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Friday, 25 January 2013

Die Cut Friday #1

Hi Everyone
Not sure how the weather will turn out today ? Lots of forecasts about loads of snow around lunchtime. The snow in the garden seems to be going ! Here are a few photos to get the picture.

Today, is my first 'Die Cut Friday'. I think this is the name (for now) for these little sessions. I've chosen a simple idea which could apply to many situations for this first session.
My example is a gift pocket. This pocket is destined as a gift wrap item for an Aunt. See the finished item. Regular readers will know the gift pocket plan. Look back to Christmas prep blogs for the details.

Ive taken a few photos of the process and will highlight the details which make this particular design unique.
I've been in the bin again for some upcycled materials. I'm using left over stuff for almost all the materials. Including a ribbon which came from Christmas packaging.
The main die focus today is called an embossing folder. This one is by a company called Cuttlebug. It measures about 15x15cm, this gives a finished pocket size of approximately 15x7cm.

I'm also using a Sizzix thick heart die as a double tag for the pocket.

The pocket paper is placed in the embossing folder and put through the Big Shot.

When is comes out the paper is a little too long,I've trimmed it to give a glueing seam. My paper is A5 size before trimming

I've glued the seam and end up with a tube.

I've also cut two sets of hearts. Thick card and thin patterned paper. I like to use very thick card for these tags, the finished tags have a real quality feel and present a gift beautifully because of the 'thickness'. I cut both card and paper at once to give a good 'line' for glueing. I sometimes glue first but occasionally the papers stretch and give a distorted finish line.

I've used a clikit tool to make holes in the tags. I often use this little tool, it makes light work of making the hole in the very thick card. I also use the clikit to make the holes in the end of the pocket for the ribbon. The tags will be tied onto the purple ribbon with some embroidery thread in a co ordinating colour.

I, then, inked the edges of the hearts. I like the finish it gives to the edges. The detail is so important to give a quality finish and as result provide a lovely gift. I use this Cut-n-Dry stuff to ink, it saves inks pads and gives a little more control to the inking.

While inking the edge I overdid the distressed edge. I quite like this almost water damaged look but I know my aunt would not. So, I repaired the problem by cutting another thin paper heart and sticking on top of the 'damaged' tag.

I use a non stick craft sheet for inking - it saves making a mess on your working surface and can be cleaned quickly. Tim Holtz has some great you tube videos about using these tools. Take a look , so inspiring.

The last photo shows how I could emphasise the embossed images on my paper using the inking method Ive used for the tags. This is a very useful technique for lots of projects. In my example, Ive chosen not to ink the embossing. I like the subtle embossing finish and I know my Aunt will. Often, the design and finish should be dictated by the recipient. I find that if I have a person in mind my ideas for design and detail just happen.

Hope you enjoyed the first episode of Die Cut Friday.

Have a great weekend. Bye for now.