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Monday, 30 September 2013

Gilding stuff

Hi everyone
The weather today is rather 'up in the air' - not sure what will turn out. It's not cold but very cloudy. We had a lovely couple of days over the weekend with plenty of warm sunshine. Maybe the sun will turn out again today ?
This week, I'm concentrating on getting some of my jewels ready for sale. The packaging keeps changing in my plans - today I'd the day for decisions. I have a few kits to roll out and Ive been experimenting with Fimo again. I also need to go and get my son a large art folder for his school art work so am off to Hobbycraft. This is a dangerous trip, so much paint, lots of lovely pencils, paper etc to temp me into spending too much money. What a treat.
I think I want to develop my Fimo experiments with some gilding. This (gilding) is quite new to me, so I'm not sure what will turn out. I think my shopping trip may also give me some new ideas too. Will share my stash tomorrow. I'm continually inspired by lots of examples of Fimo jewellery, there are some very talented people out there producing wonderful stuff. My favourite of the moment is this ring

I particularly like the chunky style and the paint effect with the almost rough cut surface. I would like to achieve something like this one. It's lots harder than it looks ie getting the flat cut at different angles without damaging the overall shape. I'm determined to get there - with some earrings in a similar style. I like the idea of adding some silver gilding to my version.
Must get on.
Bye for today.