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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Think Folk Art and plans for chocolates at breakfast !

Hi anyone
been a mixed weather day - bright and fresh plus heavy downpour (only 5mins). Busy day for me with kids at home (no school re strike) - been battling to turn of computers/TV all day. Also had loads of orders to post - big thank you to everyone who has bought my stuff - its been the busiest year ever !
Am thinking (very quickly) about setting up our annual Advent thing ! - kids would like a tacky chocolate/paper thing but I am sticking to a more 'tasteful' approach - I have my Advent Tree Christmas Wood (sold the original but I have another) to dress each day and I'm going to make a whole display - will share my pictures later - will finalise after kids have gone to bed (they still like a surprise and the 'treat' of a cholcolate at breakfast is amazingly exciting to them).
Was not allowed to do any painting in the end !! - so there you are. Not sure what planet I am on sometimes.
On a more inspiring note - I was intrigued to see a Twitter about folk art. I often refer my work syle as folk art so I've been looking forward to finding out what the article was about. Its by Frankly (part of Folksy) and is really interesting. I am much inspired to draw some of the images from the article. Love the name of the place ie.Compton Verney. Take a look at the whole piece and be inspied too :

I love the big key and the general simple lines/qualities.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Am I allowed to paint - tomorrow ?

Hi anyone
been so busy today - its 8.30pm and I'm only just in from a day working out of my studio. Am exausted. Not noticed the weather all day but at times its been very dark and rainy - we needed to put lights on most of the afternoon.
Still, a productive day with lots of new ideas and projects lined up. I have been thinking about all the books I'm currently involved with and behind with too ! - Tomorrow will need to be a review day.
Thank you too a very kind person from Belgium (best not name her - I've not asked her permission) who bought some of my tags in the Etsy Shop - she has left such a lovely comment - its made my day.
I'm also going to start dressing my advent tree on Thursday and have my first idea already - will share the picture when I add to the tree.
I'd rather like to spend the whole day tomorrow painting but I feel its not going to work as the teachers are on strike and the kids will need entertaining ! - at one time, I could persuade them to paint along but not anymore ! Both boys like drawing and painting (unless there is an electronic game to play) but they dont like me to 'zone out' and draw myself - will have to sneak an hour or so, if I can. Will I be allowed to paint tomorrow ? - will let you know.
On a rather sad note - I've justy been reading about Suzi Blu and the recent death of her father. She has been such an inspiration to me and ulimately convinced me to be 'an artist'. Go and take a look at her blog and leave a comment..Suzi blog

Bye for now

Monday, 28 November 2011

Its Day 12 - what next ?

Hi anyone
weather Ok today - bit colder and slightly damp but great day for photographs !
Its finally Day 12 of the prep for christmas @ thepapersac - can't believe its here already. Today its a christmas tree . I've used a wooden blank created by Richard fom his wood stash (totally upcycled from an old chair which collapsed - with my brother on it !!!-last year - on Christmas Day, as it happens). I've given the tree blank a Christmas Wood Collection makeover but it could be dressed in anything.
my tree with some of the other Christmas Wood stuff
 Here is the tree with some other items in the collection - I've painted the tree blank white and have added a few images from the Christmas Wood on the front and around the base.

The little numbers for the countdown into December are held on with small hooks and are deep enough to hold all the numbers which I will change around each day as I add more bits to dress my tree.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet - I will just look each day and get inspiration. Its going to be a little 'delight' for me each day. May also treat myself with a coffee/snack time to do this mid morning ?
my countdown numbers

 The covered edge of the base with merry christmas greetings is just visible here. Its a subtle decoration which works well for now and will take further decoration later on .
quite a 'chunky tree'
I'm going to dress the tree up a bit more each day leading up to Christmas - so it will be my own little 'advent calendar'. Will share as I go.

this is the blank wooden picture

here is the tool with empty lists just waiting to be written on
I still don't have any comments to make my draw of the List It Tool. Not sure what to do now ? - there are a few more days to go - I did say I would draw the lucky name on the 1st December - so I will just wait. Here is the tool again.

Bye for now.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas Crackers day 11

Hi anyone
 weather report today is mixed up with my view after standing on the rugby pitch for 2 hours. From inside a warm house the weather was great or even a reasonable walk would have said - lovely day bright sunshine and a bit breezy. But after the 2 hours standing in the ' breeze' - the  wind chill factor made it rather cold and my feet (several hours later) have just recovered. So, make of that what you will !!

simple white cracker
 Today is Day 11 of the prep for christmas @ thepapersac project and its a christmas cracker. 

Christmas Wood image
 The cracker design is in simple white card  using the Christmas Wood image and tied with white paper string.
The cracker snaps as usual and has some tissue wrapped chocolate sweets inside. I also have a little joke and a hat in there.
I think, I will make some larger crackers for our christmas table and will choose some personal gifts. This will determine the size of each
 I quite like the idea of having a different range of sizes to keep everyone guessing abourt the contents.

Thats it for today.
Bye for now.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Thank You time ? day 10

Hi anyone
today its a bit windy with the potential for rain ? - its quite dark in the sky with amazing bits of very bright sunshine ! - lovely to look out at - not sure if it good to be out in !!
Notelet is A4 size
Its DAY 10  in the prep for christmas @ thepapersac project - not many days left ! The item for today is a 'Thank You Notelet + Envelope'.
I know its a bit early to be thinking 'thanks you's', but its the kind of thing that gets delayed and sometimes forgotten until too late.
So, what better than having just the right thing on hand to get those messages written and posted early - perhaps, between Christmas and the New Year. You will feel very smug - I am already.
3 notelets and envelope per pack

 There are 3 notelets in each pack - each with a handcrafted envelope using the Christmas Wood Collection images. The notelets/envelopes are in crisp white card and have that lovely 'quality' feel to handling them.
mini circle closure on the envelope
small Christmas Wood image on the bottom left of the envelope
close up version of the bottom of the envelope
mini circle closure on the folded notelet

Not sure what else is in store for today - weekends are family time generally and everything else goes. So. probably be juggling life.

Bye for now.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Christmas Bells that jingle ! on Day 9

Hi anyone

 Its almost raining - very dull and grey - still 'warmish' outside - although, I've just taken the pictures here for Day 9 of Prep for Christmas @ thepapersac and its so sunny ?

sunny look to a very dull day 5 mins later !
Day 9 is  a Christmas Jingle Bells Garland of six bells. Each bell is made from card and has the Christmas Wood Collection images on them, they also contain a mini bell which does ring. The garland is hung on white paper string. As I was hanging the garland the breeze took the string and there was a lovely jingle going on !!
Here is the garland above - together with other items in the Christmas Wood Collection.
another less cluttered arrangement of the wall display

 Can't quite believe the date - almost December and almost the end of this little project 12 days of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac. I'm hoping to get all the items (so far) in the shops asap. Don't want to spoil the surprise of the next 3 days as some items will apprear as a combination package - hence the delay.
inside the little bells is a jingle bell

each bell with the Christmas Wood image

Not sure where to hang the bells - I clearly need several garlands for impact.

We got our first Christmas card yesterday !!! - its always from our friends Claire and Ryan - they are always the first ! I tend to be a little later, however, this christmas prep project has allowed me to literally get 'prepped' - so it does work as a prompt. Will definitely do it again.

Bye for now.

PS - still no takers for the List It Tool draw ? - look back to previous posts for details, if you would like to win.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Day 8 and a bit of a hiccup !!!

Hi anyone
its a lovely bright day now - was a bit dull and damp earlier but the suns out and it interfering with my photos again ! (not complaining). I had thought this morning - what a great day for photos - its a measure of how far I've come in the photography stakes !! - a way to go obviously but ....................... one day ! even without a proper camera.

 Its Day 8 and today we have a Gift Voucher Card.
Again, I'm using the Christmas Wood Collection you can see some of the other items in the background.
 The voucher card is hand finished with extra stars and glitter dust and has the little house image on both back and front.
 Inside the card, I've put a papersac shop voucher (this could buy you a commission) to illustrate but the card will take any standard size voucher or bank note or anything else which would lie flat inside the card.
mini tag attached to the card
 I have attached a little tag to personalise the card with a special message.
 Each card has a handcrafted envelope made specifically for this card - this is a favourite of mine ie the handcrafted card with images reflecting the cards inside. I love this idea and anyone who knows thepapersac will recognise this signature thing about thepapersac. I've always liked the idea of the heavier envelope landing on the mat and being very different from most other envelopes in terms of the 'feel'. A minor thing, but I see it as part of the luxury of a handcrafted card. Its very easy to make these individual envelopes- I think it makes receiving the package such a special experience.
voucher card plus the handcrafdted envelope
 I also spent some time yesterday,developing the new Russian Christmas theme - thought it was OK last night but not so sure now, will look again after lunch and decide what to do.  A while ago, I would have been hugely disappointed in this realisation. However, its quite a positive lesson in working through these 'hiccups' - I know, I can change it, so I'm reinforcing my ability to assess what I'm trying to do - quite an enpowering experience - I'l keep that with me for the whole day - hugely uplifting.

Bye for now

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Russian Christmas and Day 7

Hi anyone
just listening to the weather on the radio - it tells me its not good - not so bad here at the moment and my pictures of Day 7 of christmas prep @ thepapersac show its not bad for Nov - bit damp and very cloudy.
few items from the Christmas Wood range

front of the bag

Day 7 item is a decorated gift bag - using the Christmas Wood artwork. Here it is. Both sides of the white bag are decorated with snowflakes and the little house image. Not so clear on the photos but there is glitter dust too.
The bag comes with a tag from Day 2 and tissue paper (blue).

back of the bag

close up of the little house artwork

I'm going to put a few items with the bag and call it a wrap collection - so each wrap collection will contain a bag, tissue,tag and a small gift pocket. They will be available in the shop. You can see my shops via the link on the left (top of the blog area).
I 've also been working on the alternative christmas theme @ thepapersac. I have a name, I'm going to call it 'A Russian Christmas' - this will be my very own take on the idea of a Russian christmas and inspired by images rather than authentic ! (no complaints please)
 I have spent some time working  in Russia and remember the rich and colourful items I came across especially the glass baubles. I'm working on getting quite a big display of items for my own decorations and wil keep adding - will post my pictures to share. Here is a second phase of the List It Tool in the Russian theme.
 I'm going to hang the little star's on the bottom of the tool {am waiting for some tiny hooks to do this}.
Will add some more bling to the house and some jewels around the images. Am quite pleased so far.

The paper trees and large snowflake are die cut from a thick flock gift wrap paper - its lovely and fits the job well. Its from Paperchase (love their stuff generally).

Another reminder to post a comment - you could win the List It Tool in a Christmas Wood Theme - there is one in the shop too but this one is free if you come out of the draw - go on have a go. Someone must win !

Bye for now

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Miss Mitchel is here at last and its Day 6

Hi anyone
I think the weather has finally 'turned' - its quite cold today and damp - very dull. Never mind, have been developing a few new things to brighten up my world - its Day  ? (I've quite forgotten which prep day it is ! must read back and keep up !) I think - Day 6 (will double check in a moment - I'm too prepared !! with items ready to share). Day 6 it is ! I have the next item here now.

 It's a bauble for the tree or any other thing you want to hang it on. It has a mini snowflake on each of the 3 sides - looks a bit too early for Christmas with my garden in the background. Again. I'm using the Christmas Wood art for inspiration
tree bauble
snowflake base
new artwork - need a name ?
The little house is a triangle shape and its got a snow like base (embossed with snowflakes) I love it - it just does'nt really enhance my room. I have decided its either a new re vamp of my rooms downstairs or another colour/design for the decorations ! -  Yes, after a short time thinking (really)-  its the other design !!!!. Its been a struggle to get this one right - I think, its because I do genuinely like the Christmas Wood - I did consider doing the Christmas Wood in other colours using the same design (may still give it a go) but in the end I think I've come up with something - will keep working on it but will give you a peek as it is right now see left - I need to get some orange and pink in there and I like the more traditional tree design (the tree on the right) - will be working on this today so should have it sorted and ready to display this evening.

the amazing Miss Mitchel
Another truly amazing thing has just happened, literally just via the post - Miss Mitchell is back - this time on fabric. Can't explain how wonderful this is. Miss Mitchell was my first ever folkart doll and is very special to me. She is available to buy on fabric - should anyone wish ? Will find out how and where from later today. Here she is - just as she arrived - straight from the packet. I placed my foot on the fabric to show the scale. This has made my day - thank you Spoonflower for making this happen.

Bye for now
PS look back a few days for more pictures/info re:  the List It Tool draw

Monday, 21 November 2011

Light up your Christmas House ! Day 5

Hi anyone
its a damp day today - very dull but improving - bit colder but must add - mild for November !
The light show I mentioned yesterday was fantastic - lovely display of magical lighting in the forest with lots of people milling around with torches. The very tall trees and sounds (some music) made the whole experience something very special. The sky was clear so the lights were very bright too. I did get some pictures but they need a bit of work so will get something up in the next few days when I've tidied them up.

Today is Day 5 of christmas prep @thepapersac - today we have a tealight cover - this is something using the Christmas Wood images - the little house in the wood.

 I've made it into a cover for the tealight (to sit inside) - it will be much better at night so will try and get a picture this evening.
I've lit the tealight in the pictures and am aiming to have quite a few in a row (for impact). I love them and they have turned out well. will get some in the shop asap.

I've also managed to have coffee with my friend Andrea this morning - lovely catch up chat and lots of goodies that she brought back (for me) from the States - love having surprises - they are all lovely and am planning how to use them.

The only thing left to do today is to remind everyone to leave a comment to win the LIST IT TOOL. All you need to do is read  down to the end of todays blog and see comment (highlighted just below) click on it and leave your message - if you have nothing in particular to say - just put 'I want to win the tool' and that's it - it could be yours. Here it is again - above.

Bye for now

Sunday, 20 November 2011

AMAZING - its Day 4 !!! the Christmas Wood

Hi anyone
its Day 4 already - scary ........ !
Day 4 is a card using the Christmas wood design (just been calling it the wood so thats it - got a name in the end.

Another busy day - weekends are so difficult to work because of family things - much too important to miss out - so there it is !!

Here is the Day 4 card - using the Christmas Wood idea and building a little detail with glitter dust and a simple bunting idea - inside the card is lined in white with a few of the same images and plenty of space top write the message.

I'm going to make quite a few of these and customise with family names of people they will go to.

inside the card

on the back

seen with a few of the other items in the range

We are going to a Light Show in the wood this evening - will share the experience tomorrow but it sounds very exciting - will try and get some pics. Hope to get some ideas for adding to my Christmas Wood range.

Bye for now.