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Thursday, 14 March 2013

'Tartan' Chat

Hi Everyone
Weather is amazing today - lots of ice covering everywhere - with strong sunshine. It's looks beautiful.
At last, I have found my 'lost' crochet hook - it was hiding in a book ! I don't remember leaving it on the page which then closed on the book. 'All is well' with crochet (now I have my favourite hook back). I do find it a very easy hook to use and it makes all the difference to the quality of my work. Here it is. It looks a bit sad in this photo and deserves to be given a makeover. Maybe ? I will give this some thought.

On finding the hook I immediately made another brooch i.e. the beginnings of a brooch? I wanted to make 5 brooches to be completed with a backing of felted wool and a brooch finding with some additional beading. So, Ive got one more to go. Here is the collection to date. I need to develop my 'tartan stamp' on each brooch.

Mary Havershams friends have not made an entrance. It seems as if Im avoiding them ! Not the case at all ( unless its deep in my subconscious) I must do this task next. The final brooch must wait. I want to paint some tartan too - the painting links directly to the brooch by forming a card to present my brooches.
However, today, will be about Mary's friends and some (tiny) production of tartan papers.
On a completely different subject -
I saw this on This site this lovely flower in a bottle adds to my growing collection of flowers in bottles.

I love the idea of the message and will aim to combine all the little ideas in one. Look to yesterday's blog for the other two flowers references.
Bye for today.