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Friday, 22 March 2013

Cupcakes and Chicken Sticks for Easter

Hi Everyone
Today, the weather is not so bad - at the moment. We have heard about lots of snow on its way but for now it's quite windy but dry and a bit grey.

Yet again, I'm finding myself thinking 'I can't believe it's Friday' ! But it is definitely is !

Die Cut Friday this week is a nod to Easter with a little cupcake holder and a 'Chicken Stick'. I used to sell lots of these 'Chicken Sticks' but have not made them for a few years. I have used them for sticking in cakes or decorating a table or platter. I've seen them used as bunting or added to cards for extra decoration. I also had a mini mobile at one time. I guess they are just a pretty decorations.

The die Ive used for the cupcake case is from Lifestyle Crafts and is called 'Botanical Cupcake Liner'. It is a thin die and is one single cut. It should be an easy and reliable die but I find the size is a little too big for my cutting plates and although I can eventually get the shape, sometimes and it's difficult to get a clean cut. I tend to find it a struggle to position in my Big Shot. The Multipurpose platform is needed too. My last criticism is that the closure for the case is not as precise as I like - the photos show this in more detail. However, having said all that - when it goes right it's lovely and a large display of these cases makes a sensational display for not too much effort. That sounds like lots of contradictions. However, I think it's about preparing and positioning the materials and tools. Using a very light card or a strong paper is important. If a thick card is used the cases are rigid and fold creases appear as the case is formed. Just something to remember. For today, I've made a new little table to display my cupcake case in 'Spring like' patterns. The designs are from Pink Petticoat. Take a look at their range, lots of very pretty designs.

The chickens sticks use Quickcutz dies - the are two dies which make up the pieces. As they are very thin, the Sizzix Adapter is required to use with a Sissiz machine. I made all the chicken sticks with a SideKick. I've used different combinations of cardstock to make each chicken slightly different.

The chicken stick in the photo (on the green stick) has been mounted on a small piece of corrugated card. I like this effect and gives the Chicken some stability for handling (especially by little chocolate fingers).

All the little bits need sticking together. I use Anitas Tacky Glue. Having tweezers at hand can be helpful.

The photos show the development of the chickens and the whole process is very easy. All you need is lots of time to fiddle and somewhere cosy to sit with lots of coffee and nibbles. I ate several of my chocolate eggs during this little project. I will need to buy another bag of eggs for Easter.
Hope you enjoyed the project.
Have a great weekend. I'll be back next week.

Bye for now.