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Friday, 30 November 2012

Last day - it's Day 12 - a CHRISTMAS BAUBLE

Hi Everyone
It's a very cold day today - a very 'winter' look to the world - the bit outside my window !
It's also our last day of Christmas Prep@ thepapersac - the project today is a BAUBLE. As with the theme for this year, it's using out little 'papersac Angel'.

Here she is in the first photo - the tree needs to be a 'real one' rather than my little wooden table tree but you get the idea. I've tried to keep the construction simple and the only 'tricky' bit is cutting out the image of the angel. A simple square or free form shape would be very easy. I plan to make a range of these baubles to dress a second house tree and will explore different shapes. Boxes etc. are very quick. As usual, I'm after 'quick build' techniques for busy people ie me !
I have a series of photos to show my construction.

I started with a print out of three images and cut them out. This size is approximately 11cm tall and works well with this image - it's a matter of trying out a range for whichever image is used. I suggest, doing a quick outline sketch to gauge size.

The next move is to construct a 3D item and Ive used a triangle card shape to stick each angel. I also needed a way to hang my thread so my triangle idea seemed to work.

I've trimmed a circle shape to stick on the triangle and punched a few holes into the circle before threading with red embroidery cotton (before sticking onto the triangle)

To punch the holes, I've used something called a 'Clikit' tool - it's a great thing for punching holes in lots of materials. You can see the range of hole sizes in the box. There's a special punch for doing 2 mini holes at once. I used this one as you see.

I inked (roughly) the angel edges and stuck them onto each side of the triangle. The triangle now forms a solid centre for the bauble and gives the light card angels an element of strength.

There you go. That's it. All 12 Days of Christmas Prep done. I am using ALL my project items over the next month and hope you have been inspired to make your own versions.
If you have - please leave a picture either here or on the Facebook page. I would love to see any examples. I'm planning to create a 12 Days display to show all the items together next week.

It's also Friday - yet another week gone by !!! I'm off to my crochet workshop tomorrow and today I'm doing some volunteer work. This weekend, I'm planning to have a bit of an organisation weekend. I want to get my house sorted and ready to take Christmas decorations. I may even get some Christmas songs going to set the Excitement going. I'm hoping to be a little better organised ( I always say this). I've done a little Christmas shopping online but need to check my lists. There will be lots more to do. I'm OK, I think - its only just December tomorrow.

Have a great weekend - I'll be back on Monday.

Bye for now.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Day 11 - STAR GARLANDS to make.

Hi Everyone
A very 'frosty' day and very low sunshine, early in the morning. It's a lovely view from my window. Glad I'm indoors !!
Today is Day 11 - the penultimate day of Christmas Prep@ thepapersac. It's a STAR GARLAND.

This little garland is approximately 120cm long and my plans are to have several linked to cover (subtlety) a number of large windows in our house and frame a display on a 'side serving' table for Christmas. I will also dress my table for a little Christmas Lunch I'm having for a few close friends, in a few weeks. Will take some photos and share.
To make the garland, I've cut out some stars from a sheet of good quality wrapping paper - this paper has a 'cloth-like' feel and holds the shape well. Each garland section (120cm) has 8 stars and each star needs a front and back. I've used paper string in white to form the garland. One end is simply tied to make a loop and the other will link with a star to increase the length. When I'm happy with the final size, I will add another loop to finish and allow for hanging. The photos show the detail.

My stars are 'sandwiched' together with the string. This is a very simple and quick way to produce a stylish garland. The specific paper used, defines the style of the garland - so lots of variety in this very simple make. To make a real impact, lots of garlands are needed. I will use up a single sheet of standard wrapping paper and a real of paper string.

My materials came from Paperchase and IKEA.

Other jobs for me today are cooking my Christmas cake, it takes forever on a very low heat. I'm looking forward to the lovely smells which will fill the house for a week.

I'm also planning to do a little crochet practice for a workshop on Sat. I'm so looking forward to the event. Will share what I achieve after the weekend.

More Christmas cards to make and even more tags to send off. Thank you to everyone for their custom this year.

Must get on.

Bye for today.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Day 10 - Party Invites to make.

Hi Everyone
Another 'quiet' day re weather. Some blue sky peeping through but clouds are racing across the horizon. Anything could happen !

Today is Day 10 - my offer today is a PARTY INVITE. This item is slightly different from the previous days and the point of the exercise is to do with creativity and recycling things. I'm passionate about 're using' in creative work. When I succeed with a re cycled project, it give me so much satisfaction and pleasure (I obviously need to get out more !).
Each item in the Christmas Prep project has produced a range of printed and or developed crafting elements. My Party Invite, has taken 'left over's' from the individual projects and made them into something pretty and useful.
The Invite is essentially a small folded card but as you can see its using all the embellishments already used for the previous days prep. items.

My plan is to make 10 of these cards - the main messages will stay the same - these are simply printed out on my pc. The cards themselves will take the form of any leftover paper/card and will be unique in their construction.
The example shown here started life with two single pieces of paper left over from the Gift Voucher ( day 7) I had tested a print using plain printer paper before using card for the final voucher version. The print was not the right way up so I needed to find a way of linking the printed images on 'the fold'. If you look at the top of the invite you can see my solution.

You can see a couple of photos showing front and back. I've used the red 'lace' embellishment to draw attention away from the plain white joint and give a slightly 'luxurious' feel to the invite. I've added stars to give a bit of bling - always good at Christmas or parties.

The back of the invite will be as good as the front. I like to think the recipients will be pleased to display their invite until the day of my party.
Hope you like the idea of the project.

I'm doing some volunteering at our school today so must get to it. I may have time for a little crochet later.

Bye for today.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Day 9 - make a 'pillow box' today

Hi Everyone
A mixed weather day - it looks like it will rain but its quite mild.

It's Day 9 today on our Christmas Prep. And today's offer is another little box for jewellery or small gifts. This time it's a 'pillow box'.

I've made two versions of the standard box and decorated them with stickers from day 5 and made additional small tags from the stickers batch.
The pillow box shapes are made (in my version here) with a sizzix die but you could easily cut out the shapes and vary the size. If you cut them out you would need to score the end flaps to bend over for closure.
I've taken a few photos to show the development.

My flat box shape is printed in sheet music and the die itself, cuts some little tags as extra 'cut outs'.The cutting mat on the photo shows the size I've used. If you would like a flat sample - email me and I will send one. I will just ask you pay for post & packing. There are many templates out there on craft sites if you look.
The gold 'sticks' in the centre of the photo are thin bits of corrugated gold card - I've used these to embellish the box. I've also used a section of the angels print - again as a decoration for the box. I've simply tied the papers around the box and trimmed with another sticker. The other box is decorated with yet more stickers and some twine. I've added a little tag to this box.
I love these boxes they are so simple to make and can be decorated to compliment any style.
Hope you are inspired to make a few for your own Christmas wrapping.

I've not done very much creating this week. Christmas, as usual generates lots of extra work - much of it , last minute stuff - each day Ive had extra orders. Thank you to everyone ordering my stuff.

I did get some lovely wool in the post. Here it is. The idea is that these little bits are samples for colour ordering but my idea is to use them for making a crochet broach. You may remember me sharing a design idea a few weeks ago.

I must give a mention to 'crochet' here, ie the broach link. Here is that broach.

I've not mentioned 'crochet' for at least a week ! The new wool is also destined for a forthcoming little crochet workshop next weekend. I'm really looking forward to the event. I may get some photos.

Must get on a deal with a few more orders AND get online to order my Christmas.

Bye for today.

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Monday, 26 November 2012

Day 8 and its Gift Pockets

Hi Everyone
Lots of rain and stormy weather today. Glad I'm not out there ! I'm settling into making things and drinking lots of coffee. I will have to do some house stuff at some point but I can ignore it all for a little longer.
Today is Day 8 of our Christmas prep here @ thepapersac. It's CHRISTMAS GIFT POCKETS. I have these little paper pockets all year but Ive used the angel again as my image to make the pockets 'christmassy'? I've also added a second option to the closure.
Here are a few photos of the process. As usual it's very simple process and starts with a print of the images to be used. My page here is a standard A4 size. I use regular printer paper, I find the weight of this paper much better for the size of the pockets. If you need a stronger package, you will need to increase the weight of the paper, light card is good. However, I suggest you make up a 'mock up' paper version and you will be surprised how good the paper works.

Trim the A4 images and glue into a 'roll'.

Flatten the bottom of the roll and glue, this forms a simple packet. The photo shows some Merry Christmas messages printed to fit the bottom of the pocket.

I've added a little tag by making two small holes in the open end of the packet. I'v also used a simple sticker (day 5) to make a closure. This gives another very simple way of sealing the pocket.

I've also added a little sticker to my pocket as well as a Merry Christmas message to both sides of the pocket - at the base of the pocket, with some mini gold stars (the stars make the pocket sparkle).
Hope you like the idea. It's a very quick and simple way of making a small packet for things like jewellery of small items. The size of the pocket can easily be changed to make a much larger or smaller pocket. I tend to wrap gifts in tissue and then place into the pockets, this gives a luxury feel and looks great hanging on a tree.
Another lovely thing arrived in the post today

This is how it came out of the packaging - it's a clasp for making a purse or small bag. I've been thinking about making one of these for ages. I think this one will be a gift but I quite fancy one myself. Lets see how it turns out.
Must go and do things.
Bye for today.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Day 7 - make a GIFT VOUCHER CARD

Hi Everyone
Not the brightest day - it's been raining but mild.

Today, is Day 7 and I have a GIFT CARD. My version here has one of my papersac vouchers but any voucher or notes (£) could be put in the voucher case. Like yesterday's tags the production and process is very simple. I've put a few photos together to show how I've used the images and prepared the voucher card. The only thing that needs a bit of attention is the orientation of each fold. To a point, it doesn't matter but I feel it looks/works better if each message is the 'right way up' and the front of the voucher is obvious.
I've used the angels image again (to keep with my theme) but you could use any image. I've scanned my original art and sized the images to provide a 17x9 cm voucher. You will need to determine the voucher size but notes (£) work well with my size.

See the 2 sheets of printed images, one is the card and the other a printed voucher from thepapersac. See the orientation of the 3 images - I'm including the Merry Christmas section as the 3rd.

The next photo shows the papers trimmed and folded.
I've included a photo of the tools I've used for trimming and folding. These items are not essential but they do allow for an easier and cleaner finish.

I've stuck the voucher under the Merry Christmas flap and added a little stamped sticker (from Day 5 ) to allow for closure. Again, the only thing to remember is the reversing of the image.

I've added a few gold stars to the outside of the voucher card - this just gives a sparkle to the item.

All the edges have been treated to a light coat of distress ink in 'black soot' (Tim Holtz) - I use this product often to complete my makes.

I would love to receive this gift - hint, hint anyone ( in my family !!!)

Thats it for today.

Bye for now.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Day 6 - Christmas Tags to make

Hi Everyone
It's Day 6 today - and it's a TAG. This is it or rather 'them'. As usual I can't stick to the brief and I've done quite a few. I'm sharing two versions but they are all produced in the same way.

I've used the same theme of the Angel and all the embellishments used over the last 5 days of projects. All items will combine to give a lovely 'feel' when all the preparations are complete. I've taken a few photos of the stages. However , the stages are so simple that they will be obvious. Again, a key feature needed to be the ability to make LOTS of items QUICKLY.

I started with some printed images (from an original painting of mine) and some card tag shaped pieces. I made these with a cutting die but they could be hand cut or bought blanks. I usually cut both the card and the image at the same time to give a clean link to all edges.

As you see some of the images are not clean cut in terms of tag size. I will use all the bits and cover up any edges with some embellishments or printed messages etc. I will share the samples shown at a later date in our project series to show what I ended up doing with them. I like to use every tiny bit so I think this technique pushes creativity.

I inked all the edges to embed the embellishments and give a 'grundgy' look to the tags.

I like the back to be decorated too - not too much as this is where the message needs to go.

I've added some twine as a tie - this again can be dressed up to look very different with big ribbons and wired ribbons. I will do a more sophisticated look for some of my present tags. Again, I will share these at a later date.

Hope you like today's offering.
PS the weather is very 'frosty' - almost like a Christmas scene.

Bye for today