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Friday, 20 October 2017

Fibre Friday

Hi Everyone
I’m on holiday today ! - not quite sure what difference that means to my day ? but I’ve got some deluded idea I can do a bit of knitting at some point during the afternoon. We are staying at home so no big packing etc required. I’ll let you know how things turn out next time.

So, I’ve started the new Nuuk (look back on Fridays for more on the Nuuk). As per my plan for last week, the Moussaillon cardigan has finally gone from my life and I now have an enormous ball of lovely Dovestone DK in Worksley Bob. The Nuuk is well underway and I’m very pleased with my decision (read back on Fridays for more background on this story).


My Blacker Yarn KAL, again more on this over the last few Fridays, has three items completed, with one to go. The Azzurite Mittens and two pairs of Holt Wristwarmers are ‘done’. I still have the Polgooth socks (Sonja Bargielowska) to go. These socks are a top down sock in Blacker, Classic DK, so chunky socks. Although the pattern suggests no colourwork is involved, the socks are heavily striped and look like colourwork - they look very interesting. I’ll be casting on this week, so I should have something to share for next time. I have until December, so plenty time for other things too.

Next up - my blue Garland sweater (Stefani Pollmeier). I’ve tentatively started casting on for the sweater but am being a little cautious about sizing. My friend , mentioned last time and the time before, is still on holiday and I’d like a chance to chat to her about her experience of the sweater sizing before committing to my chosen size. I love her finished sweater and am quite excited about getting underway. I will spend some time looking through Ravelry posts about this project today but am still keen to chat with my friend first.

The crochet cardigan (Hanabira by Elaine Alcocer) from way back, is definitely coming out ! I’ll start it again with another crochet stitch - I think ? The majority of the make is done in single crochet, I’m thinking a ‘half double crochet’ could work ? I’ll let you know how it turns out. This cardigan has been going for some time and the yarn will be very crinkly when it gets unraveled, I’m thinking about re soaking and winding again today. I’ll take it out first but I’m thinking it could be a completely new beginning, if it’s done properly. I’m ok about ripping out - I’ve learned lots about crochet, so it all good.

Very little spinning completed. Only a few rolags. I’m hoping I can spend a few hours over the weekend, spinning. I’ll share more on spinning next time.

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Silver Rings #3

Hi Everyone
I've another batch of silver rings to develop today. This batch will be a small one, five stacking rings in total with three ring elements each.


I've soldered and filed the silver wire and need to do some initial shaping. I always enjoy the shaping part, I'll find my favourite podcast videos and hammer away ! As I get near to the size I need for each ring, I'll start shaping the rings together.
Hopefully, I can get the shaped rings into the tumbler after lunch and have some bright, shined silver rings by the end of the day.
I'll get a few images before the rings go to their new homes.

Thanks for calling in today.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Knitting Journal

Hi Everyone
I've got a busy day today (I'm out and about most of them day) but I'm hoping to spend some time updating my knitting journal. Currently, I have lots and lots of yarn and fibre waiting for something to happen to it. I'm hoping I can introduce some organisation into the stash sometime soon. Id like to use my knitting journal to help me plan how to use all this lovely stuff.

At the moment, my knitting journal is organised into pages which detail specific knitting patterns along with the yarn I've used but it's only a record of what I've done. I'd like to develop some form of 'wish list' for what I'd like to do in the future and give me options for knitting projects. I think, I'm going to use some of the elements on Ravelry (online knitting site with lots of interactive knitting functions) but somehow I want to link plans and ideas to my knitting journal ? I'm not sure how I can do this but I'll try and work on it today.


This is a quick look at the actual journal. It's a simple soft backed, lined exercise book. It does have a very pretty gold cover with spectacular flowers and birds on it. I do like writing in the journal and would like it to be more involved in my everyday knitting. I''m not sure how I can achieve my goal today ? but I'll link my ideas with my Fibre Friday Update in a few days time.

Thanks for calling in today.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Sewing Project

Hi Everyone
I have a new sewing project underway today. It's a hand crafted, fabric case for my DPNs (double pointed knitting needles).


I have seen many of these lovely cases but found this tutorial on Pinterest. I had already worked out a plan of my own but having found this tutorial, I think I will stick with it.
I've found some fabric (from my own stash) and will cut out the sections for the case today. I especially like the numbered little pockets for the DPNs, which should make life easier when I'm searching for just the right size. Hopefully, this sort of case will also stop me buying duplicate sized needles in the future.

I'll share my 'make' as soon as I finish. My aim is to complete by the end the week and have my DPNs secured in the case, ready for use.

Thanks for calling in today.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

An old idea

Hi Everyone
I'm reviving an old idea this week. This design goes back about threee years and came from using plant material to make moulds for beads.I'd like to change the beads from the original design but use the old moulds. I'm going for a deep red colour this time, same mix as the last Everyday Collection (read back on Mondays episode for more on the last Collection).
I've been inspired by another bike ride yesterday, in the same woods as last time. As I was riding along, all I could see was 'seed pods' all over the tracks. Everywhere I looked the different seed heads seemed to appear. The shapes reminded me of my previously mentioned project. 
I had developed the original plant moulds with dried seed pods from my garden.When I got home from the bike ride, I searched for the moulds and my ideas starting forming.


The original beads used two of the moulded pieces to form a 'shell like' bead. I'm thinking of using one of the moulded parts and developing a flat back to form a smaller and easier to wear series of beads, these smaller beads will then form a stretchy bracelet, that's the plan. Let's wait and see what comes out. I'll share my progress next Monday.

Thanks for calling in today.