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Monday, 3 December 2012

Tales of the weekend !

Hi Everyone
A wonderful bright and sunny day today with a thin layer of snow ! It's beautiful.
I had a lovely weekend - full of 'nice' things. One of my boys played in a steel pans event in our local town on Sat morning and it was lovely to see all the Christmas 'shoppers' smiling as they paused to listen. I had intended to stay for a few songs and move on but found myself watching and listening for about two hours. The whole band were great.

Then, I went to my much awaited crochet workshop. Lovely ! - a few hours spent chatting and learning some new crochet stitches, drinking coffee and eating mince pies. I need to practice but I think I got it ? I hope to introduce some ideas into my work in the future.

I also bought some sock wool for a pair of socks - this wool has been passed over until Christmas ( it's my usual approach to getting the 'stocking filler' I like to find !!!! So, I can't share the wool until after Christmas - it is lovely, I need to immediately forget I have it.

Christmas prep 'goes up a gear' for me this week. I've generally gone online and almost done it. My shop orders are almost done and I'm not taking anymore. I'm definitely spending my time doing up my house for Christmas and doing Christmas things. I'm determined not to leave things until the last minute.

On the creating/inspirational front, I saw these lovely things and thought I would make some

I will use my own colours etc but they are Fimo tags. I saw them on Elsie's blog @ See project here. I will get some photos up when Ive done them. I can share the process that I take.

I'm also doing more star garlands (see Day 11 of the Christmas prep @ thepapersac) and am looking at what else our house needs. I hope to use all my preparation stuff and keep it simple.

Not much else to report for today.

Bye for now.