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Monday, 20 December 2010

Lapsed again !

Hi missed my blog yesterday - I'm blaming elements of flu and just living .......

I've struggled getting my phone software going today and can only seem to get the pictures to go into my husbands files - not easy to then upload here !! No doubt there is a simple solution but have tried several ways to change file desitnations without success. Trials of life ...

Also done some tags from my art pictures (hence photos to show - now not in my folders) - will get them on if it kills me.
As you see finally tag is up !!

Have also got an idea for my BIG (annual)PROJECT. Its based on a series of paintings which will take the whole year to produce. Each month (starting in Jan 2011) I create a new character painting using a single basic face. Each individual month/character will have unique characteristics eg hair, clothes etc. so will look like a different individual - some will be larger than others. I hope to use recycled materials for all the clothes each with a theme reflected by the month.When I have all 12, I will assemble them into a single large piece of art. I am really excited about this project. I hope to produce individual items (something 3D) from each month which link to each character - not sure about exactly what they will be yet but I'm jotting down ideas.

Thats it for today - other than the tag photos ! x