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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Plaster Inspired !

Hi Everyone
Weather is improving, slightly. It's still like the Arctic Circle outside my window but I'm sure the rest of my immediate area is OK. It's very cold.

I'm in 'a fog' today. I have so many ideas of what I want to do and am struggling to get going. My major problem is what to do first rather than anything. My solution is to read a bit of Creative Thursday by Marisa Anne. She puts all my thoughts into her book and I can read them back to myself. Having read a section, I think I can go on and make a list of priorities for the day.
I need to produce a birthday card and wrap gifts. I also need to food shop (big groan here). I also need to clean some very dirty rucksacks - they have been patiently waiting to be cleaned for about 2 weeks. I need to do them in order to get out of the back door (now snow is retreating). In theory, other than my painting - that's it (other than general daily things like cooking and washing clothes). What a 'doddle' !

My January painting has moved on slightly.

I've also decided to make a few prints from each monthly painting, altering the image in some way. Here is an example of what I mean, not necessarily using the whole painting as with this example.

Then apply more paint etc on the reworked picture. However, I'm racing ahead. I need to get finished first.

Moving on, while browsing yesterday, I came across this fantastic piece of inspiration from a
Blog I love the ideas of Stephanie Lee. She runs lots of classes in the States and online. However, there is a book. Looks great. I need it.

This is an example of her work

I love this sort of thing ie the idea of using plaster as a medium. I do have some materials described as acrylic plaster products. I'm immediately inspired to have a go. I think the birthday card maybe a good target for this. I will let you know how it goes.
Tomorrow, I will start the inspirational Friday Die Cut session. I need a new name for this. Will keep thinking.

Have a good day, bye for now.