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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Happy New Year

I've had a break for Christmas - too much family stuff going on .... not much creating !
Although I have managed a few new tags and thank you's.

I have been busy with my BIG Project for this year and will detail over next few weeks. Its been in the back of my mind but I have put it to paper now.

Almost 2011 - as usual I'm fighting to get everything done - the normal routine is out at the moment but soon as school goes back I will be in there agaain. Until next week - lots of ideas will evolve.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas Preparations

Hi - Christmas is now very close and I'm in a state of minor panic as is usual this close to Christmas ! Have I got everything ? NO, is the answer - weather is so cold and shopping not an option until tomorrow as the kids still not well. Lets hope it does'nt snow again tonight.

Been doing a little wrapping and using more home made tags - these are little recycle jobs again - am quite pleased with them.

Have been looking at character faces for The Big Project - need to come up with a name (for the project) before tomorrow - can't keep calling it 'The Big Project'.

Not sure what the next mini make is ? If I do more shopping may need some more tags. Perhaps the house decorations need some attention. Will let youy know tomorrow.

Bye for now

Monday, 20 December 2010

Lapsed again !

Hi missed my blog yesterday - I'm blaming elements of flu and just living .......

I've struggled getting my phone software going today and can only seem to get the pictures to go into my husbands files - not easy to then upload here !! No doubt there is a simple solution but have tried several ways to change file desitnations without success. Trials of life ...

Also done some tags from my art pictures (hence photos to show - now not in my folders) - will get them on if it kills me.
As you see finally tag is up !!

Have also got an idea for my BIG (annual)PROJECT. Its based on a series of paintings which will take the whole year to produce. Each month (starting in Jan 2011) I create a new character painting using a single basic face. Each individual month/character will have unique characteristics eg hair, clothes etc. so will look like a different individual - some will be larger than others. I hope to use recycled materials for all the clothes each with a theme reflected by the month.When I have all 12, I will assemble them into a single large piece of art. I am really excited about this project. I hope to produce individual items (something 3D) from each month which link to each character - not sure about exactly what they will be yet but I'm jotting down ideas.

Thats it for today - other than the tag photos ! x

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Mini Project

Hi again
this is becoming the habit I was aiming for ....

However, a last min. change to the project - will do the art thing tomorrow.

Todays idea is using last years cards that did'nt get used. This is a bit of a theme with all my work - I do like to re-cycle stuff. The original card was bought in a box of 20 from Tesco (very cheap and not very nice cards )but I needed to write some cards last min. in the car before going to a party (very near to Christmas so there was'nt much left, so .... say no more !
Anyway, looking this year at my card stock and calculating how long I had to get the job done as well as not liking to chuck anything ever ! I came up with the idea I would do a re-cycle job. This is what I did, simply die cut all or part of image on the original and stuck it on a piece of very nice crisp white card (cut and folded to compliment my picture size) and added a greeting. The greeting on my card was helpfully printed on the inside of the original but it would have been easy to produce an appropriate one from the computer. I stamped a statement message, cut out and stuck at an angle. I also managed to use the original envelope. Doing the mini project gave me quite a good feeling and yesterday I wrote the cards - I only have one picture of the batch (there were 4 designs)as they have gone to post. I will definetely do it again. I'm going to re-cycle some cards that have been sent to me this year.
Hope you like the idea, its not new but the simplicity and the quality (post recycle)is fantastic - its a great way to improve on very cheap cards - if they have a good design.
Bye for now x

Friday, 17 December 2010

Day 3

Hi for today .....
Its a challenge getting going - I have a very severe cold/flu style virus - temp. and the lot so functioning is slow !
Did'nt manage to get the card pics up yesterday but probably a good thing as they have developed and are much better. My technology is letting me down - I need to find a way to get the phone downloading direct - just need to add software, I think ? Thats my task for today.
The cards (pics which did'nt materialise) and a few mini presents also need to be delivered today (its last day at school)or I will miss those I'm sending to !!

I thought I could add my first little project from my original paintings - so will get that up tomorrow - it should be good for last min. tags or cards for unexpected moments when you need to pull out a gift.

Bye for now.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Day 2 - good start !

Hi - managed day 2 Ok - need to make a mental note of the time - 11.30am - good time to submit.

Today I'm completing some card designs using an original picture (santa) - will post them later to share.

My little tribe (2 boys) are both ill with flu/sickness bugs - me too !! but I'm soldiering on. Work will be limited.

Be back later with pics of the cards.
Bye for now

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I'm back .... eventually !

Hi, all the best plans etc..........

Now down to business - I'm newly enthused by a number of things this time :
  • lots more work produced (to show)
  • I've also joined into the Twitter thing - I did try it a few months ago and did'nt really get it - I've kind of got it now but not sure my phone is up to the job !
  • loads of new ideas (thats not strickly a new thing)
I also came across someone who is also using the 'From Scratch' name - Emma from Red Velvet fame. I love Elsie's work (Red Velvet) and follow her blog every day. It was only today that I saw 'From Scratch' in their new shop (Emma is using it as a name for her cookie/cupcake area in the shop). I guess it shows great minds collide sometimes ? I see it as a compliment.

The point of my blog today is to yet again start as I mean to go on.... nothing new there ! I will crack the habit one day. Apparantly to develop the habit, I need to do something for 21 days. Tough challenge.

I'm posting some Christmas pictures and am still looking for the first person to visit - please come and see (anyone other than relatives will do). Hopefully the Twitter thing will help generate some callers.

Bye for now. (day 1 and counting)