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Monday, 30 September 2013

Gilding stuff

Hi everyone
The weather today is rather 'up in the air' - not sure what will turn out. It's not cold but very cloudy. We had a lovely couple of days over the weekend with plenty of warm sunshine. Maybe the sun will turn out again today ?
This week, I'm concentrating on getting some of my jewels ready for sale. The packaging keeps changing in my plans - today I'd the day for decisions. I have a few kits to roll out and Ive been experimenting with Fimo again. I also need to go and get my son a large art folder for his school art work so am off to Hobbycraft. This is a dangerous trip, so much paint, lots of lovely pencils, paper etc to temp me into spending too much money. What a treat.
I think I want to develop my Fimo experiments with some gilding. This (gilding) is quite new to me, so I'm not sure what will turn out. I think my shopping trip may also give me some new ideas too. Will share my stash tomorrow. I'm continually inspired by lots of examples of Fimo jewellery, there are some very talented people out there producing wonderful stuff. My favourite of the moment is this ring

I particularly like the chunky style and the paint effect with the almost rough cut surface. I would like to achieve something like this one. It's lots harder than it looks ie getting the flat cut at different angles without damaging the overall shape. I'm determined to get there - with some earrings in a similar style. I like the idea of adding some silver gilding to my version.
Must get on.
Bye for today.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

It's all a matter of taste !

Hi everyone
My weather had improved lots over the last two days but today is a bit dull and it could rain any minute ! Makes me feel so good when the sun shines, I'm hoping things improve later.

Today is the Big Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan (almost everywhere). I had lots of invitations for several events, however, I'm involved in our school thing. Good luck to all those hosting these important fundraising events.

I managed a few more items for the Only Blue jewellery range yesterday and a few more experiments with the polymer rings. It's slow going but I'm finding some reasonable techniques for what I want to do. I think my main objective is to create a 'casual' approach to a traditional stone set ring, ie the usual kind of ring design that would be used in conservative good quality stuff. My casual (very casual) is about mimicking the idea in an obvious way - non metal and over sized with non precious stones. I'm getting a bit of a 'Flintstones' look - this is OK. I want to set little beads or bits of beads into the polymer and perhaps add some gilding - these materials will be my 'precious' element. I like the idea of having a unique item which is just a little 'odd' without being too silly. It's all a matter of taste, of course !
Anyway, here is a quick look at progress to date. I have six rings in all.

I'm going to bake them tomorrow and then add more clay as well as my pretend diamonds. All these rings are made to fit me, if (or rather when) they work out I will have a whole new collection. Brilliant.

That's about it for today. Have a great weekend.

Bye for now

Rings and things

Hi everyone
Weather is great today ! I need to mentally prepare for winter - gradually !!!
However, no problem just now......... and it's just a state of mind and appropriate clothing !

It's Thursday already and I can't remember where my week has gone ? I'm working on my jewellery and specifically a ring. Ive seen a great design and am working on a way to produce a quality version. Easier said than done. I've been inspired recently by these versions.

I love the chunky nature and the colours. My initial methods are going OK but hugely time consuming and not as perfect as I want them. So I'm onto plan D. I will get there. Keep calling in to see how I go.

Ive also done a second Santa figure. This one is a bit more 'playful' and cartoon-like.

He needs more work but I like the shape. His features are not there and the right foot is a bit odd. Will work on him for a few days.

More 'Only Blue' jewellery under development. I'm keen to sell some stuff in the shops but so far it keeps being sold before it gets there ! I'm increasing production to meet the market so hopefully next week should see some stuff in there.

Must get on.

Bye for today.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

'Only Blue' - everyday jewellery @ thepapersac

Hi everyone
I think the weather has definitely 'turned' - quite a damp and dreary day today. It's quite warm, so that's a bonus.

I'm moving on quite quickly with my 'everyday jewellery' stuff, I need a catchy name ? will work on that today. I hope to have 5 prototype bits by the end of the week so will just keep going. I spent a little time on some packaging too and have an idea to link packaging with each range. Each piece will have their own little image. The first one is a feather. Here is a look at the first draft. This one is a blue range.

I will get a prototype of the packaging completed either today or tomorrow.

I have also developed one of the polymer rings from a few days ago. I wanted to add a bit of bling.

I need to bake it but it looks good on the finger. However, I can't get an image and take the photo on my finger (by myself). Will share when I have someone else here to be the photographer. I think I will add some silver gilt too.

I also managed to get some backgrounds started for a range of cards. There is more work to be done but this is the stage for uploading prints on this process. I like to develop digital layers.

This will develop into several cards and act as some packaging too. I have some prepared Santa images so will blend the two.

Generally, work is going well this week.

Bye for today.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kits - 'under development'

Hi everyone
What a different day today - a dull and very grey day, so far !! I'm a bit disappointed - I thought we may get another lovely day. I'm not totally convinced the sun has gone. I'm hoping the sky will clear in an hour !

Today, I'm back to my work list. I've been prepping for some Christmas stuff. Ive got some card kits going on and Ive developed a range of images for printing. Will share them here tomorrow.

My main job today is a collection of jewellery and jewellery kits using simple small beads and some of my own polymer creations. I hope to have a bracelet, necklace, earrings and possibly a ring per collection. I'm starting with a blue colour range. My idea will follow a written/picture plan for each collection and will be based on an actual outfit. To start with, I will use my outfits but I hope to get volunteers later. The central concept is to develop simple, inexpensive jewellery pieces which can be made by most people. Each collection will be available in kit form as well as finished pieces. The skills required to make the pieces, hopefully, will develop and extend as I go. I think the main thing is 'attention to detail'. This means making sure colours work together, fastenings are neat and secure and that the piece is wearable as well as durable.

Beads are widely available and so varied that imagination is the only limit. However, I often find that simple and rather plain beads make the best everyday jewellery. If there is too much going on, for me, jewellery doesn't get worn. My reason for basing a collection on an outfit will help guide me against this. I hope to compliment the outfit as well as enjoy wearing the jewellery. I wear jewellery almost every day and love choosing which pieces to wear. I like to see my own collection as a whole so storage too is quite important to me. My current store and display is OK but I'm going to explore additional ideas which will be included in my work. Eventually, all this will find its way into a publication. I'm quite excited and can't wait to get going.

Just to get an idea of the sort of thing I'm talking about. Here is a little peak at part of the first range which Ive developed.

Ive worn this bracelet for a few weeks now and it works really well. It looks very simple and it is but it illustrates my point well. I love it and am pleased that I'm able to find so many outfits which seem to work with it too.

That's it for today.

Bye for now.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Back from Summer Holidays (eventually). !!

Hi everyone
An amazing day - warm and sunny. This is a lovely surprise - I love warm sunshine.

Thank you everyone for sending me lovely messages asking where I am and when will my blog be back. Well, here I am. I've taken an extended ........... holiday !!! AND Ive been working on lots of orders. I had a lovely summer and weather like today brings it all back.

Ive got a whole new work regime going on here. I have a range of jewellery as well as some stuff created for our home. These two areas of work will be the focus of my time for quite a while and I will be writing about what I'm doing. There will be a book based on the home things. This new idea was born out of 'The Project' project (which has been used for a few mag articles). My nice new studio is not very nice anymore - lots of further development to accommodate additional materials etc. However, it's following the plan and will be OK eventually. Photos will follow - when it looks great. I'm planning on 'making over' various rooms in our home. Each room will follow The Project plan and I'm hoping the whole house will benefit.

The jewellery thing is a range of simple, easy to wear stuff which is designed around casual, 'everyday' style. I will use my own wardrobe as a starting point for each range - I'm already thinking about little additions ! The idea is about simple, easy to make things. Some kits will be available too.

More exciting news - a new base/centre for actual 'real life' classes. All of my little examples shown on here will be available in kit form or classes or both. I think there will be some drop in options and some more supported classes. Can't wait for the building to be sorted. I will flag up all the information here when we have times/dates and pictures of this new place.

Just to prove Ive been doing things - here are a few photo's of some polymer clay rings - under development.

Eventually, these rings will have some 'bling' - they need some more attention re shape too. They are part of a collection - so more elements exist. I hope to keep experimenting in my spare time but generally it's down to scheduled work with NO distractions
(I'm under orders !)

Great to be back.

Bye for now.