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Monday, 18 December 2017

Buttons for Mittens

Hi Everyone
Today, I will be spending a short time making some buttons for my new Mittens design. I’ve decided to place three buttons on each of the coloured stitch bands on the Mittens (I will need six buttons). I’m not sure about which colour to go with yet - red or green ? I’ll mix some Polymer Clay in both shades and try them out. I’m reasonably pleased with how the pattern has worked out. The fit is excellent. As I mentioned on Friday, the design is a combination of a couple of patterns I’ve already used (read back to check out the details). One of the mitten patterns, previously made, is not a good fit, much too big - so, I’ve modified the ‘numbers’ and am very pleased with the new fit, very snug and much more comfortable to wear. I need to finish the thumbs and sew in the ends and that’s that ! At the moment, the thumbs will use the plain red shade, so a very quick job.


I’ve used Blacker Yarn for this design , Swan in Bolsam Bog and Gotland in Shower - the colours work beautifully together and I’m hoping my buttons will add a great finishing touch to the design. Hopefully, I will have the job complete by Friday.

Thanks for calling in today.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Fibre Friday Update (15/12/17)

Hi Everyone
This week I’ve been knitting (almost exclusively) on Christmas gift projects, so I can't give anything away ! However, I have done a little work on the Garland Sweater (look back last week for details). I’ve also done a little work on my Christmas socks, you may remember the minor disaster re the socks, again re back for details. I’ve finished one sock and will cast on the second later this evening. 
Last night, I started a new project. I’ve been thinking about this one for a couple of weeks. The new project is a combination of a couple of recent knits, my Holt Wristwarmers (hereand my Azzurite Mittens (check it out). I’ve taken various elements of each and will play with some kind of stitch pattern and introduce a new yarn. I’m using a Blacker Gotland yarn (new) in the Shower colourway and the Blacker Swan (used in the wirstwarmers) in Balsom Bog.


So far, I’ve created a cuff - knitting sideways in a 2x2 rib. I’ve simply made an oblong shape and crocheted the edges (together) to form a cuff, picked up stitches on the edge of the round and knitted 3 rows in basic Stocking stitch. The Azzurite mits used a similar idea but created a provisional cast on and used Three Needle bind off to close the cuff. My plan is to play with the two colours either with a stitch pattern or some Fairisle work. At the moment, I think I’m going for stitch pattern in both colours. The colours I’ve chosen contrast beautifully and I’m keen to use the colours to give impact. I’ll probably try a few different ideas before deciding on the final design.
My focus will be to finish my Christmas socks over the next week but I’m enjoying creating my new Mittens. I need to work on a name before I complete the design.

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend, I’ll be back on Monday.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Silver Earring Report

Hi Everyone
I’m sharing the results of last weeks Silver Day (check it out here). My initial plan for  Silver Day (last week) changed a little, after trying out the planned design. My initial idea was to develop organic, linked rings with a large shaped ear hook. My prototype component is Ok but I wasn’t hugely impressed with the results. I like the shape and the concept but not the large hook idea with the organic rings. I’m not sure which hook or post I need, more experiments are scheduled. However, I love the other earrings. The main components are shaped from Art Silver Clay and after firing I created Sterling Silver hooks which are soldered to the fired clay.


I’ve chosen the Silver Pebble earrings for myself. Normally, all the prototypes go elsewhere (as gifts/sales) and I don’t get to keep the ones I particularly like, however, this time I’ve kept my favourite (bottom image in my photo). I’ve worn them everyday since making and love them. I already have many more ideas in my head and will make some sketches today for a new batch.

Thanks for calling in today.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Making Fibre Interior Stuff

Hi Everyone
Today, I’d like to share a new (to me) magazine called Koel. I acquired the magazine last week and have been looking at it most days, I cant seem to put it down. There’s so much inspiration in both the magazine and on the website - take a look here. The magazine describes itself as :
A new quarterly magazine by Studio Bloesem that celebrates crafting with yarns to create a stylish home. Curating a contemporary interior decor with yarns. It brings back the coolness to decorative crochet, knitting, macramé, latch hooking, needlework, and weaving. Selectively featuring guest stories on other vices of KOEL’s makers, such as flowers, food, ceramics and other handmade crafts. 
The photography is amazing and there are a range of Making patterns alongside features on interiors as well as inspiring Maker stories. My magazine is Issue 3. I’ve been trying to decide on my favourite piece to share here and am struggling to find my top project. So, I’ve decided to identify my top three :


I’ve dabbled with embroidery over the last few months - but not much to show. However, the lovely idea (bottom left) is very inspiring and I’ve added this project to my list. I see an embroidered pendant being added to a silver chain, not sure about a pattern yet ? The next idea (bottom right) combines hoop embroidery with needle felting. Felting is a regular in my Making life but I love the combination of both together in this project. I will definitely work on something similar, the vegetable elements are so lovely. The last of the three projects is ‘weaving’. I’m not a weaver but it’s very appealing. I do see lots of weaving at yarn shows and am always drawn to ‘watching’ as experienced Makers produce complicated pieces of fabric with wool. I’d love to make small pieces to make into bags. Not sure why ? but I love wool fabric bags. Obviously, I’ve got a ‘way to go’ with this one ! However, Christmas is coming and maybe I need some kind of weaving loom ? 

I will definitely look at more issues of  KOEL, even if it’s just for the photos. I highly recommend the magazine.

Thanks for calling in today.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Christmas Making Workshop

Hi Everyone
We have a new Making Workshop today. This is the last session before Christmas 2017. We will have lots of chat and there will be Mince Pies. This time we are making beaded Angels, Snowman and more. Our workshops have been focusing on preparations for Christmas for the last few sessions and it’s the 4th in the series. We have made crochet Snowmen gift bags, crochet and felted greetings cards, felted Robins and finally the beaded Christmas charms. The first three sessions are new projects to the Making Programme and have been great. Today’s Christmas charms project  is one from last year. I love making these little charms, so satisfying.


Last year, I created a small festive tree developed from a Willow branch and decorated it with lots beaded Angels. This year, I’m resurrecting the Willow tree and will add my new beaded charms from today. Hopefully, I can come up with a Santa and a variety of Snowmen. The charms are very easy to make and allow lots of creativity with simple bead combinations. The charms can turn into a tree charm or a pair of festive earrings. As usual, I will aim to get some photos to share here on the blog.

Thanks for calling in today.