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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Advent Project

Hi Everyone
It’s Day 5 of my Advent Project today and I’m still very excited every day about this years Advent ‘thing’. The Advent idea is a crochet project from TOFT, read all about TOFT here. The Advent Project arrived in a beautiful box with lots of little windows and a cute Christmas scene, here’s my box on day 1.


Each day, I get to open a little window to reveal a very small skein of yarn, you can see the skein sitting on the box (above). The instructions for the daily crochet task arrives in my email box. I’m not sure what the final character will be ? At the moment, I’ve made a couple of things which look like legs. 
I’m very excited abou this project and am up to date with each task. I choose about a 20 mins slot for the job each day, along with a coffee. It’s very satisfying and I look forward to it - each day.

I’ll share my progress in a few days. Thanks for calling in today.