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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas Wreath Chat

Hi Everyone
A very 'wintery' scene outside today. Cold and a low early sun is making the light very pretty.

I'm still finishing off cards today - will take a few photos before they are packaged and sent. My orders (together) would make a great display for my own house. Sadly, I need to start again for my own decorations. Talking about decorations,my thoughts have turned to Christmas Wreaths. Several years ago, our school PTA organised a wreath making workshop for fund raising purposes, it was a great success. As a result there are now a few additional sessions at various schools and village halls in the area. I will be making a wreath for our house and I will try and go to a workshop next week - if I don't get to the workshop, I will do one myself and try and persuade one of my friends to do one with me. I was looking around my blogs today for wreath inspiration and came across a great mini video. I thought I might get a link here. Not done this before on the blog ie linked a video.
Check it out. There are lots of different styles of wreath but my dream is to make a wreath like the one someone made at the original PTA workshop a few years ago. It was a bit wild and had lots of long wispy bits sticking out - a 'Miss Haversham' shabby chic-like creation. My own version that year, was bit restrained and not quite me ( or the image I would like to have of me ! - obviously two different things !!) However, we will see how things go.
On another matter, I thought I would share an image of the stuff I created at the weekend crochet workshop. Before I show the photo, it's NOT finished ! I've placed the elements together but need to spend some more time developing extra elements and decide how I want the piece to look. Eventually, it will be a broach for me - to wear on me or a bag ?

I hope I can remember everything I learned on the day. If not, I will be calling one of my friends (she was there too) for help. The picture here looks surprisingly good ( in my humble opinion !) so far.

Other news, again linked to crochet. I was sent this yesterday

Obviously, it doesn't stand a chance of being made. I would need to follow a pattern and there are not enough weeks this year or next to finish it. My crochet course was covering something called 'free form' crochet ie no patterns or rules. This is my kind of crochet. I do 'aspire'to follow a pattern but maybe life (at the moment) is too short ? I would need to be 'bed bound' to have the time to master 'a pattern'. My connection here, is about a new crochet magazine coming out about crochet and the magazine was advertised 'on the back' of this bell pattern. It looks as if its worth a few months - available for £5 for 3 months from the same outfit as Molly Makes. I think the first one comes out in Jan 2013.Im tempted to subscribe for a few months.

Managed not to paint this week- very disappointing ! I want to do a little today - no time like the present !

Bye for today.