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Monday, 4 November 2013

Back from Holiday (almost)

Hi from thepapersac
I'm very late today - have been extending my October holiday as long as possible. Richard is working from home today so we had a final 'holiday' lunch in a local place ! That's definitely it. It was a lovely end to our great little holiday last week. Internet was poor so didn't get any photos up. I managed to not get many photos at all ! I did get this one - at the end of a walk as the sun was going down. It give as flavour of the whole week !

We had a great time. I'm exhausted and need a rest !

No such luck, back to work tomorrow and a serious workload of jewellery to get through. All my efforts will go into the jewellery collection and a little time into some Christmas prep. Each year I have a little Christmas prep. Project which leads up to Dec. 1st. I have a card design for a few Papersac workshops (look back for details) and will base my Christmas prep stuff on that design with some different backgrounds to give the style a few options.

While away on holiday, I always try to dabble with a little painting. This time I began with a Zentangle idea (I managed to make a Zentangle tile as a bookmark) and added a face. I like the idea of faces that have only one eye. I like to develop the face to need an extra look to decide why the face is not quite as it should be. I then added a moth (no particular reason). It's not finished ie the painting but I think it could (eventually) be a good background to something ? , it needs altering in Photoshop. Here is a quick look at the idea so far.

That's about it for today.
Bye for today.