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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Holiday Experiment

Hi Everyone
I'm busy avoiding work (all kinds) and have been filling my days experimenting with beading. I dip 'in and out' of beading so am not that good but I do enjoy trying out new techniques (new to me). Lots of beading is way too complicated and I loose concentration with patterns. However, I'm keen to try out ideas which I can apply to other makes. I often try and learn a skill working in one material and try and apply to another.
This time, I wanted to create a beaded strap or cuff (in my favourite blues) and have been messing around with some seed beads. I had thought the seed beads in my stash would not work well as they are very small and uneven ! You get what you pay for !  I'm pleased with the results so far. The cuff is developing and I need to find a good way to attach a fastening. I have a few ideas but more experiments are required.


Thanks for reading.