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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Yarn Talk

Hi Everyone
I'm featuring a few thoughts about my current obsession with wool yarn today. My studio is brimming with the stuff to knit or crochet. Most of my knitting and crochet activities are my hobby rather than work, although I have introduced a few little projects using yarn, recently.
If you are a regular reader, you will know I've been dying my own yarn. I'm very excited about dying things. So...... last Friday morning was such a treat to go to a local hand painting yarn event and produce more  hand painted yarn. This time it's 4 ply and I'm still pondering what to do with it ? I like the idea of a cardigan using my painted yarn to create vibrant colours along the bottom of the sleeves and body of the cardigan. I've only dyed 100gm, so much more yarn is needed - if I go with the cardigan idea ?
 Here is a quick look at the finished skein :


I love the colours and am thinking about additional yarn (for my cardigan idea) in light grey shades. I'm not entirely sure how the yarn will knit up but I'm hoping for some irregular striping. 

In the meantime, I've started my next knitting project - a lovely 'poncho'. I see myself wearing the poncho as my everyday warm layer when the weather turns cool. I'm hoping I can throw it over almost any outfit and feel warm and cosy. Here is a quick look at the project :


The pattern is called Saltwick Bay and is a coastal area which I know, somehow I connect to this place when I'm knitting ? It's a difficult idea to explain but it's certainly inspired me to make a good job of the project and I can't wait to pick up my knitting each evening. I've just started and have the neck part done. I'm now working on increasing stitches for the shoulder area. Much more to go but I'm pleased with progress, so far.

Thanks for calling in today.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Welcome to the new Vita.

Hi Everyone
I've a little news about Vita, the crochet TILDA doll. Vita has been made again and is now much more the doll I wanted.
Read back HERE for the previous update.

I used a pattern for inspiration but changed the sizes/shapes of the body and limbs as well as the hair style. Vita is very much a TILDA style doll but I hope to make her my own with hair and clothing choices. Here she is :


I'm planning some dresses and various accessories, perhaps a hat and jewellery ? I'm slightly unsure about developing Vita's facial features. Her face is relatively small and particularly narrow. I will probably keep with the TILDA doll face. Here it is for reference :


This face (left) is the usual TILDA doll face but as Vita is made from crochet yarn, the finished item will look different. I may need to make the eyes larger as well as find a way of tackling the cheek rouge. I'm quite pleased how Vita turned out. She will never stand on her own legs so I think she needs a wooden doll stand. Next, I'm looking forward to dressing her.

Thanks for calling in today.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Miss Mitchell's friend.

Hi Everyone
I've had another lovely day with the paper mâché dolls. I've spent time building the legs and feet (only slightly) as well as developing Miss Mitchell's hair. I also considered each of the dolls and have finally decided who they are.
The tall doll will be Mary Haversham, she's an old friend from the past (you can read back and find her on the blog) and Miss Mitchell will be the smaller doll.

I will use the painted images to inspire each doll but I'm still keen to go with whatever happens - they may not look like the paintings ? I'm also going to put each doll on a stand, this will allow me to go with more elaborate shoes. I won't need to consider if the shoes will hold the doll in a standing position.
I'm still a little undecided about using paper mâché pulp on the faces but I'm convinced the eyes of each doll are important and have done a little research on glass eyes. I hoped to buy some eyes for both dolls. However, no luck there !. So, I'm going to make some eyes from polymer clay. Both dolls have distinctive hair so that too will be an important part of each doll.

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.

The Dolls will tell me.

Hi Everyone
As planned, I managed to work on the Paper Mâché Doll Project. I made the bodies and limbs for both dolls and have covered them in their first layer of newspaper. I like to use the Financial Times for this job, it's a lovely pink colour and doesnt leak out black print everywhere. I used my mix of very thick wallpaper paste rather than a PVA glue and it all worked well.
The dolls are begining to grow a character, I really enjoyed making them yesterday. At one point, I actually stopped, looked at them and literally thought, I'm really enjoying this !
 I don't have an absolute fixed vision of what they will look like (other than an inspiration from Miss Mitchell). I like the idea of just going with the Make, although I am still keen to keep the Miss Mitchell hairstyle and a round face (look back for more on Miss Mitchell 1/9/16 post). I think Miss Mitchell's eyes are unique to her, so perhaps its important to keep the eyes too.

Somehow - the feet define the whole doll ? The doll on the right was to be Miss Mitchell. I'm not so sure now ? Miss Mitchell wears ballet pumps and the left hand doll would suit better ? The doll on the left has a bent right arm which would be perfect for a Miss Mitchell butterfly.


Today, I want to give the limbs some more definition and the face will get the basis of some features. I'm undecided about a paper mâché pulp mix on the face ? I need to experiment a little more. Hopefully, I can get the dolls completely built today and then I will seal them (with Modge Podge). The hair is an important element and I'm still thinking about how to achieve what I need. I'm sure it will evolve as I go.
 Then ........ it will be time to design and make some lovely clothes. This will be the best bit - I'm going to knit and sew the clothing, lots of little details. As I work with the dolls, they will tell me what I need to make.

Thanks for calling in today.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Flower Bracelets and unfinished projects.

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a few of the lovely Flower Bracelets produced yesterday at our Making Workshop.


I love the colour combinations of the beads and the magnetic clasp is a joy to use. The clasp snaps into place and is a real feature of the design. I'm converted to magnetic clasps.

I'm also off to my local knitting group this morning, I've lots of knitting projects at the 'almost finished' stage. Little jobs like sewing in threads and finishing necklines and blocking. I'm going to try and finish all my current projects before starting a new one. The knitting group is such an inspiration, its always difficult to resist a new idea or a new yarn. That's the plan !!

Later, I'm hoping to complete the long awaited paper mâché doll. The doll has reached the top of the list, so she has a chance today !

I have many unfinished projects. I'm on a mission to get EVERYTHING up to date, I often give myself this message ! This time, I've made a list with completion dates and will try and keep to deadlines. I'm hoping my planning will succeed this time.

Thanks for calling in.