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Friday, 17 November 2017

Fibre Friday

Hi Everyone
My round up for this week is pretty much, the same items as last week. However, I’ve finished the red Nuuk (read back for details) other than blocking and sewing in the ends. The Garland sweater has been in and out several times. I had huge issues with joining ‘in the round’ after the initial cast on. For some reason each time, even while being aware and thinking about the job, I made the same mistake, several times. Eventually, I managed to move on and made good progress. So far, I’ve completed the rib (4cms) and the next 14 rows of a lace pattern. I’m now onto plain stocking stitch for some time. I’ll share progress next week. It’s a very enjoyable knit, I was slightly apprehensive about knitting with the mohair yarn but I’ve been very pleasantly surprised at how everything is going - after the cast on thing !

Sadly, not much to report about spinning. I’m steadily moving through a few rolags for the Big Sweater. I will do a feature next week on the Big Sweater.

I have been spending time organising and thinking about my Ravelry project page and queue. I’ve managed to sort out my plans for the next few months. I’ve got a few sweaters in there, alongside other projects. I’m planning to share this development next time, so call back next week for more.

My next bit of news is all about my Christmas sock cast on. I was inspired by Danni from the Little Bobbins YouTube channel last year to join in with this idea and it’s now a tradition in my world.


This is last years Christmas yarn design by WYS called Holly Berry. I did think about going for this years version Candy Cane but when a I saw them together, it was no contest. I love both yarn but the colours of Holly Berry speak to me more. I do need some plain for the heels, toes and rib. I’m thinking about dying some of my own yarn and creating some minis for the job. Not sure, if I will go for green or red ? I’m thinking ‘red’at the moment. For the pattern, I saw this great idea for Afterthought Everything socks check it out here. This is not only an Afterthought heel but knitting a sock ‘tube’ which is split with heels, toes and rib added, afterwards. I love this idea and feel quite excited to try it out. I will knit my tube in plain stocking stitch, I want to see the yarn without any texture. I need to choose which heel to go for next ? I’d like to try something new (to me). After that decision, I’m ‘good to go’.

That’s about it for Fibre things this week.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for calling in.