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Thursday, 21 March 2013

All Will Be Well

Hi Everyone
The sun is shingling very bright today but there's a dusting of the 'white stuff'. The sun is 'warm' (relative to time of year !!) so Im hoping 'all will be well'.

Today, Im talking about paintings and painting 'techniques'. You may have noticed (or not ! ) that each day this week Ive got a bit of a 'structure' going on in my blogs. Here's a bit of background on this one.

It's always a mistake (I feel) to make big announcements (in public) ! So bear this in mind re the blog. Will I keep them going ? Can I remember what Ive announced etc. However, there is purpose on this occasion. My point of the blog structure is to help ME to keep on 'track'. I often get sidetracked by new and exciting ideas. I hope this weeks approach is flexible enough to accommodate these little diversions while keeping me disciplined to achieve my ultimate aims. Fingers crossed.

So, back to paintings.
A while ago, I decided I wanted to get a new painting finished each month. I've given it three months and its a bit of a struggle to get any of them finished. I could see this as a 'failure' or it could be something very different.

After consideration, Ive decided, its because of the way in which I work. Therefore, definitely a 'positive'. I feel liberated. I need to have these unfinished paintings around me to go back to and 'add to'. I like them displayed in a particular space near where I work and I like to look and look and look again.... I feel this is MY way, the way in which I can get exactly what Im trying to say in my paintings. I've resolved my angst about this by accepting the process is part of the way I work. It's OK. I like the incremental approach to working, it suits my 'home life' at the moment (along with my family commitments) and it seems to suit my search for a 'creative life'.

Having sorted all that out ... I'm happy to share the progress of my first quarter ie Jan to March ART. My priority in my creative life is 'painting' and when I talk about MY ART, that's what I mean. I do get into lots of other stuff (another huge positive) but its all in aid of developing my skills/techniques and creative awareness. Anyway, here are my three pieces to date.

February - MARY HAVERSHAM (temp. title)

ps - Mary's friends have arrived, eventually !

March - MISS MITCHELL @ HOME ( temp. title)

I will keep going each month with a new painting and will produce (I believe) a better collection by adding and revising etc. I like the way in which I can weave new ideas and skills or techniques into a piece of work as and when a particular painting 'speaks' to me, almost telling me what I need to do next. When is a painting 'finished' - another huge question. My only answer can be .... When the painting 'tells me' !

On that note, bye for today.