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Friday, 17 December 2010

Day 3

Hi for today .....
Its a challenge getting going - I have a very severe cold/flu style virus - temp. and the lot so functioning is slow !
Did'nt manage to get the card pics up yesterday but probably a good thing as they have developed and are much better. My technology is letting me down - I need to find a way to get the phone downloading direct - just need to add software, I think ? Thats my task for today.
The cards (pics which did'nt materialise) and a few mini presents also need to be delivered today (its last day at school)or I will miss those I'm sending to !!

I thought I could add my first little project from my original paintings - so will get that up tomorrow - it should be good for last min. tags or cards for unexpected moments when you need to pull out a gift.

Bye for now.