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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Birthdays and FISH

Hi Everyone
It's raining ! No more to be said on that.

It's my little boys birthday today so am fully immersed in birthday cakes and bunting. No time for me or work today.
However, a little peak at my birthday 'art-card'. I've given up on the standard approach for family cards and all are designed to be hung on something.

The theme of the day is 'fish'. My baby wanted a fish for his birthday so we have a family of Zebra Danios. They are very small and live in a fab little hotel at the moment. We are considering buying a bigger tank but for now this is OK and quite stylish. I've never been a fan of the bog standard fish tank (as an item to be admired) but there are some much more attractive tanks these days.
My created artcard has a fish hanging on the hanger looking in at the Zebras'. I created and painted the larger fish with a little message on the back.

The scene on the card is supposed to be inside the hotel. The big fish would like to be in the hotel but is too large !! I like this story which is featured on the back of the card - Ben likes it too (despite much mocking from our 'teenager').
I love watching the fish and want them to be happy and well cared for. We will learn more about what they need to be healthy/happy and then make a decision about their permanent home. My little boy is thrilled and enjoyed feeding them this morning - his job. My job (obviously) will be cleaning their hotel and worrying about their welfare.

This photo is from the box because I couldn't get a decent picture of the tank and the fish this morning. Will get one later and post. The fish are very active and swimming in a group - looking through the windows but hide every time I come near. Will let them settle and try again later.

That's it, enjoy your day.

Bye for today.

PS Here is a little peak of a few of the fish. You can see them reflected in the glass of the tank - if you look closely. They are so tiny at the moment.