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Friday, 23 January 2015

Working Smart ?

Hi Everyone
Another Friday and another week of 'catch up'. My mini project for today is the same project I've been trying to complete for the last two weeks ! I'm finally getting around to making it happen. To recap, it's a bracelet package idea incorporating one of my surface pattern designs on the card package material. See my original post on 9/1/15 for more information.

Here is a couple of the surface patterns Im using :

I'm taking the idea a step further today. This little (further) development has been 'swishing' around in my head and my work table for the last two days but Im planning on using the same idea to position my finished jewellery items inside a final gift box which will be sold with some jewellery items and will be available (separately) in the shops as gift wrap.

That all sounds a bit more complicated than it is ! I will get my prototype photos up to illustrate my plan in action - asap. This is top of my priority list today, I'm determined it will happen. Its all looking like a deliberate plan ie delaying development etc because - I'm working smart !!!! I wonder ?

Have a great weekend. Thanks for reading.