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Monday, 11 August 2014

Better late than never !

Hi Everyone
We are breaking our Grand Tour again for a week or so and then its on to Scotland for our final week. We are back at home now and technology is working well. The internet connection throughout the last two weeks has been useless. I'd uploaded the phone version of my blog app to cover all angles but alas no phone signal either so that was that !
However, I will publish a little gem from The Tour each day until we are up to date.
So, going back to Day 8 of The Tour (I think ?) - this is a trip to Stott Park Bobbin Mill. This was a fantastic visit to a museum showing how wooden bobbins were made.

I know this is more than my one photo per day but all the views are needed to get the flavour of the place.

I (of course) couldn't resist buying a couple of the bobbins we saw being made and will decorate them after the holidays.

The bobbin on the right is from another place - there's another story there ! I will get to that later in the week.

Thanks for reading.