general parpersac items - good way to get the prototype going. I'm also trying to adopt the recycling approach to most projects - so here's an example with the tag.

All for now. Will be presenting the BIG IDEA tomorrow. x