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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I'm back .... eventually !

Hi, all the best plans etc..........

Now down to business - I'm newly enthused by a number of things this time :
  • lots more work produced (to show)
  • I've also joined into the Twitter thing - I did try it a few months ago and did'nt really get it - I've kind of got it now but not sure my phone is up to the job !
  • loads of new ideas (thats not strickly a new thing)
I also came across someone who is also using the 'From Scratch' name - Emma from Red Velvet fame. I love Elsie's work (Red Velvet) and follow her blog every day. It was only today that I saw 'From Scratch' in their new shop (Emma is using it as a name for her cookie/cupcake area in the shop). I guess it shows great minds collide sometimes ? I see it as a compliment.

The point of my blog today is to yet again start as I mean to go on.... nothing new there ! I will crack the habit one day. Apparantly to develop the habit, I need to do something for 21 days. Tough challenge.

I'm posting some Christmas pictures and am still looking for the first person to visit - please come and see (anyone other than relatives will do). Hopefully the Twitter thing will help generate some callers.

Bye for now. (day 1 and counting)