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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Another Week almost gone !

Hi to anyone ....
almost another week gone by and as usual I've missed my own plan to blog each day - its not going to happen so lets try Mon & Fri ? Its my way of being in a routine which can work.I will keep going until I find the formula.

My Big Idea (much spoken about last time)is to create a picture (large - not sure how big) with 12 monthly smaller multi media picture paintings - I will base each on a given month. The first will be January, so it will reflect the month somehow ? - have some ideas but not entirely ... things may change.
I also want to incorporate the 'Uniform Project' idea - I found this last year and was really interested in the idea. Its basically about taking an individual simple black dress/tunic and accessorising/wearing in a different way each day. Its a fabulous message about style and using recycling ideas. Will go and find a link to share the details.

Another big thing thats happened is : I've changed my phone !! - very unsettling at the moment but I love it and eventually (probably next week) I will be able to use it how I want. Twttering etc. My plan is to incorporate with this blog.