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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Shop Launch

Hi anyone
much work going on and no time to share it !! Lost momentum again ! Its so hard to get a routine at the moment - I'm working on the process .......

Anyway - I'm at the point where I can get some stuff in the shop (on Etsy) - having done the art, jewels and stationary production and don't forget the packaging. I find getting pictures and packaging the time consuming bit - hope it gets easier. These are some snaps of my efforts - not brilliant but I will get there.

Next is the development of the Big Idea thing - I'm calling it FROM SCRATCH - lots of other things chucked into the decision but eventually that what I'm going to use.
I've almost done Jan so only a few days behind - my aim is to get Feb done too by end of the month. I have the basic doll image and some of the prototype processes for development each month. We will see how they go.
Have a look at the basic doll outline - I've already jotted over the origonal so hopefully all dolls will look different. I'm not sure if I have detailed my plans yet. Will read back and check - otherwisw none of this makes sense !!

Bye for today