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Monday, 23 September 2013

Back from Summer Holidays (eventually). !!

Hi everyone
An amazing day - warm and sunny. This is a lovely surprise - I love warm sunshine.

Thank you everyone for sending me lovely messages asking where I am and when will my blog be back. Well, here I am. I've taken an extended ........... holiday !!! AND Ive been working on lots of orders. I had a lovely summer and weather like today brings it all back.

Ive got a whole new work regime going on here. I have a range of jewellery as well as some stuff created for our home. These two areas of work will be the focus of my time for quite a while and I will be writing about what I'm doing. There will be a book based on the home things. This new idea was born out of 'The Project' project (which has been used for a few mag articles). My nice new studio is not very nice anymore - lots of further development to accommodate additional materials etc. However, it's following the plan and will be OK eventually. Photos will follow - when it looks great. I'm planning on 'making over' various rooms in our home. Each room will follow The Project plan and I'm hoping the whole house will benefit.

The jewellery thing is a range of simple, easy to wear stuff which is designed around casual, 'everyday' style. I will use my own wardrobe as a starting point for each range - I'm already thinking about little additions ! The idea is about simple, easy to make things. Some kits will be available too.

More exciting news - a new base/centre for actual 'real life' classes. All of my little examples shown on here will be available in kit form or classes or both. I think there will be some drop in options and some more supported classes. Can't wait for the building to be sorted. I will flag up all the information here when we have times/dates and pictures of this new place.

Just to prove Ive been doing things - here are a few photo's of some polymer clay rings - under development.

Eventually, these rings will have some 'bling' - they need some more attention re shape too. They are part of a collection - so more elements exist. I hope to keep experimenting in my spare time but generally it's down to scheduled work with NO distractions
(I'm under orders !)

Great to be back.

Bye for now.