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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Earrings etc.

Hi everyone
Today's looking ..... like Autumn ! It's a little chilly and very dull, however, it's dry - big bonus !

I've been concentrating on jewellery design and Ive managed a little development on one of my collections. These earrings (under development) are an additional item in a little growing collection of 'pearl' like pieces. The name I'm using at the moment is the 'pebbles' collection - this may change.

These items are on their way and I'm quite pleased with their progress. They all need to be baked today. After baking, I will begin with the finishing phase. Finishing will involve sanding,polishing and adding some silver gilding. I need to decide how many pieces need to be designed for the initial collection - my thinking is around 6-8 pieces. At the moment, I have 4/5 bits - 1 earring design,3 rings and some beads. I think, I will make some more beads to turn into a bracelet and a necklace kit too.In addition, I need some great packaging. Ive had lots of ideas but am still undecided. The packaging needs to be simple with a unique piece of art (as a label) and will look good at 'a point of sale' in a real shop. Challenging !

Must get on.

Bye for today.