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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leggings to make and 'pins' to inspire ! with hearts too.

Hi Everyone
another day of blue -ish sky ! Mild and dry - looking good.

 I've spent a little time looking around at my Daily Blog trawl (I have about 4/5 regular blog reads as well as stacks of articles via Etsy) and have come across so many wonderful ideas. I am very taken with these leggings.
The article is how to make them or any other leggings.I may give it a go.Not sure where I can source the right fabric - fairly key to the
wearability !    I like leggings and do wear them (often) and would like to create a special pair.

Leggings Tutorial -still a bit sceptical but hey, I'm willing to have a go.

current favourite pin

On another matter, I am hooked on inspirational 'pinning' ie Pinterest (I have a button on this blog) - there are some amazing ideas. I often look at my own boards for ideas. Anyway, I'm amazed at the range of folk that repin my pins. How do they come across my pins ? These people seem to be so unlikely to both see my pins in the first place and actually like them and repin. I know about the repins as I get an email telling me who/how many folk have repinned. The people I'm talking about don't seem to have any other stuff on their boards remotely similar to my stuff. Minor in the scheme of life but it exercises me every time.
Here is an example of my favourite pin for the moment- buttons on Folksy.

Workwise, I think Miss H senior will get attention today. I'm going to link the fact that its Feb29th. today - the 'leap day' needs to get a mention.

 I also need to get my photos of the shop offer done while the natuarl light is good. I will be announcing day three of this weeks offer later. I reviewed The Weekly Shop List (see last night note) and am much happier with four new things each week - with a Shop Fill on Fridays Event.
I am a creature of habit - now, I know where I am. Much less pressure (all my own) on the weeks work schedule. My state of mind - the creative bit anyway - needs to be calm and 'free'.
On that note, I need to get on.

Bye for now

Hi again - did'nt get my photos done. I did complete a series of the batches from this weeks offer. I also set up new labels and bagged some stuff.However, Miss H senior is still waiting !! she does need some attention tomorrow. 
The new item for today is fabric hearts :Miss Mitchells Hearts. Some in red felt and some in linen. These hearts are filled with lavender - so will be pretty with a purpose.
Bye for now.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Could it be Mary Portas @ thepapersac ? second edition

Hi Everyone
today is a little damp but warner - I hope thats the end to very cold weather (fingers crossed - I know its a bit early).
I did'nt get any good photos last night - too dark. However, here are a few shots showing an element of progress - it was rather a frustrating afternoon yesterday - should have been OK but 'the state of mind was not there' ! Anyway .... another day today ! I worked on Miss H senior - here she is in two leg poses. I have a few more leg positions and am not sure which one to use ? My plan is to do a collage - side by side.Then choose.

There is more than a hint of Mary Portas (see below). I did't find a head to toe shot of Mary but she does have a 'movement/stance' like Miss H senior (or would have if she were not a few bits of paper) - this is just a coincidence and it only occurred to me after the doll had been placed on the background. Not sure what Mary would say ! I do like Mary and her style as well as her attitude. She has a great house too - seen it in magazines. Also like her Clarks shoe range. 'All in all' - the similarity with Miss H senior is a positive one.The yellow lace skirt will look great when it finished - it looks a bit wrong at the moment. The whole piece is quite a way from finished (obviously). Just thought I would make that clear.

Another update - 'the village'. Yet again - the photo is not the right way for viewing. I have tried (many times) to change this. Will try again. The orientation does not reflect well on my compositions.
The little individual houses have taken on a 'beech-like' feel - they are very similar to the house form I used for the Christmas Wood stuff (@ Christmas) but in more 'summer' colours. The wood was designed for Miss Haversham senior - but I think I will need another to use with this piece of work. My plan is to develop bunting to 'go with/attach to' the painting. I also feel the beech thing for the background would be good, not sure ?

The other village stuff (again wrong way up) has moved on slightly but not much. I think I need to concentrate on this work today.

Must go.
Bye for now.
Update :
Having committed to introducing a new item for the shops each day - I'm behind already (only 2 days in !).I do have a good reason !!! My entry for today is Butterfly Jewels - these are little butterfly embelishments which compliment the Miss Mitchell Prints and have been developed for a while but this new version use's handmade paper and does have a more 'cloth-like' feel to them. I hope they look more colourful too. Both today and yesterdays offer are yet to be photographed and put into the shop. I've had a slight rethink about the Miss Mitchell :I'm always here for you print (from yesterday). I want to add a frame and a hanging ribbon. - I've sourced just the right frame and am awaiting delivery. As a result of the re think I have also decided a new approach to my production and launch. I think, I will introduce an item each day Mon to Thurs and then Fri will upload to the shops. Its more efficient to do a batch and it will have more of an impact.On reflection, I should have done this before.

Bye again.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Miss Haversham is almost with us .........(second edition)

Hi Everyone
been quite a good weekend generally weatherwise - 'coldish' but bright and dry.
We have been busy as usual with family stuff but did manage a little development re Miss Haversham senior - she has some legs and a lace skirt fabric plus a top and jacket. The background is also 'under development' - only a white base at the moment but I have 'prepped' the wood.Will get a photo up later. Photo not so good will try again tomorrow.

After some feedback, I've added the last seven days worth of posts to the blog - this means there will be no long gaps on the page, after the days post. It will help continuity of story lines and give me a prompt for following up stuff. I hope its an improvement.

Not sure whats in store today ? - I think Miss Haversham at the moment deserves to be moved on. I need to mop up the village stuff and get my first daily item for the shops. This is a new thing for me today ie the daily shop item - so we will see how it goes. Although I give myself loads of extra pressure - the idea will focus my mind. Will report exactly whats involved later today with some photos. The first item will be a Miss Mitchell print - with a new message and will go into the shop tomorrow.
I have an idea about a frame and a hanging ribbon on this one !

Also, last week I added things to the blog  in a second edition update (in a different coloured text) - I quite like this feature so may do this from time to time. This links nicely with my point of adding stuff later. When I can't have everything ready for my morning post, I often leave it out - just because I don't have a photo to hand. Hopefully, an update option can again help with continuity and development of projects.

Must get on.

Bye for now.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Been 'drifting' !!

Hi Everyone
another bright day today - again rain could arrive at any minute ! However, its warmish and dry at the moment.

Not sure if you have noticed but I've just created a few extra items on the blog - a search facility (for the blog) and a 'popular' post link plus some extras on the bottom of the post - take a look, you can rate the post - as you see it !. I will give them a week or so. If they are just cluttering up the blog they may - go.

Am hoping to finish the 'bits' for Miss Haversham senior (legs and final patterns/fabrics) today as well as the village paintings - these little pictures are being ignored, no reason I can think of ? Having difficulty locating lace for the Miss Haversham skirt ! - may need to shop.

 I think I'm going to add an item each day to the shops and will use the blog to launch such items - I need to think about how to do this.My thinking at the moment is to take a similar style to my daily weather report. I always start with the weather - perhaps, I could finish with the new shop item. I'm doing this to help me identify appropriate and efficient working schedules (and not pure indulgence when the thought enters my very full head). I would like to focus my work a little more - so this is my solution. I'm not beating myself up as such - I have so little time for all the things I want to do but for about a month or so - I've been drifting ! Not always a bad thing but all things come to an end. I must be reallistic and this is my way forward.
All very serious - so here is a lovely image to finish. I love this expression and the whole idea is so inspirational. This lovely little thing is called Lola and is
made by Jenny M take a look at her work.

Bye for now

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Miss Havershams clothes (second edition)

Hi Everyone
weather very mild today but with a hint of rain ! - not yet but I'm taking my umberella.
Had a very lazy morning and a long shower - now ready to go.
I've done a sketch of the clothes for Miss Haversham (senior) and sorted the wood for the painting - will cut out the clothes later - not found my lace yet (dress/skirt - look back for details in yesterdays blog) but will do later. The idea for the backgroud is to be a version of a catwalk or large room - need to play with more ideas before deciding. Will take a picture of the bits when assembled later today and add to this blog.
Here is the promised assembled bits :  The clothing is just the pattern for cutting - I will use some patterned paper for the box jacket and will probably paint the top and I hope to make a mustard colour lace skirt - perhaps over a similar slip ? Not sure as yet
assembled bits

Am also hoping to get some of thepapersac village pictures together - I have a trio of mini paintings and am going to diplay as 'one larger picture' - I'm finding ways of linking them together - ribbons or string are my favoured idea at the moment. I need to adjust colours but they will look a little like this development picture with a third canvas using larger images of the houses.
thepapersac village development plans
 I'm hoping to get some more cards out using these paintings - I did a few recently but they are either sold or sent.
I have a planned series of dolls too - using the same trio idea - these will be linked with bigger flamboyant ribbons and will be possible to add personalised messages. My timeline for this is early next week  - will preview here before going into the shops.

Bye for now

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The 'make-over' of Miss Haversham (senior).

Hi Everyone
been a bit wet today - although warm and almost 'spring-like'. I've not been well again so did'nt get much further with my Miss Havershams. I have a new look face -
Miss Haversham senior

I've cut the older Miss H hair and she is altogether a much more modern version of my original idea. I've also seen a great dress from Marks and Spencer and am hoping to dress her in a similar dress plus some other ideas from their Limited Range. I love every item in their Limited Range as it appears on the website (take a look - great video and model pictures).Limited Range Link

The yellow dress is in 'lace'. I'm trying to find some actual lace to die a mustard/yellow colour. I also want to use a stripe,boxy top somehow - not sure exactly ? I do have a long, thin piece of wood for the final paining - it needs 'prepping' and a background but I like the idea of the outfit influencing the painting. Lets see how it goes.

I'm just adding the first sketches of the Miss Mitchells to show how she has changed. I changed the eye position and the nose and the hairstyle !! I may change the nose ? The second stage Miss haversham needs her left eye makeup re doing too.
first Miss Havershams
Thats about it for now. Bye.

Monday, 20 February 2012

The Miss Havershams

Hi Everyone
I've had a bit of a break - no blogs for over a week !
We had a family holiday last week - a weekend away in Harrogate followed by a series of long walks each day, closer to home.
The weather behaved itself all week and we had lovely bright days some cold but very fresh. I do feel as if I've had a good holiday. Often, as soon as I'm back home, it seems as if any holiday break is forgotten almost immediately - that I don't remember having it at all !!!
The weather today has been very mixed - quite mild, a little windy and some wet later !!!
It goes without saying, my work has suffered ( last week) but I've worked on a few paintings today.

to be know as the 'Miss Havershams'

I'm hoping to catch up this week with my Work Menu (this is a body of work broken down into a daily schedule). I've also been away from my computer all week but tried to catch up a little today. I've seen a video tutorial from Suzi Blu. This is always fantastic inspiration and she is a a true genius at work. Everytime I watch her video's she makes me believe I can do it too. Obviously, I can't actually but I am usually so captured that I do pick up a new skill element to try. Take a look and be transformed.
suzi blu.
I need to get my shops in order too. I was distracted by the Valentine thing and produced some stuff but its such a short time and now forgotten. I need to get my other things going. My range this year will have something like seven different themes. All the areas of work are in various stages of development so I need to prioritise. I think my next area will be getting the current paintings (above) up to scratch (the noses are way out). The paintings are quite large and are looking in the scary stage (just now). This will change quickly when the features are proportioned. Need to do this now. There is also a story behind these characters and a house to be part of thepapersac village (check back in my blogs for more on this).

Bye for now.

Friday, 10 February 2012

The Amazing Tricia Guild !

Hi Everybody
weather quite calm today but so very cold.

 Been busy again with reviewing and ideas. The Tricia Guild Book arrived yesterday and is as good as I thought it would be - loads of fabulous pictures and lovely colours - just my sort of combinations - bright pinks and blues etc
Back of Tricia Guild book

I was deilghted to notice a few of the room styles in the book are not a million miles away from my own rooms. The picture arrangements are also similar. These are a few of my paintings mixed in with some photos. I will be making adjustments after a few weeks of pouring through the new book.

thepapersac village painting developments
Also spent a bit of time developing thepapersac village. Still under development. One thing I have decided is that I will make some multi layered white/cream backgrounds and will vamp up the house colours. I need to take inspiration from my new book. Will share the results here.

Best get onto it right now.

Bye for now.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bursting with new ideas !!!

Hi Everyone
weather report = damp,grey and very cold with black ice - urgg ! Hope to stay in today.
 I spent a lovely hour or so last night browsing my usual haunts - its left me full even 'over full' of ideas and inspiration for new projects. I must be disciplined. However, here is a picture (Cousin Ivy) I'd like to share from :

The pictures Katherine Quinn paints are fab. - I've admired her work most days. She always manages to give lovely names which capture the image so well. Take a look at her blog - I have a button here on the left.

Cousin Ivy
I've also added several new ideas to my Work Menu - I now need a team of assistants to get it all done !
One thing that I have decided I will pursue - a little extra offer from thepapersac - some basic materials/resources which I think I will call 'bit and pieces @ thepapersac' or 'papersac elements' - not sure ? These items will be stuff that I use myself in developing my own work - possibly left over from projects or things which may allow buyers to add their own elements to items I have made. I like the idea of personalising items and think this is a way of encouraging people to do this ? I will focus myself on producing lovely packaging which can have a storage or gift use at some future stage. The packaging will be designed around my original ART. Again, I like the idea of re-using. This idea is under development as they say.

Am going to focus on thepapersac village today - preparations for a larger painting with lots of the little houses ie produced so far. If you look back a few weeks you will spot some of the little houses on this blog.

Also managed to get a few extra things in my shops. I've not updated Etsy for a while and need to get my products in there. Take a look at both shops.

In addition, I need to finish the Valentine Card for my own Valentine. I'm not going to put it up yet - someone may spot it !

Bye for now.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Valentine Cards - buy several for less

Hi Everyone
weather is fantastic again - clear, blue sky and very, very cold. Just right.

I've spent quite a while reviewing my work journal - looking from Jan 2012 (I have an entry each day which usually involves a work list or lots of ideas for work) to the present day and I now have a more directed work programme. This should be evident from my blog - progress pictures should show work done !!! - thats the plan.
My desk is currently a big mess - I need a whole new studio design. My idea is to chuck lots of rubbish and redign all storage and furniture. Its only a little room and I need to share it. I'm going to spend time thinking and planning and will also produce a picture for thepapersac village collection - I figure this will help me focus and feel like I'm not just wasting valuable creative time. I will do a before and after photo.
Been doing a bit of Pinterest too (try it) - you can see my stuff from the blog. Look for the Pinterest button.

Check out my valentine stuff - time running out to get your cards - why not send a couple - I'm offering a reduction for buying 2 or more cards.

Bye for now

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pinterest and thepapersac village

Hi Everyone
fab weather again - lovely bright sunshine and crispy cold ! A small drifting of snow still visible from my window.

Been busy with thepapersac village stuff - completed a few cards and tags and working on some notelets/postcards in different colours. I like the little writing space on the reverse of the tag. The envelope is a square pattern print (not especially visible in the photo). May do this to all my tags. Am still having trouble uploading in the right aspect - why does this happen ?

There is definately an air of the spring season about. I received an update on my favourite fashion site with their spring offer - lovely colours and fresh style (as usual) only wish I could buy the lot !TOAST - take a look and dream.

Rose Ring (repaired)
Pencil Jewels
original sophisticated look earrings
Have also come across loads of links (over the last few days) to coloured pencil jewellery. I mentioned on this blog a while ago - although, it looked much more sophisticated last time.

Here is a link to the tutorial for this version
: Tutorial

Still like the idea and its so simple.

Am wearing the Rose Ring again - repaired and has lasted about a week. I am careful with it and prepared for it to break at any moment = bit stressful !

Have also linked myself to the Pinterest mob - I was'nt sure what to do with it until yesterday but I get it now - great for inspiration and organising/finding brilliant images - take a look. My pins are linked from this blog page see the button.

Must get on.
Bye for now

Monday, 6 February 2012

Valentine and books have claimed my day !

Hi Everyone
weather a birt mixed today - lovely sunshine, cold but snow going already - must be warmer !! Does'nt feel it !
Had a bit of a lazy day today - coffee in Barter Books and browsing for books generally.
Also done a little work on a few more Valentine cards - can't resist - here is one of them. I have used a version of a previous painting - I'm going to add and develop but I think its quite a pretty card - I would like to receive it !

Not sure exactly what will develop yet ? Will share tomorrow.

Have also been looking for some silver earrings - have seen these in a Folsky Shop (Designed by Jemima Lumley) they are lovely. I lost a pair of silver earrings a few weeks ago and am now on a mission to find some more - even better than before.I've recently read a piece about Jemima on the Frankly - makes me want to make silver jewellery. Take a look.

Have seen a new book - by Tricia Guild - Here a is a picture below. Just as the title suggests - so inspirational ! May order now ? I did see one in Barter Books earlier - so I know whats inside.

Thats about it for today.
Bye for now

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Valentine Update

Hi Everyone
weather report today is SNOW and quite a covering from my seat here. Looks very pretty at the moment with blue sky's above.
Big News : I've just reduced a few cards in the Folksy Shop - I've only 6 cards left (2 designs)

Dotty Red Card and Tag

Love Art Card and Tag
and time is running out -  its getting quite close to Valentines day - you need to get organised. The quirky card design comes with a tag and a custom envelope. The package is only £3.50 - take a look.
Not sure whats in store for us today - we went for a walk and picnic soup yesterday - then the snow started so we headed back fom the hills and just made it before the majority of snow arrived.
I will probably move on with some of thepapersac village paintings - may have some photos tomorrow. Am also planning to make a Miss Mitchell doll and need to experiment with more fabric printing methods. I have the body sorted and the hair - its down to the face - do I simply paint it direct onto the fabric or do I print ? Big question.
Watch this space !

Bye for now

Friday, 3 February 2012

Miss Burtons New Home

Hi Everyone
another great day for clear sky's and sunshine - absolutely freezing too !

Miss Burtons House (on the right)
Miss Burton
Been busy giving my house some TLC - much more to do !!! Its taken most of the day - acquired another sofa too (for our main living space). Looks and feels great.
Also printed out another image for thepapersac village - its coming together and I think this house will belong to the Miss Burton's - here is the Miss Burton (senior) her sister is yet to be !
Have almost run out of the day now - its Friday relax time !!
Bye for now

Thursday, 2 February 2012

thepapersac village news

Hi Everybody
weather been great again today - cold but dry.
Finally managed to get a few cards
Dotty Red Collection

Love Art Collection
in the Folksy Shop today (go take a look- you can access the shop from this blog on the left). Also tried to clear my work spaces today ! - not there yet ! more to do on that one.
The two collections of cards have a similar structure but use two paper designs. The contrast in the papers does make the card look very different.
On another matter - I'm working on thepapersac village stuff at the moment and finding new ideas to include in my little village. I think, all the folk art dolls can all find a home @ papersac village - this opens up all kinds of new paintings - watch this space. Miss Mitchell and Miss Burton will be the first to find a home.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Valentine News

Hi Everyone
weather report is good for today - bright sunshine but cold.

Valentine Pack (tag, card and hand crafted envelope)
I've had a morning chatting with a friend so limited work done today - have reviewed my work plan and finished some Valentine cards - will be in the shops tomorrow or later this evening. They are all bagged and ready to go. Each card has a gift tag and a hand crafted envelope in the pack.

Am aiming to get a few extra Valentine things in the shop too - few hearts and a few little Gift Pockets.

More great news about Miss Mitchell - a second fabric line, so will be working on that - no pictures as yet. But an idea for a Miss Mitchell doll.

Also worked with the Home Sweet Home stuff and have another little house that looks great as a street. Will get that in the shop tomorrow too.

I feel I've mopped up a few little jobs today - the house is devastation !!! - needs tidying and cleaning ! fortunately can't think about that just now as we are all off the Cubs/Scouts - a Wed evening thing for us.

Bye for now