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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Stitch Story #2 Organised

Hi Everyone 
I’ve got my new Stitch Story plan underway (read back on Monday for more on this story). I’ve sourced the green fabric I was looking for and it’s arrived. The fabric is lovely and I’m very excited about working with it. I found the fabric in the amazing Merchant & Mills online shop. I love everything they do, so I knew the fabric would be perfect.


My vague plan (which I’m sure it will change) at this stage is to make a simple gathered or soft pleated skirt with a slightly raised, curved shape at the front hem. I think it will have a side zip and a grown on waistband.
I’d like to incorporate some embroidered patches on the skirt as well as directly embroidered words/ images. The fabric is a beautiful crisp green and I’m hoping to keep the embroidery to various shades of green too. The theme is my garment will be Friendship. The patches, I mention, are part of a lovely birthday gift I received from a friend in March. More on the chosen patches, later this week.
I’m very exited about this project, it’s going to be my focus for the Summer. Hopefully, I will be able to wear it before the end of the hot Summer weather - always a tricky prediction in the UK !
My job today is to research some more inspirational designs for my skirt. I’m also looking for more ideas to incorporate Friendship stories into the skirt. The range of stories will be carefully chosen as my usual style tends to be very paired down and simple. I don’t want to make something which I find difficult to wear. I think, this will be the most challenging part of my project ie. to choose, just the right amount of addditional embellishment without compromising my idea of a Stitched Story within the skirt. Wish me luck.

Thanks for calling in today.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Making Plans for the Summer break.

Hi Everyone 
Over the last week or so, I’ve been thinking about my Making plans for the Summer break. Traditionally, I reduce the number of  worked projects for approximately 6 weeks and tend to take a Summer break. I keep my knitting, crochet and spinning going (evenings only) but other Making plans go on hold in favour of family stuff.  However, this year, I’m thinking of taking on a brand new Stitch Story, a wearable item. I’ve spoken about this before but haven’t really spent time planning and organising the idea. I have a vague plan of designing and making a skirt. I like the idea of developing an embroidered story on the skirt. The theme, I have in mind, is Friendship. Ive decided I need to find some green fabric and will acquire my fabric this week. I’m decided this is a good idea.

The only thing I’ve been spending time on this weekend is the Crochet Along (read back last Friday for more on this). It’s almost over, the last clue will be next Wednesday (18/7/18). Shock horror ! - I’m almost up to date and I have to say, sadly - I’m not totally convinced I like the look of the shawl, so far. There’s a couple of things which don’t work for me. I’m not keen on the central spine which runs through the shawl and I’m not sure I like the long pointed part - the starting bit. I’ve been finding myself looking at the shawl as I work (thinking negative thoughts) and have decided to put things on hold until I see the last clue. I don’t want to go any further at the moment and spend anymore of my precious time on the shawl. I’m considering ripping the whole thing out and starting again with my own modified version. I will wait until I see the final clue but at this moment, it’s not looking good. Unless things radically change, I think, I need to start again. I simply wouldn’t wear the shawl as it is. My crochet skills have improved beyond my expectations so there are lots of  positive’s to celebrate !


Other plans for Summer involve finally organising my Making stash. I have lots of stuff which needs to be reduced and organised. Every item needs to earn its space and much of it probably needs a new home. I find this job very difficult. It’s almost always on my to do list and I never seem to thoroughly get it done. I’m hoping I can stay positive and make a good job this time. I’ll share my progress over the next few weeks. 

Thanks for calling in today.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Fibre Fibre (13/7/18)

Hi Everyone 
My Fibre Friday is a little slim again. I’ve been busy with work and family holidays so not too much time for me ! 
My holiday shawl knitting (top right photo) has sadly come to a bit of an abrupt halt. Read back last Thursday for more on the shawl. Essentially, I’ve run out of yarn on the final icord bind off. I have a plan which involves my local Yarn shop hopefully having a tiny leftover bit of yarn or reworking the ‘bind off’ in the second colour. I’ve chosen the blue as my bind off and have only a few centimetres to go ! However, I could use the mustard colour and have plenty of yarn for that. I’m going to wait until next Wednesday, the day of my regular Knit Group Meet, before deciding which way to go. I favour the blue because, I think, the darker colour gives a ‘cleaner’ finish to the edge.


The other fibre related projects are all about crochet. The Skimming Stones shawl is well underway - as predicted I’m way behind. I’m on clue 2 of 5. I have a bit of a habit of completing a couple of rows each evening so I’m getting there ! I will not finish on time, there’s only 1 more clue to go (final clue 18/7/18). The shawl, so far, is an odd shape and Im not sure about how it will turn out ? There’s a FaceBook group showing examples of CAL’s which are up to date and I’m still unsure about how the final item will turn out. I joined the CAL to help develop my crochet skills and have definitely succeeded there. I like my hand dyed yarn too, another positive from the project. I’m not sure about the shawl ? However, I will finish the project.

My last project this week is my crochet bag (bottom left). I started yesterday and have made the bottom of the bag (almost) - I have one more row to go. This T Shirt yarn is very thick and the bag is growing quickly. This type of crochet presents very different challenges to my CAL. The yarn is so thick and the crochet technique is difficult. I find, after a few rows, my hands are quite sore. However, it’s going well and I like the resulting fabric.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for calling in.
Have a great weekend. I’ll be back on Monday. Bye for now.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Silver Gem Rings

Hi Everyone 
Today, I’m working with a new ring design. These rings will be a new line using traditional silver wire (3mm wire) with silver clay (PMC). I’ve used a similar idea with earrings in the past but I’m testing out a new way of building the silver gem into the ring. The silver gem will be formed from silver clay and torch fired directly onto a simple ring band.

My first samples will use a simple organic pebble shape but Im hoping I can come up with more varied carved shapes next. I just need some practice torch firing the clay. The example in my photo story (bottom right) shows a slightly melted finish - which I like. The danger of melting the clay is that I will loose any detail from a carved piece. I’m keen to learn how I can push the boundaries of this technique. Wish me luck.

Thanks for calling in today.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Crochet Bag Project

Hi Everyone 
I’m starting yet another little project today. This time it’s a crochet bag. I saw this great tutorial a few days ago and had been wondering what to do with a huge stash of T Shirt yarn. This is my answer. I’m aiming for something a bit like this :


The bag pattern can be found here. I’ll go for different colours and will certainly introduce some bright pop of colour. I think, I’ll be going for a turquoise with the navy and grey. I’m not sure about handles ? I like the leather bag handle (in the photo story) but for my knitting bag, I think, a yarn version would work better. I’ll wait and see what happens.

I’ve been hoarding the yarn for several years and am quite excited about finding something to make. My original use for the yarn had been a Making Workshop but for some reason I didn’t get around to organising it. The Making Workshop Project was a choker style necklace with a huge clasp, this is still on my agenda but there’s so much yarn that I know I can also make a few little bags. The idea for my first bag is to make something I can use for one of my knitting projects. I have a few different colours to choose from - my job today will be to organise the project ready to go this evening. I’ll use the project to alternate between knitting and crochet this week, for my evening yarn sessions. I’ll share my progress with this project on Friday.

Thanks for calling in today.