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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Making Gifts

Hi to all
I've been quite productive again ...........
Just finished the jewels - see the picture - six pieces (some with several items per piece) need to think of names for each set - just to identify.I've also included a little ring idea - made from beads - not a great picture will try and do another.

I've also found a present for my friend Deb and have been practicing making a little box to put it in (a necklace). I quite like the box shape and will be working on the idea. Its not new but I think it can be adapted with lots of different looks.A very simple construction and very quick.

In addition, to all my other artistic tasks, I'm thinking of doing a quilt for an exhibition in April ? - not sure I can fit it in - but I have a great idea for a quilt - something I started a few months ago. I was experimenting with some paper-fabric and did some sewing with it - it just looks like a quilt piece. Can i do it with everything else ?

Need to get on. Bye for now x