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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

It's Valentine Day soon (don't panic) !

Hi Everyone
A very mixed day weather wise. It's been very sunny but showers are brewing now - quite 'breezy' too !! All the snow has gone, much relief there.

I've been distracted by the Jan. painting (can't quite let go) so have taken bits off and added extra bits. I'm not sure it's that obvious for the disinterested but the reconstruction is major to me. I did suggest hanging in the 'review display' space yesterday - this did not happen !
The first image is 'before' and the next 'after'.

More to go.

I've also decided to decorate the back with lots of ticket messages. I have a reason for this which is centred in the story message of the painting. I'm determined this will work. I will, however, get going with the Feb painting today. I must not let things get behind !!

I've been very frustrated with my work this week. I hope to find a way out of this 'dead end' somehow ? I need to focus on some inspirational projects which have been piling up. This, hopefully, will help me to make my positive move and improve work. Its all in my head, of course, but that doesn't help at the moment.

I also need to shop for food/house things but I will buy myself a treat. Not sure what ? I will know when I see it. This is stage 1 in positive thinking. Retail therapy always works for me.

It's Valentines Day coming up, I usually have a big offer of Valentine stuff in my shop but not this year ! Not sure why ? - I need a big clear out of old stock - I may find some old cards which could be worked on to make this years Valentine (for me to send). I have an idea for Die Cut Friday re Valentine. This will help direct my 'upcycling' So, if you have a last minute panic and no card - do not despair. Even if you don't have die cut machines etc. for a single card you could just use the idea.

That's it for today. Bye for now.