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Friday, 18 February 2011

Thought for today

Hi anyone ... just a quick thought for today :
this is in relation to the FROM SCRATCH project (read last few postings) - I'm really interested in recording/analysing how my methodology and skills change over time - A whole year seems a life time away. The scary reality is, it will be here in no time !
Apart from painting which will be commented on later (needs to be the end of my day to give a daily review)- I've been looking in on London fashion Week - Vivienne Westwood - loads of inspiration and so 'edgy' without being shocking or unwearable - loved it all. Why the face paint on the models ? I like it but ? .. If I could I would have provided a link so you could see. Its a total blank in my technology brain - ie how to provide this link. Must learn asap.
Bye for now

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Chromophobia Ms Miller

Hi all, have a peek at the progress of my Big Project (called FROM SCRATCH). I will now simply refer to it as 'FROM SCRATCH', if I dont make this stand, I can see me forever explaining the title of the work.... So, here are a few images of the work (about a week ago) and things are moving on. Perhaps, a bit of background about the piece of work would be good here :
FROM SCRATCH will be going all year and this picture is the first in a series of twelve, one per month. Each picture represents a calendar month, so this one (the first) is January. I aim to exhibit all twelve pictures as one single piece although each will have a story to tell. The January picture will be called ; 'Chromophobia Ms.Miller'.
I do a bit of art each day - some days appear to be more significant but all are important - I'm going to try and use the blog to develop the daily thoughts/notes I have about the process (plans, ideas,arty techniques, research etc). I also hope to reveal the ideas behind the project bit by bit. That way it will evolve organically. I do have a detailed plan but it needs to be flexible and I'm up for change if the pictures are telling me to go in different directions. Until now ie from 1/1/11, I've written my stuff in a 'From Scratch Journal' but will also aim to blog as well.
See you tomorrow.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Stuff @thepapersac

Take a look - let me know what you think !


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Valentine Card

Hi anyone
just a quick look at a card for my husband - its a replica (small) of a wall hanging in our house - see the picture.I like the simple look in most cards - I always seem to go with the brown paper/string approach. I quite like it ! Hope he does - hope he remembers the day !

Other news : I've also created loads of extra work by changing my Etsy shop - the name was never quite there - not sure what I did when setting up -anyway its now firmly thepapersac - this is the name I've had for some time and locally have lots of customers. I now need to restock the shop !! - almost there.I am planning a range of marketing ideas - I have high hopes.

Also done lots of work/research on the Big Idea thing. Am really excited with Etsy UK - links with more fab and talented people. Take a look at their work.

Bye for now

Friday, 4 February 2011

Stuff in the shop

Hi anyone
I've eventually got some things in the shop 'Gillmi59' on Etsy - not quite as catchy as I had planned but ? who knows there maybe an opportunity there to be extra
creative ??
All the current stuff is based on the Mis Mitchell range but I do have another few collections so will roll them out gradually. Here are some pics of the things I have posted.
Must get on with painting. Will show you next time x

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Shop Launch

Hi anyone
much work going on and no time to share it !! Lost momentum again ! Its so hard to get a routine at the moment - I'm working on the process .......

Anyway - I'm at the point where I can get some stuff in the shop (on Etsy) - having done the art, jewels and stationary production and don't forget the packaging. I find getting pictures and packaging the time consuming bit - hope it gets easier. These are some snaps of my efforts - not brilliant but I will get there.

Next is the development of the Big Idea thing - I'm calling it FROM SCRATCH - lots of other things chucked into the decision but eventually that what I'm going to use.
I've almost done Jan so only a few days behind - my aim is to get Feb done too by end of the month. I have the basic doll image and some of the prototype processes for development each month. We will see how they go.
Have a look at the basic doll outline - I've already jotted over the origonal so hopefully all dolls will look different. I'm not sure if I have detailed my plans yet. Will read back and check - otherwisw none of this makes sense !!

Bye for today