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Sunday, 31 December 2000

Is 'crafting' everywhere ?

Hi Everyone
I spent much of yesterday planning and organising - this is a good thing ! I'm always much more likely to do good work when my world is organised. I did lots of throwing out - most cathartic.

Last night, I watched Monty Dons Real Craft (On 4). This is a TV series of programmes involving craft skills. The craft subject last night was stonemasonary. I loved the really high standards the folks had to achieve. It's the first episode Ive seen and was amazed at how good the apprentices seemed to be. However, their stuff was good but not good enough for their mentor. They had real projects to produce quite adventurous sculptured pieces. I enjoyed the programme and it reminded me of how 'craft' is suddenly a very popular and aspirational thing to do. The emotional elements of crafting was linked several times with the physical - I love this and it's the very thing I get from craft/art . There's another debate waiting to happen ie the art and craft definition. Next time (in the TV series) its glass blowing. Watch it if you get the chance. I have a sense that 'craft' is appearing all over the place at the moment but maybe that's because it's my world and that's where I go in terms of magazines, online initiatives and TV. I do believe there is a movement towards people recognising the value of making stuff with this emotional/physical connection.

I'm also looking forward to producing a bag soon. I want the bag to be as good as I can make it and will be demanding high standards of myself re production. I'm using a book given to me as a birthday gift and aim to use one of the projects.

I especially like the bag on the cover and Im planning to make this one. I need to source some fabric. I want to make one for a friend too, I'm hoping I can refine my skills by making the prototype (for me).

Thanks for reading.