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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tales from our Grand Tour

Hi everyone
Quick update on our holiday - here is a snap of the house and garden at Erddig, a lovely old Country House near Wrexham. This house is an amazing collection of little bits of life from 1700's. A lovely relaxed wander through the house and lots of great little stories from the Guide folk.

We are moving deep into Wales today.

Back with more photos soon.

Bye for now.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Lazy days ............

Hi everyone
Weather fantastic and a very lazy start to our holiday. We are in Wales - will get some pics of where we go later. Today, is all about sitting and doing the least I can ! Not as easy as it sounds !!! Kids and loved ones don't see it like I do ! ........

Here is my photo story for today .... as you can see, Ive made a reasonable start.

Will be back soon.

Bye for now.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Adventures of a POPPY

Hi everyone
It's Friday again ....... A whole week of very lazy days. The weather is fabulous again !

My plan today is 'packing' - all day ! We are off on out travels soon - but somewhere in my day, Im going to start a little project for my holiday. Im not sure exactly what it will be yet. However as I spent some time this week trying to get the garden in shape, I came across a patch which has poppies in it. While I cleared all the old poppy stuff, I was reminded of a few photos I took of the poppy blooms. I love to see them and each year they seem to get bigger and bolder. They last a very short time but somehow this makes them even more precious. This little experience prompted me to use the photos in my holiday project. Ive put a little story together with my photos and will work on some ideas.

I saw another picture (not sure where this came from so I can't give anyone in particular a credit) - which prompted me to take my photos.

This is the kind of thing I have in mind ! Isn't is great.

Have a great weekend. Not sure when I will be posting again. I hope to show some photos while on our travels.

Bye for now.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Strawberries Forever !

Hi everyone
Not sure how today will turn out re the weather. We have had heavy showers and very hot sun and now it's a bit cloudy (but lots of blue sky).

My photo story today is all about my little vegetable garden. The overnight rain was very welcome ! I don't have much time for gardening but I love my herbs, strawberry and veg patch. This year the strawberries have been wonderful - such a treat to go out every day and pick fresh strawberries.

My veg. garden is tiny and quite limited but we do use everything I grow. Im building up a bigger selection of herbs to plant throughout the rest of the garden. My aim is to make it all a pretty 'edible' garden. You can just see a couple of lavender plants - Ive grown these on from cuttings and they are so pretty as well as smelling wonderful.

Bye for today.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Is an 'ice' bath a good idea ?

Hi everyone
it's a lovely warm morning, there has been a little rain overnight but the sky is clear. Lets hope we have another good day.

My photo story today tells an ongoing tale ............

Ive been running for many years but have been plagued with various bouts of shingles and more significantly last year - glandular fever ! As a result, my running programme has suffered. About 18 months ago, I started using an Apple app called 5K Runner. It's a series of structured running sessions working up to 5K over 8 weeks. I would recommend this to everyone. It's been helpful in slowly developing an element of fitness while recovering from my illness. Ive had some setbacks over the last year and have needed to start again a few times but I now have one more run to get to the end of the programme. Im doing great and feel much stronger in myself. I also record my progress with a Nike running app which gives lots of stats and is a great motivator - it adds up all the runs and I love to check my pace. My aim is to get to a consistent sub 30min 5K. A little way to go but Im doing fine.

As a treat, after my last run of the 5K Runner programme, I am giving myself a new dress. It's a pretty summer dress covered in limes. I love it. Will share a photo when Im there - my last run will be Sat. am.

Todays photo was taken when I got back this morning - so HOT today while running. An image of my trusty old trainers with my ipod sum up my story today. I feel a little tired but very hot - Im considering having an ice bath. I see tennis players and athletes using this procedure and have often wondered if it would help the recovery of old prunes like me ? I don't like being cold but pain, no gain !!! Not sure at the moment. Will report on that one, later.

Bye for today.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Second cup of coffee !

Hi everyone
Weather is strange at the moment - I hear about thunder storms elsewhere in the country but no evidence in my world ! It's cloudy but warm today and the sun is threatening to come out any moment.

It's also day 2 of the hols !!! Where has the weekend gone ? I don't usually blog in holidays but I thought I would give myself a new challenge and do a photo style blog - every now and then. Not sure exactly what this means (ie when or where ?) at the moment but my initial thought is that I experiment and simply shoot what I do and see. I don't have a VERY exciting life but I do generally find new things to entertain myself everyday. Some exciting news to share - I have a new phone, so may use it for the experiment (to learn how to use it properly). A new phone is always a traumatic time,I find. It's the same make as the last one but I couldn't even finish a call a few days ago ! Im learning fast - every day Im feeling more comfortable with it. I also have my trusty iPod, so will use this too. I may even venture into a video !!!

Here goes for my first photo. So far, today - Ive managed to get up and have breakfast. So here is an example of my 'photo story' for today.

Bye for today x

Friday, 19 July 2013

Is it 'foam' or 'sponge' ?

Hi everyone
Today it's a little 'breezy' - a welcome addition to the lovely sunshine. Every day I think the sun will go but not today !!! Wonderful.

It's Die Cut Friday again and readers will know we are well into looking at creative options for foam or sponge beads (I keep interchanging the words). It's also day 3 of reporting and although Ive had lots of ideas ....... very few are proving successful. My list of treatments include paint, heat, carved, 'penned' and sliced (several ways) as well as 'winding'. I have some more ideas for later today - so there are more to go. As mentioned yesterday, Im writing up the ideas into a little book and its attracted some interest from folk asking for a copy. I will probably produce a few for the shop.

My efforts yesterday include this 'winded' bead - Ive used a fine gold thread doubled over for this one. There are more options for this technique and lots of other threads. I will definitely keep going on this one and try out many threads. The core bead idea (for inner structure) is light and a good form for this technique

There is an option for completely covering the bead with a thread but a thicker thread would work better on that idea. Unfortunately, this approach takes lots of thread (of this type) and time.

My next experiment is simply slicing the thicker beads (both into 3) I chose the large round and large square for this one. I think these sizes offer more flexibility. I will make up some jewellery ideas using these sliced beads perhaps with some other beads. I think they will work well. I like the rougher sides and 'lentil' bead style look of the sliced round bead.
My third adapted bead is using polymer clay - on this one Ive simply covered it. Again, using the foam bead as a core.

In the raw sponge form, it's quite difficult to cover - it doesn't stick well and when warm it tends to part company with the core. However, with a bit of practice and putting in the fridge for 5 mins a well formed shape (for filling) can be made and this has given me some good ideas for further experiments. Ive not taken enough time to make a well covered shell but the photos give an idea. With more time and effort I think a reasonable 'vessel' could be produced. The only question is .... Is it too big for jewellery purposes ? On balance, I think for a statement piece - it's just OK.

If the shell was even and smooth, I think it would be good. Will keep trying with this. I like the idea of baking and painting inside - for hanging on a chain or long necklace ? I haven't tried baking yet - I think the sponge would just stay there inside. I think it would be OK as it's so light - even if it was enclosed. Another experiment required !

Now, back to Die Cut Friday. Ive tried to tie in the foam bead thing here and have come up with a little idea for kids. Either, for a card sticker or a perhaps a cake topper ?
The dies used for this little project are these 4 dies - 2 per character. The ideas need an adapter with a sidekick (more details about die cutting can be found way back on the blog if you are not sure what this means).

Ive got a few more of these characters and think they would look well on a birthday card for a child. The sponge beads work great as a very light, raised platforms for giving the 3D effect. These dies are in 2 main cuts per character with lots of options for little details in different colours on the top layer. The idea is to layer to get depth from the final image. The sponge beads is very good for this use and because the colours are bright, the idea of seeing the sponge is OK and adds to the image. I will definitely use the idea.

Well that's it for this week. It's last day of school term and almost 'winding down time' for me too. I will blog every few days in the holidays while we are at home, so keep calling in. Im hoping to have my new work spaces completed and ready for work soon - so will report on that. I will also keep going with the sponge beads - they are extremely durable !!!! (in more ways than one). My research so far is still driving me on ...... I know there is something out there for the sponge/ foam bead 'wow' factor !!!!

Have a great weekend.

Bye for now.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Another little book !

Hi everyone
Weather feels great ...... again !!!

Today, I,m focusing (mainly )on The Order Project but will keep going with the next day of experimenting with sponge beads. My idea yesterday was to adapt the beads in some way.I've experimented with three different techniques (so far). Painting, cutting and melting. Ive had varied success with the beads. I think the cutting has been most successful, but all techniques have been a bit disappointing. I had high hopes for the melting approach but heating the beads with a heat gun had very little impact. The texture on the outer surface of the heated bead changed to a harder 'crust' which was good, it looks shiny and is an improvement (I think). To be realistic, It's not significant. The only positive is that the edges of the shape are 'clean' which I think is better.

The painted version is not brilliant either - I used a gold acrylic paint with two layers and again I thought it would cover easily (not to be) - maybe another paint would be better or gesso ? Will keep,going with trying another paint. I think if the bead was heated first and then painted, I would get a better result.

The third approach is cutting. I think this technique is the most effective technique (as a single treatment) - cutting certainly allows the larger square bead to change its distinctive appearance. I think this allows the bead to be made into a piece of jewellery more effectively.

Generally, I think 'simple' jewellery is often more effective as a general design. Some pieces are great as a statement item but as a general everyday necklace, bracelet or ring I tend to go for a simple design to compliment an outfit.

I will keep going today with a few more ideas re sponge beads. Im putting today a mini book for recording my experiments - a little bit like the micro technique book. I will use the book as an ongoing reference book. Im developing a handmade book with pretty pages and a pretty cover - I will start with five pages (from the 5 days this week) and another 10 pages for further experiments. This is a first draft cover for my book.

Well, must get on today.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Foam Bead Challenge Day Two

Hi everyone
Weather is still brilliant - hot for several days now. Almost unbelievable.

Today, is birthday for my big boy - he is 14 ! can't believe that either. I know everyone says it ....... but time has just flown. I've been making art cards for family birthdays this year and have chosen this approach again.

I tend to write my message on the back and hang the card like a picture.

The second photo shows a black hanging hook (just) Ive also handmade the envelope with a copy of the image on the front. Just a cake to make now. The present pile gets smaller as they grow older but ...... costs go up (considerably) !!!!!

Other things going on today include some volunteer work at school - decorating a space for a disco. Im going to make some big flowers for hanging across the room. I first saw the idea on This site

Ive also made my necklace from the foam beads ie Day 2 (of 5) challenge

I will wear the necklace and find out how it works for me and any comments it attracts. Will report on Friday.

My next challenge will be to see if I can make some kind of altered bead by melting,cutting or both and maybe adding paint ? Ive decided just to experiment - so no plans as such.

Not much movement on The Order Project - Im hoping to spend more time Thursday and Friday on this one. Time is running out if my deadline of school holidays is to be met.

Well, that's it for now - busy day !

Bye for today.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Beach Bracelets

Hi everyone
Yet another wonderful sunny, hot day. I love the early mornings when the weather is good - it feels like being on an exotic holiday (for a very short time - until the kids arrive for breakfast).

Today, Im still working on The Order Project - not sure how I will cope when it done ? I will try !!! I must also get rid of the clutter around the whole house and do some cleaning - an hour at least.

I managed a few beading ideas with the sponge beads yesterday. Here is a couple of bracelets made by kids at the weekend fair and a regular multi coloured bracelet that I did yesterday I placed a small navy bead between the sponge beads as a spacer on my design.

This bracelet is a chunky wearable item and would be OK with a plain outfit or a beach occasion. Im calling the bracelet THE BEACH BRACELET (just so I can reference it).

My mini project offer today for the sponge beads (there will be one everyday this week) will be a necklace. Ive one of two ideas but I do want it to be OK to wear. To test out the necklace I will wear it for a day - so the 'pressures' is on. I will review my day and try and get a few opinions. I like the idea of reviewing all the daily projects this week re the sponge beads.

Must go and get on.

Bye for today.

Monday, 15 July 2013

What would you do with them ?

Hi everyone
Another fabulous morning - the weather has been brilliant for about a week. Some minor ups and downs re temperature but the last two days has been positively tropical. Love it !

This weekend was mainly family stuff - a local village fair on Saturday and an award ceremony for one of the kids on Sunday (Josh was presented with his Gold Chief Scout Award) at a very swish event in Newcastle. So, not very much else happened- some (short term) sitting around in the garden and BBQ eating .... and it's over and we are into another week. This is our last week at work before the school Summer hols. Im fighting to get some order in the house. We are currently living in a big 'mess' - lots of stuff just dumped and waiting for me to tidy or clean. Im very 'down' about this and am struggling to start putting things in order. Talking of which ..... The Order Project has a failed deadline ! Last week was the 'cupboard week' - the last bit in the project ! It didn't happen, so on we go. Hopefully, this week ?

My inspiration for this week (while tidying and sorting) will be something that's been on my mind for years. What to do with these things.

On Saturday, I did a Make and Take activity for little girls (and the odd 'other') making bracelets @ the village fair. It went down well but there are loads more left over. The bags of foam beads have been making an appearance at many school fairs and other such events over the years AND have almost been thrown out (several times). Something stops me throwing them, so I thought I would try and come up with a new use for them every day this week - hence, my INSPIRATION for the week ! Im going with a bracelet for today. I will make a new one and share the photo tomorrow - obvious I know but with a little imagination and mixing with other beads they can look OK - even for an adult. They make fun,bright stuff for a beach type occasion. I will announce the inspiration item each day and post a photo the next. Hope I can be inspired ! Any ideas of your own - please send ideas and/or photos.

The Order Projects needs to be revitalised too (in my head)and I need a new enthusiasm. As the weather is so good, it's difficult to hide away in a North facing room way in the corner of the house. Such as life !!!! Must get on.

That's all for today.

Bye for now.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Pillow Box idea.

Hi everyone
Fabulous sunshine today - it's amazingly warm too ! Great for me.

Life in The Order Project goes on ........ etc. I am sorting and 'chucking' again ! Soon .... 'It' will end. The main Studio is going OK but the cupboard is a big challenge. I want to have it cleared by the end of next week. We will see !!

Today is Friday - again. My die cut offer today is a little box I made for a charity sale earlier this week. It's a die (pillow box by Sizzix) Ive used this die before but I needed to adapt the front to make a window - to see a little watch. Ive tried a few different box styles for these little watches (I think we had about 12) and have concluded that my best efforts have been using this pillow box style die in a fairly heavy card. I do find sometimes, when using a finer card or thick paper, the crease lines within the die do actually crease rather than cut. This allows the complete box to look perfect and ready for as much embellishment as is required. Each individually created box will have a specific end gift or purpose in mind (even if its a box to decorate) and this die is perfect for adapting the end product to accommodate.

The first photo shows the pillow die , it's a large die and only suitable for a larger machine (the little sponge bits in the middle allow the die to be released and give support during the cutting). This die also has a few little labels - you can just see them at the bottom of the die. I tend not to use these as labels - not sure why ? Ive made a mental note to try out a few ideas. However, Ive used the labels in another way.

The photos show how I attached a little piece of card (7x7cm)into the box (it fits snuggly) to hold my watch inside. I wanted the watch to stay in a particular place so that I could cut a whole on the front of the box in order to display the watch face. I stitched the watch onto the little piece of card (with invisible thread) and stuck each label either side to position the watch. The hole on the front was made with another Sizzix item called a punch paddle. These paddles come in lots of shapes and are great. I use them lots. They are small tools so only cut small spaces. I have used them to create bigger holes by overlapping several cuts. I have a little Sizzix hammer which simply hits the paddle (quite hard hit required) and removes card or other material. It's particularly good for corners etc as you can place the paddle on top of a 'space to be' wherever it is. The paddle creates a lovely, clean cut.

I also used a pretty printed paper for some embellishments cut from a Provo Craft die. Just the flower parts.

I cut out some butterflies and attached them (sandwiched) to the ends of green embroidery thread around the box. My idea here is to use the butterflies as labels. The butterflies are another Sizzix item designed to fit into the pillow box die - this would allow a butterfly shape to be cut into the box. Lovely look but no good for the watch as its not big enough to give a clear view of the watch face. I will use the idea another time.

The white paper lace is made with another Sizzix die. (although I retrieved these little bits from my bin - love this idea ie recycling).

The last photo is the back of the box. I used some circles cut from a punch to secure the simple bits of paper wrapped around the box.

This whole project took me about 15mins. - the design part took the majority of the time. I need to made a few more so will repeat the process and its a very quick way of making a lovely wrapping for a gift. Usually the gift would simply be put in the box to surprise - even quicker.

Hope you are inspired to have a go. If you don't have the die - you could cut the shape instead. Follow the pattern on the die (first picture). Ive done this myself when needing a bigger box - make a template from thick card. Score the lines with a creaser or the back of a knife or spoon handle onto a cutting mat (or towel if you haven't got one).

Have a great weekend.

Bye for now.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Exciting FIMO news !

Hi everyone
Weather is a bit disappointing here ! The whole day lacks a little 'joy' for me when the weather is 'poor'. I need to find a positive - the weather forecast says the cloud will clear later - this will be 'my positive' !!!!!

Im still on The Order Project - not having a positive moment with this just now ! Ive got to the point where I need to prepare other spaces elsewhere in the house and almost every idea I have, has implications for additional jobs before my Order job can progress. However, when I feel like this, I go to the Studio and just sit and 'feel' the vibes in the room. Ive come so far with the project and have re thought my whole 'way of working'. It will be great - SOON.

My 'world', yesterday, was very busy with things outside the house and I feel as if Im slightly disorientated. End of school term is looming too and lots of events are taking place (usually requiring some kind of preparation or organisation). I think this changes my ability to knuckle down to tasks in the house. I know I run out of time - lots.

I need to finish my family birthday art card and extra bits and pieces for the birthday (next week). This must be a priority for me - today. I know from experience, if I leave this kind of job, time will run out and I will need to compromise on the design and production - never a good thing ! These cards are very important to me and the family and seem to be on display in the kids rooms (all the time). I love to see this, the kids decide on their own display stuff and all their cards are up and used as decorative pictures. So, no pressure there !!!!

Exciting news too ........... my little photo offer today is an idea for a class. Im going to adapt the idea and use polymer clay - probably Fimo.

This particular item is a pendant and uses silver clay. I want to try and develop a cheaper version (silver clay is very expensive) for beginners. Im going to practice the techniques and will share my results. I will test out the class with a few volunteers before launching to a wider audience. This is a 'longer term' project but I will do quite a few versions before offering the class/ kit. I love the idea and am quite excited about trying it out with Fimo. I also want to make a ring version - probably first. I have good vibes about this and know it will turn out well, maybe not at first - but eventually !

On that note - must get on.

Bye for today

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Decorated Birdcage

Hi everyone
Weather is a bit disappointing - very fine drizzle earlier ! Lets hope the sunshine comes back. Have been out on my run this morning - very early to try and beat the heat. Nice problem to have.

Yesterday's jobs were quite a challenge. I did move things to try and organised the cutting wall storage but there is still too much stuff without turning out the cupboard ! This must be imminent !!!! I need a couple of days where I can spend most of the day working on the job. Most days Im juggling family stuff or volunteer work. I don't feel like Ive moved 'on and up' today. I feel Ive taken a step back. Anyway, it's OK for now, it's just a 'blip' and Ive been here before.

I prepped the art card (birthday card to be) and finished a little gift box (a request for a charity sale). I will do a bit more of the card tomorrow although its a full on volunteer day so little spare time.

Wednesdays are 'doll days' so I thought I would introduce this 'working progress' painting (last photo). The reason this doll came into my head was a prompt while researching ideas for rooms and colour schemes. I keep coming across decorated bird cages and this is the missing bit of this painting ie a birdcage - open with a bird. Here are some of the pictures

Much more work required on the doll too but the key is the birdcage. I had intended to make a 3d version of a birdcage and attach somehow ? Not sure now.

The ORDER Project has made me sort though all my unfinished work - there is quite a list !

However, there we are.

Bye for today.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Grey or turquoise or both ?

Hi everyone
Another fantastic day today - sun is bright and it's very warm.

My mini project this week is in line with The ORDER Project - its to plan a book of sample shapes (including die cuts). I need to organise the storage for all the cutting stuff (generally) not just dies but all of the punches etc. The book will provide a reference for all the 'cuts' I can produce and hopefully give me a central bank to research from. I see the book as a kind of scrapbook and think I will use the scrapbook construction idea for adding pages etc. I will make the book with posts etc and decorate (as if it was a scrapbook) I like the idea of making something like this a beautiful thing. It's an opportunity to turn the item into a piece of ART. I also like the idea of a 12x12 size and I have quite a few 12x12 pieces of cardstock - ideal !

Yesterday, was a bit of a wasted day re The ORDER Project. I spent most of the day rushing around and ended up doing very little. I have a few gift boxes to make and decorate and there is still the birthday card etc to complete - I had hoped this would happen yesterday !! I did manage a little research on colour schemes and came up with two main ideas. The one in the lead at the moment is grey,lime and white. The second choice is a turquoise range with whites - not sure ? - I need another day to decide. I want to add splashes of vibrant colours which will change but getting the base colours right is key for me. Whatever happens in the studio - I want to reproduce in bits of the house where I will work - so, this makes the choice a bit more tricky (whatever, will need to fit with these bits of the house). Still, life is full of challenges !
Here are a few images of stuff which will inspire the studio.

I like the worn turquoise idea - the distressed thing is good and the range of colours appeals too.

I love the simplicity of the grey room - not a practical look for the studio but Im looking for elements of the 'feel'. Will work on that one !

The last photo is a selection of rooms which appeal, again it's the 'feel' rather than an actual copy of the rooms. I have what I have in terms of size and windows - most of these spaces are large and lots of windows - the logical answer is a house move - not going to happen ! However, Im optimistic I can get a tiny bit of the elements into my space. Im going to plan a mood board around the research and eventually turn it into (not sure how exactly yet) the cover for my 'book of cuts' - will come up with a name for the book today.

Must get to it.

Bye for today.

Monday, 8 July 2013

What colour will I choose ?

Hi everyone
Weather has been fantastic - love the sunshine, the world is so much nicer when the suns shines. However, here on the coast we have a few hours of cloudy mist to 'burn off' !

We had a lovely weekend. On Saturday, we went to a local village fair (my elder boy was playing in a steel pans band) with tea on the green, cricket going on in the background (very little England). It was idyllic ! I picked up a few books from the secondhand book stall as well as some pretty beads from a jewellery table. On Sunday, a run early followed by a long breakfast on the deck and the Wimbledon mens tennis final later - well done Andy Murray (fantastic match). What will I do without Wimbledon to help me through the week ?

This week, Im hoping to COMPLETE The Order Project. I can 'feel' its getting quite near to the end. I picked up some new storage boxes on Sat and feel the whole thing is actually coming together. My inspiration for the week is going to be ORGANISATION (including systems as well as the physical things). All my efforts have been organising around the working methods. I want the storage to help me work. I need every box to 'earn' its space and each item needs to be organised to help the 'fluency' of my work. Ive reorganised a few spaces and need some serious woodwork job to make a particular shelving system work for me. Ive visualised how I want it to look and am much too 'excited' about this unit ! I must get out more !!!! The redesigned storage will hold all the die cut stuff as well as other cutting or punching tools. It's been decided to loose the cupboard door. There will be a cover (perhaps blind or panel ?) to make the space tidy - I'd like to try and make something from a painting or creation of some kind. The internal design of the storage cupboard is yet to be finalised - I will work on this over the week - I feel the design will be revealed to me as I go through the week. I have a really busy week this week with lots of school end of term events so I will need to snatch a few hours when I can.

Beyond the organisation of the key space ie the studio (previously known as the office) Im now looking to colours and textures to make my space inspiring too. Im not sure about colours. The studio is in a 'cold' part of the house - it's North facing and doesn't get too much direct sun. As the 'office' it was a series of browns and white with a complete mismatch of mess thrown in - Im not sure we can talk about a colour scheme ? I definitely need something warm and interesting for the studio. I need to do some research. I like the idea of a mood board or two and will carefully choose what I do. I spent a little time on Friday developing an art card for one my boys in the studio and it felt good, so when it's done - I know it will be fantastic. Everything was where I knew it would be and the general ambience of organised space helped my creative thinking.
Ive done a little research on a 'look' I want to create and have added a few items to a new Pinterest board - take a look. Ive included this photo as a possible suggestion of colours.

I also love the little image at the to of the photo with the shabby look. Will do some more research before finally deciding.

Will get to it and take some more photos today re the current state of the studio.

Boys for today.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Paper Poodles - white or pink ?

Hi everyone
It's a lovely morning today - slightly 'breezy' but blue sky's. The forecasters are telling us that we are in for a great weekend of sun and high temperatures ! Wow ! Lets hope it turns out to be so.

It's Friday again ..... and die cuts. This week Im sharing some die cut finds from The ORDER Project. Ive been heavily into organising my stuff and working systems for quite a few weeks now and Im uncovering things I had forgotten I had. My first offer is a pretty card I made for a friend who bought me some lovely beads from the USA (unexpected but so nice). I made a few of these at the same time.

I used an image from Pink Petticoat and scraps of card and die cuts. Im going to put this together as a tutorial for next Friday, so will get into the detail then. This is a very quick card to make and worth having a few on hand for unexpected occasions.

My next offer of die cut stuff is this box of things made with Sizzix and Quickcutz dies. I made most of these things as sample items when I worked for Sizzix a few years ago. The point of the samples were to illustrate how specific dies could be used but they show quite a good range of applications. I'd forgotten I had them. I delivered a few workshops using some of the dies and the most popular was always the calendar card item (shown here). I will do a tutorial on this too (in two weeks).

Im still into The ORDER - and at the point of identifying a need for some new boxes to help store the stuff. Im really hopeful with another week and I should be there. However, still not into the cupboard ! (fills me with 'dread' - I need to work on my mental approach to that one !). I need to admit I was diverted a little yesterday by making my quilled poodle. The idea was to do a ting bit of quilling but I got carried away and The ORDER suffered ! Ive got loads on today but will try hard not to quill until later this evening. The poodle is a first go at 3D quilling. Im doing OK but don't have much in the way of pre cut quilling strips. I tend to cut my own - so I can have control over the type of papers I use. Anyway, the poodle is a bit of a 'mis match' of pink shades. I want to get some fine handmade paper for a second improved poodle in just the right colours. I just wanted to find out how to make it (well). The poodle is made from several bits of quilling and Ive done most of the bits. Here they are ..... waiting to be stuck together.

Everything worked quite well but Ive written some notes (prompts for myself) about how I would change things for my 'proper' poodle. Here is the book version for reference. Love the little bowl too.

Im not sure about colours ?- white appeals with coloured frilly bits ? will ponder that today.

Have a great weekend.

Bye for now.