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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

'Hi' on inspiration !

Yet another week almost over ... Quick update on my Feb face and a new March girl.

Been spending ages browsing lots of inspiring people and their art - the crescendo website is great for loads of ideas and Etsy is amazing too - could spend all day being inspired but losing the time to get down to doing !!
Am still useless at redirecting to these places - will aim to get there eventually.
On a more important matter - I see lots of people using art for their 'self development/healing' - its where I am and am looking constantly for others to share with. Would love to get the Pam Carricker book 'Art at the Speed of Life' - great title which sums up my world.I've heard lots about it and am following the blog tour re the launch. My birthday coming soon - perhaps someone will remember and gift it !

Bye for now