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Friday, 19 August 2016

Dye Job

Hi Everyone
Great news - I've booked to go to a workshop session next month - dying yarn. I'm super excited about this and have been researching various methods of yarn dying. It's only a month but I can't wait, so ........... I'd like to share a new project for me today ! I've collected some stuff, 4ply sock weight Merino yarn and some Kool-Aid in green and blue (a powder drink product). I'm going to dye some yarn.


I've got a clear idea of what I'd like to produce and hope to knit a pair of socks with the resulting dyed yarn. I'm going for blues and greens.
However, we are picking up the last stage of our annual Grand Tour in a few days and I'm going to leave my dye job until I come back. 

As usual, I will try and post a few photo stories while 'On Tour'  but again (as usual) the phone reception is always a challenge ..... will do my best.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Bracelets Galore

Hi Everybody
I've got another couple of bracelet projects to share today. A beaded super duo bracelet which I've made a few times to get the colours and bead size just right :

The bracelets feels great to wear but I need to wear it all day while I go about my business - I want to check how robust it is while gardening and doing a bit of cleaning (only a short session of cleaning !!).

The second project is the knitted item I started and featured yesterday. I found some yarn which is Ok as a compliment to the Turquiose  I-Cord and I have are a number of options in my stash for the bead element :

It's time to sew the I-Cords together and add the beads. I've got high hopes that the finished item will look good. My intention is to try and develop the design in some way to make it my own. As mentioned yesterday, this design is by Betsy Hershberg.

Thanks for calling in.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Knitted Jewellery

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a little experiment with yarn and beads today. I did work on the crochet and beads idea from yesterday and got nowhere. Lots of little ideas came to nothing with the crochet so I decided to opt for the knitting approach. I had a little more success and will keep going with different beads and varied yarns. Here is a quick look at the knit result :


This is a twisted, short purl band (only 5 stitches wide) with a size 6 seed beads at each end. Using the purl knit stitch seems to make the band twist. I'm going to try to make a bracelet with a metal clasp. I'm hoping the clasp will be light enough to allow the twist to stay in shape.
My second experiment is to produce another knitted bracelet style :


This new bracelet will use a slide clasp (as in the inspiration photo). I need to choose my beads and find another yarn to compliment the first colour (bottom left) - this photo looks more blue than the actual colour of turquoise.

PS - I've not given up with the crochet idea, I'm going to try some different yarn and bigger beads today.

Thanks for calling in.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Beading and Crochet

Hi Everyone
This week, I've come across a few references to beaded crochet items which have 'hooked me' (no pun intended). I've searched for a few days and not quite found anything (specifically) which I want to make using this technique. I often find myself being drawn to a book with examples of whatever make it is but this time I can't quite find what I'm after. I have seen this image on Pinterest which I quite like. I guess it's more to do with not really knowing what it is I'm looking for ?

These examples are the type of thing I'm looking for but not quite. The rope like examples are created by somebody called Adele Rogers (read her story
HERE) - there's a great tutorial which I'm going to try. 
I'm not sure what will turn out, I'm just going to go with it.

Thanks for calling in.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Vita News

Hi Everyone
I'm still working on Vita, her body is almost there - just arms and legs to go. I've been spending most of my time working in the garden or watching the Rio Olympics so not much time left for anything ! I can crochet and watch Tv (almost) but can't cope with too much concentration work - several parts of Vita have needed to be done again !
However, she is coming on and with the inspiration from my latest TILDA book (read back last week for more on this) - I'm thinking fabric for her dress. I've also got my mind on a stand for Vita. This is a wooden item which allows the doll to stand upright - I've got a drawing and will get my friendly woodman to make it ASAP.
Here is a quick photo of Vita, as she is :

This is how Vita will aim to look after she is dressed -


I like the 'wings' and the spotty leggings - will see what I've got in terms of fabric before making final decisions about the detail.

Thanks for calling in.