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Friday, 18 February 2011

Thought for today

Hi anyone ... just a quick thought for today :
this is in relation to the FROM SCRATCH project (read last few postings) - I'm really interested in recording/analysing how my methodology and skills change over time - A whole year seems a life time away. The scary reality is, it will be here in no time !
Apart from painting which will be commented on later (needs to be the end of my day to give a daily review)- I've been looking in on London fashion Week - Vivienne Westwood - loads of inspiration and so 'edgy' without being shocking or unwearable - loved it all. Why the face paint on the models ? I like it but ? .. If I could I would have provided a link so you could see. Its a total blank in my technology brain - ie how to provide this link. Must learn asap.
Bye for now