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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Borrowed Images

Hi Everyone
The days are flying by ! Why is Summer going too quickly ? Yesterday, I managed to miss lots of time ? The only significant thing I did was to go Ikea shopping with my eldest boy after lunch, we had a lovely time. We even managed a coffee/cake ! (he's always always hungry). Several times, I needed him to reach up to get things from high shelves - this always makes me smile as he reaches up, I imagine him as a tiny baby !

Totally unconnected, here is my photo picture for today. It's another sketch from the Little Book. I'm referring to the work as The Little Book in my own head - so it's now officially become the Little Book.

This particular page is half the size of the previous and Ive incorporated the tree as above - to extend and 'borrow' from the background. I like this idea and plan to make more pages 'live' in each other's paintings. Colour is needed next. I'm hoping to get some more colours going tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.