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Thursday, 26 September 2013

It's all a matter of taste !

Hi everyone
My weather had improved lots over the last two days but today is a bit dull and it could rain any minute ! Makes me feel so good when the sun shines, I'm hoping things improve later.

Today is the Big Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan (almost everywhere). I had lots of invitations for several events, however, I'm involved in our school thing. Good luck to all those hosting these important fundraising events.

I managed a few more items for the Only Blue jewellery range yesterday and a few more experiments with the polymer rings. It's slow going but I'm finding some reasonable techniques for what I want to do. I think my main objective is to create a 'casual' approach to a traditional stone set ring, ie the usual kind of ring design that would be used in conservative good quality stuff. My casual (very casual) is about mimicking the idea in an obvious way - non metal and over sized with non precious stones. I'm getting a bit of a 'Flintstones' look - this is OK. I want to set little beads or bits of beads into the polymer and perhaps add some gilding - these materials will be my 'precious' element. I like the idea of having a unique item which is just a little 'odd' without being too silly. It's all a matter of taste, of course !
Anyway, here is a quick look at progress to date. I have six rings in all.

I'm going to bake them tomorrow and then add more clay as well as my pretend diamonds. All these rings are made to fit me, if (or rather when) they work out I will have a whole new collection. Brilliant.

That's about it for today. Have a great weekend.

Bye for now