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Sunday, 31 December 2000

Shiney new earrings

Hi Everyone
I did lots of planning and thinking yesterday - I do value this exercise and have moved my thinking (recently) on the planning process in line with my DWYL programme details here In theory, I'm a committed planner on most things. Ive lived my life on lists. However, I usually get myself into a panic when I meet a critical point and realise I'm not 'producing'. I seem to be stuck at the moment - mentally. The balance is not there. I have lots of ideas and a long list of unfinished work. In theory, I should move down the list. My problem is ......... things which are 'stopping me' ie a list of 'resisters'. These resisters are (to a point) under my control. I need to organise my mind !! I'm off for a run, this always helps.

Yesterday, the only little thing I managed in terms of practical work is a little finishing on my new brass earrings. Here are a few before and after images. First is the new front finish.

The next photo shows a very minimum swirl type pattern on the initial 'half finish'.

The third photo is the back of the earring just after soldering with a tiny bit of finishing.
The last two photos show the enhanced/ deeper pattern on the front and a little ridge on the edge and the new back finish.

I like the cleaned up version of the backs. I did think the discoloured 'under finished' version was good but I changed my mind. All I need now is a way of sealing the new pristine finish. Ive ordered some stuff for the job.

Ive worn these earrings and I love them. When I get some more metal sheet I will make more and try our some different shapes with layers. It's a great new addition to my work.

Today, I must get some finishing in place for more of the current clay collections. Ive given myself a target for the week.

Bye for today.
Thanks for reading.