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Thursday, 6 December 2012

What do you NEED to do ?

Hi Everyone
It's all white our side - loads of snow in our garden. It looks lovely but causes havoc on the roads adjacent to our house. My car is buried and I don't feel inclined to dig out. I will have to get some food at some point - it's a bit too far to walk and carry much shopping - dilemma !!

Onto more interesting things ...... I had another card order yesterday and after several 'no's', I said yes. The design is simple but there are several layers of prep. with the materials. This equals TIME, time I don't have much of !!!

The photos show early versions of the card design and materials required, there's some machine stitching and hand embellishing going on too. Will post up the finished stuff tomorrow.

Lots of new inspiration about - I noticed this book yesterday and instantly needed to get it. I've known about Creative Thursday for some time, so I know this will be lovely to look at.

It's about to be published this week. I love all this stuff and am keen to get the book - there is a blog too Take a look here Marisa tells her story in the book and it looks so inspirational.

Another wonderful thing - just look at this. The idea rather than the picture - I understand the picture - read the piece to see the story.

This is from crescendo Here I spend much of my spare time looking at this site. It's full of great ideas and thought provoking stuff. More important theres lots of 'crochet' and specifically my kind of 'crochet'. Jenny Doh has a way of combining natural beige colours with red, white and black. Her creations are so stylish and generally 'doable'. This tin is a wacky idea but I love it - it's on my list of things I NEED to do. I can see such a thing for my everyday pencils and more ...... One of my dolls needs be on my can - probably Miss Mitchell.

Not much else to report other than a few hanging baubles - I like these colours and the idea can look fantastic when there are lots of them. I made these to develop my decorated house ! Is this a dream ? or can it happen ?

One last thing to share is this stamp

I have some easy carve material and am thinking about trying to create something similar from scratch ! There are other stamps in this series

The second two stamps look easier to create but I never take the easy route !!! If and when anything develops, I will share.
Am doing some volunteer stuff at school today - so limited time for anything else. Must get on.

Bye for today.