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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Buttons followed by APRONS

Hi Everyone
Quite a promising start to the day - suns out (now and again ! ) but it's coldish !!!

I still haven't caught up with my jobs this week (panic).We also have a family birthday, so all my efforts are on making birthday things - cards, tags, cakes etc. I've got everything I need - now I need the time to create. I will share the results after Thursday. We have 'Fish' theme going on.

My current 'mini project' is the tartan buttons. Very little progress on that one. I have got some tartan pattern going on but no varnish yet and they look and feel very 'raw'.

I plan to add a few more layers of paint to highlight the colours and try to give depth to the button surface and theres the back too.I need a few more sessions to develop the final surface finishes.

I mentioned 'aprons' yesterday, I think this will be the next mini project and I have a few examples to start my inspiration (along with Cassandra from yesterday). Which one do you like ? Let me know.

Go to my Pininterest page on Aprons for lots more examples of the styles I like. In this batch, I especially like the second photo of aprons but in a more fitted form and brighter colours. This photo does not do the design justice. Will need to ponder this one. I don't want to stop at one, so there's no problem with developing all my ideas (eventually).

That's all for today.

Bye for now.