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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Clutch Bag in 'the making'

Hi Everyone
Another quick photo story today. I'm obsessed with knitting  stuff at the moment. I'm not a brilliant knitter so it's all a bit of a challenge. I like things to be perfect and for me knitting tends to be quite a stressful activity. I do hear people talking about knitting being relaxing ? I need to find this relax state it's eluded me so far ! Anyway, I'm knitting a gorgeous little bag designed by the Wool And The Gang people. The bag has a Tartan design (always a favourite pattern for me).
 The needles Ive been using are too short (I've now acquired a longer pair) Im hoping this will help my progress. The pattern is very simple but I still find my mind wandering and keep forgetting which row Im to do. I should be able to tell from the stitch but .....
Never mind, I'm up for the challenge and will get it sorted, eventually. I like the look already and am already looking to plan the next project - always a good sign.
Here is a quick look at my progress.

The yarn is T Shirt yarn and quite thick, part of my problem is that one colour seems much thicker than the other two ? The stitch is called Linen Stitch and the bag will have three colours eventually, the other colour is a lighter Gray - I've already pulled out the bag twice !! The bag will have a metal frame inserted inside a collar at the top opening of the bag. I will share more photos of the fastening when I get to that bit. I'm enjoying doing this bag - despite the tone of the message in my story !!

Thanks for reading.