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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Printing technique and another dress !

Hi  Everyone
weather is great again - a 'real' frost (early) but sunny and bright. Much happier weather for me.

Busy again with work menu 'overload' - I've got to the point where I'm panicking and I'm not sure why ? - all my own doing ie the pressure. Must get a grip and relax !
On my trawl today, I've been to Modlcloth again and found a lovely little dress (its in the sale so maybe ? )

I've decided to paint today - focus was on sewing yesterday and I'm out of practice ! - I'm left disappointed when this happens, I did some hearts and not that pleased with them. They are what I'd planned but the items are not 'up to scratch' for me - they need altering in some way so have decided to change the style a bit. Will put one on the shop (Fri) just to check other peoples reaction.

 I've also done todays item, its an embroided button - a big button ! I do like this one - not sure what I would do with it but am thinking. I think I should do a range of sizes - so may come up with an idea on how to use as a collection. Will get some pictures here to share.
My paintings today will be the Miss Haversham senior painting and the village but I also want to do another : Miss Mitchell, so will get to it.

I also came across another printing technique - my current quiet obsession is finding printing methods. This is it Transfer Project. I found another which talked about using nail polish remover, but cant find it. Will keep trying. Anyway , this one looks good - I'm going to give it a go with some Miss Mitchell things.

Must get on.
Bye for now