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Monday, 10 December 2012

Tumblr, Art Journalling and Christmas ?

Hi Everyone
Weather today is 'tricky' to call - looks wet but a little warmer (relatively) and who knows what will happen ?
I've got loads of varied things to do today - mainly stuff I didn't get done over the weekend. Christmas, of course, is creating lots of pressure for me.
I need to be more 'in control' of my many parcels. I have ordered Christmas - I think ? I will get to it soon ! I've also got to shop and do some volunteer things for school. I will be much happier when these few things are done. Then I can relax and do some painting.
I've 'prepped' a piece of wood (upcycled 'to be'), I've got some pencil lines to give a vague idea of a landscape but I want to add some little characters - they were going to be Christmas Barney and Tucker ( some regular characters) but I'm not going to make them Christmas specific - I'm not sure how they will turn out yet. Today, will be the background and I will spend more time than usual trying out some new ideas for a background.
I have come across this interesting piece for inspiration (new to me, although I have heard of it ie Tumblr).
Art Journaling on Tumbler
Tumbler is a growing home for inspiration, and Barb has been curating an amazing cross-section of art journal inspiration. It isn't about who's popular or not, it's about what is visually yummy, giving exposure to the less-known, and whatever resonates deeper.

I found this on Crescendo Look here and think it looks great - many of my paintings have a message - sometimes 'frivolous' and sometimes 'brief' but I always have an idea behind what I'm saying in the painting. So, this site is worth checking out. I will be looking each day this week and will share anything I feel relevant to my stuff. The reason I was drawn to look at the site was this particular picture

I really like the expression of the subject and the background is very clever.
Barb is the curator of the collection and Sabrina-Ward-Harrison is the artist of this piece. The whole idea is slightly confusing to me at the moment but I will try and get to grips with how Tumblr works ( mainly need to know how to spell it - I'm thinking Tumblr but the crescendoh site calls it Tumbler ?) and what it may offer.
The only other thing Ive been doing 'art wise' is reworking this Christmas Angel painting. I want make some smaller works which will help to decorate our house for Christmas. I'm not there yet but will get some photos here when I'm done.

That's it for today.
Bye for now.